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Presentation Audience Environment Speaker Message Topic.

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2 Presentation Audience Environment Speaker Message Topic

3 Analyze your audience oAge group oEducation oSocial class oAttitude towards the topic Understand their oNeeds oExpectations oConcerns

4 Top 3 Rules oLearning is best when learning is fun oThey have low expectations oYour audience doesn’t care…

5 Should be oClear oConcise Directed to oMind: Inform / Instruct oEmotions: Inspire / Entertain oBehavior: Motivate / Persuade

6 Preparation Delivery Planning

7 Choose your topic Identify its scope What you will talk about What you will NOT talk about oLack of enough knowledge oOut of the scope oNot enough time oMay offend your audience oMay raise much debate Planning

8 Data … Data … Data! oBooks oInternet oPrevious knowledge Planning You can never find too much … ! You can never find too much … !

9 Paper ALWAYS comes before PowerPoint Brain storm Write down all ideas without any logical order Do all ideas serve your message? Arrange your ideas & remove what don’t fit Scenario oSequential oCategories oProblem & Solution oCompare & Contrast oMind Mapping Planning Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

10 Preparation Introduction Body End

11 Preparation Introduction “First Impressions Last” Ice break Objectives Outline Problems to be solved

12 Preparation Introduction General theme Main Picture Slide Background –Dark / light –Allows good contrast & comfortable reading –NOT Similar to text colour Much details Distracting Circus Slide title

13 Preparation Body Flow of Ideas Start by basic informative non-debatable data Then gradually move to details Repeat important messages Later slides should be light & may be funny. Each should not exceed 3 min

14 Preparation Body Text Simple language & try to avoid difficult terms MINIMUM text Break much text to several slides Text is for the audience not the speaker

15 Preparation Body Text Font Type Colour: Must contrast with background Size: at least 18 Slides must not contains spellng or gramer mistakes WHOLE SENTENCES IN CAPITAL LETTERS ARE REALLY DIFFICULT TO READ ! Emphasis: CAPITALBold ItalicColor not size Arial font type: How to give a good presentation Verdana font type : How to give a good presentation Comic Sans MS font type: How to give a good presentation Times New Roman font type : How to give a good presentation Arial font type: How to give a good presentation Verdana font type : How to give a good presentation Comic Sans MS font type: How to give a good presentation Times New Roman font type : How to give a good presentation

16 Preparation Body Pictures, Charts & Diagrams “ A Picture is worth a 1000 words ” Use descriptive images Don’t stretch Don’t distort If you repeat, change its position Charts can easily convince audience

17 Preparation Body Animation & Slide Transition Don’t overuse animation Use animation to: Grab attention Add 1 point at a time Deliver an idea Not for decoration Mis / Overused animation may Distract your audience Make your presentation look like a circus

18 Preparation End This is your chance to call for action Summary Conclusion Call for action Receiving questions

19 Preparation End Closing presentations well Matching close Solution close Future close Pyramid close

20 Delivery DON’T recite DON’T read DON’T start with a joke … at least be REAL careful

21 Just remember points & outline oPowerPoint can help you oHold cards with big text in your hands; a card for a point Talk about your personal experience Give examples ALWAYS stick to time Delivery

22 Stage Phobia There are 2 types of speakers: Speakers that are nervous Speakers that are liars ! Reasons Audience Message Topic Speaker Environment

23 Stage Phobia Keep in mind All successful speakers were also nervous Don’t overestimate Believe in your message 3Ps: Prepare, Prepare & … Prepare! They don’t know … Don’t tell them Audience is on your side “Practice makes perfect” To BE or … YOU MUST BE

24 Eye contact Voice tone –High / low voice –Rate –Emphasize –Repeat Facial expression Body Language –Movement –Hands

25 Asking your audience But get prepared for surprising answers ! Be yourself … Don’t be a copy

26 Place setup Lights Audio & Visual facilities Computer requirements oHoHardware oSoSoftware Come early & get prepared…

27 Presentation Audience Environment Speaker Message Topic

28 Don’t prepare you are always ready Arrive late this makes you seem important Copy whole pages start reading them all Talk in a low monotonous voice you don’t want to awake them, do you?! Start an argument argue to death Take double the time allowed you are more important than their time

29 Never use diagrams your audience are not children Kill them with animation or they may think you don’t know how to use them At last you will succeed !!!

30 Presentation Skills for the "Unprofessional Speaker" PowerPoint help (Help menu => Microsoft Office PowerPoint Help) You can download this presentation from

31 Hatem Hosny

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