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Worth the Wait North Ridge Middle School Parent Information Night

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1 Worth the Wait North Ridge Middle School Parent Information Night
Presented by: Heather Penry & Tashalla Thomas

2 Worth the Wait A Scott & White wellness and sexual health program
Curriculum is designed for age appropriate information Will be presented during selected classes for 6th, 7th and 8th graders Abstinence based wellness program Presented by Nurse and Counselor Complies with the Teks for curriculum in classes Evidence based research

3 Worth the Wait What this program is not meant to
Violate your rights as parents Take the place of discussions at home Be biased, nor promote sexual activity among teens

4 Worth the Wait Topics include: Essential Human Needs
Parental Responsibilities Puberty, Anatomy and Pregnancy Sexually Transmitted Diseases Sex and the Law Developing Communications Styles and Refusal Skills Healthy Relationships Health Risk Behaviors Contraception (8th grade only) Career Goals

5 Worth the Wait Essential Human Needs
Security- safety from harm; trust in those around you Connection- Love; feeling respected; enjoying time with others; sense of belonging; friendship Purpose- Feeling that you have value, talents, and significance Support – Having guidance and opportunities for personal growth Contribution- Doing good things for those around you; serving your community

6 Worth the Wait Parental Responsibilities Legal Responsibility
Care, Support, Protection, Supervision Financial Responsibility Food, Clothing, Shelter, Medical Care Child Support/the Laws Emotional Responsibility Helping the child feel safe and secure Teen Parents vs. Adult Parents Pros and Cons

7 Worth the Wait Puberty, Anatomy and Pregnancy
Review the male and female anatomy Describe the physical and emotional changes during puberty Describe benefits of remaining abstinent from risky behaviors Explain how pregnancy occurs and describe fetal development Link between emotional changes, depression and suicide Identify genetic influences on puberty

8 Worth the Wait Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
Recognize risks of contracting an STD if sexually active Define Sexual Contact Express personal opinions on the topic of STDs Identify the major symptoms of the most common STDs Describe why abstinence is the healthiest choice and 100% effective against STDs.

9 Worth the Wait Sex & the Law
Reviews the legal implications regarding teen sexual activity Acknowledge that sexual abuse is never the victim’s fault Discuss the importance of reporting sexual abuse Construct an action plan to deal with sexual pressure State the age of consent for sexual activity in our State Determine the difference between misdemeanor and felony sexual offenses

10 Worth the Wait Developing Communication Styles and Refusal Skills
Learn effective communication methods Demonstrate effective communication methods with role play Learn effective refusal skills Demonstrate effective use of refusal skills with role play.

11 Worth the Wait Healthy Relationships
Identify characteristics of healthy relationships Encouragement, trust, honesty, safety, etc Identify characteristics of unhealthy relationships Fear, embarrassment, discouragement, risky behaviors Identify characteristics of dangerous relationships Violence, gangs, drug use, alcohol use, illegal acts Discuss benefits and dangers of healthy, unhealthy and dangerous relationships Identify ways to get out of unhealthy or dangerous relationships

12 Worth the Wait Health Risk Behaviors
Identify health risk behaviors as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Recognize the association between risky behaviors and teen sexual activity Acknowledge the link between health risk behaviors in teens such as sexual activity and emotional problems such as depression and suicide Review the importance of avoiding health risk behaviors and have an opportunity to sign a pledge card

13 Worth the Wait Contraception (8th grade only)
Discuss the most common contraception methods Birth Control Pills Birth Control Injections Birth Control Implants Emergency Contraception Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) Spermicides Natural Family Planning Withdrawal Male Condoms Abstinence

14 Worth the Wait Career Goals Identify long-term career goals
Develop a plan to reach the long-term career goals Identify roadblocks and determine how to overcome them Incorporate five essential human needs in goal setting

15 Worth the Wait

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