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Solar Photovoltaic panels Video: introduction to solar power Information.

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1 Solar Photovoltaic panels Video: introduction to solar power Information from factsheet: Technology basics – page 1 Different types of solar panels – page 1 Feed in Tariff information – page 1 Benefits for your community – page 2 Myth busting facts – page 2 Checklist: is solar PV the right technology for my community? – page 3 Subregional information and contacts – page 4 Case studies

2 Solar PV – the basics Video: an introduction to solar energy How do solar panels work? Different ways to site solar panels Solar PV systems capture day light using cells made of some semi-conducting material (usually silicon). When light shines on the panel it causes electricity to flow. The more daylight received the more electricity produced. Ground mountedRoof mountedCladding and solar glazing

3 Solar PV – Feed In Tariffs Generating a source of income for your community from solar PV panels What are Feed in Tariffs Government incentive to encourage the generation of renewable electricity Owners of solar PV panels can make money from the sale of the electricity generated Guaranteed for 25 years Retail price index linked Very attractive return on your community investment Tariffs currently at their highest but will be reduced in the future

4 Solar PV – Benefits and Myths What benefits could solar PV generate for your community Protection against rising fuel prices Make money for your community More local jobs Low maintenance technology Reduce your carbon emissions Improve community well-being What are the common myths surrounding solar PV panels Solar PV doesn’t work in the North of England due to weather conditions Solar PV can only provide a small amount of electricity Solar PV never produce more energy than it took to manufacture them

5 Solar PV – Checklist Is solar PV suitable for your community? Site: south facing? Land/Building owner permission Renting the roof schemes Bulk purchase Connection to National Grid Planning permission

6 Solar PV – Case studies North West Case Study – Bickerton village hall PV installation UK Case Study – solar PV in West Oxford

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