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EDAN PC ECG An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test that records the electrical activity of the heart. An ECG is very useful in determining whether a person.

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1 EDAN PC ECG An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test that records the electrical activity of the heart. An ECG is very useful in determining whether a person has heart disease. If a person has chest pain or palpitations, an ECG is helpful in determining if the heart is beating normally.

2 EDAN PC ECG is FDA approved!

3 General Info Product Details Highlights

4 General Info High Speed Growth Reputation
With the technology accumulation on ECG, together with years of experiences on new ECG technology projects as well as the resources from home and abroad, we are now one of the top suppliers of ECG products in global area. Reputation Technology High Speed Growth

5 University of Minnesota Medical School is one of the TOP-3 prestigious hospitals in America, particularly in its department of Cardiology. They also developed the Minnesota Code. The Royal Victoria Infirmary(RVI) is one of the leading UK teaching hospitals, has around 850 beds. The RVI is part of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust which has around two thousand beds. DSFH is presently considered one of the most distinguished hospitals in the Middle East, and is visited by over 500,000 patients every year.

6 1st in China, dominating the Chinese alternative care Market
1st FDA-approved Chinese ECG in China 1st CSE, AHA, MIT database certified Interpretation Releases Units sold per year

7 Product Details Clinical Applications Highlights

8 Product Details With a data acquisition module and a set of comprehensive software program for acquiring, analyzing, storing and reviewing 12-channel ECGs, EDAN PC ECG system provides an all-in-one solution for both resting ECG and stress test. Resting ECG Stress Test EDAN PC ECG

9 What is PC ECG? Combined by a sampling box and a set of PC software, EDAN PC ECG divides normal ECG feature into two separated parts. ECG Data Acquisition Module ECG Analysis Software Sampling Box PC Software EDAN PC ECG

10 Wired/Wireless Solutions
EDAN PC ECG provides two different configurations: Wired PC ECG <Resting ECG / Stress ECG> Wireless PC ECG <Stress ECG> Wired Solution Wireless Solution EDAN PC ECG

11 Sampling Box

12 Portable Design With its compact and portable design, EDAN PC ECG could be used in different types of clinical applications. It’s especially suitable for outpatient tests and emergencies. Wired Sampling Box 148mm (L) x 100mm (W) x 40mm (H) 210g approx. Wireless Sampling Box 63mm (L) x 107mm (W) x 23mm (H) 113g approx.

13 24-Bit A/D Convertor Accurate Fast 24-Bit (EDAN) 12-Bit
<Wired Sampling Box> EDAN ONLY! Fast Sensitive Accurate 24-Bit (EDAN) 12-Bit With the help of the unique 24-bit A/D transfer technology from EDAN, doctors may get a stable signal much faster. And the signal itself will be more accurate. Fast Signal Stabilization Weak Signal Detection Accurate Waveform Acquisition Wireless Sampling Box: 18 bit ADC

14 10,000 Samples/Channel/Second Sampling Rate
<Wireless Sampling Box> The wireless sampling box of EDAN PC ECG supports an extremely high sampling rate of 10,000 samples/channel/second. Such a high sampling rate is especially designed to ensure the high accuracy of ECG acquisition during a wireless stress ECG test. Accurate Weak Signal Detection Accurate Waveform Acuisition Wired Sampling Box: 1,000 samples/channel/second

15 A Full Set of Filter Settings
EDAN PC ECG sampling box is built with a full set of filter settings to provide an equivalent anti-noise performance as traditional standalone ECG machines. AC filter DFT filter: weak/strong EMG filter: 25 Hz / 35 Hz / 45 Hz Low pass filter 75 Hz / 100 Hz / 150 Hz

16 Clinical Applications

17 Software Along with the sampling box, EDAN provides the PC ECG software for diagnosis & data management. This software provides you possibilities for various of cardiology applications. Resting ECG Stress ECG HRV analysis VCG/TVCG/SAECG

18 Input Patient Information
Streamlined Workflow With the streamlined workflow provided by EDAN, the traditional operations on tabletop ECG machines are replaced by much easier operations on PC. You will not need to study the complex key settings on different ECG machines. As long as you know how to operate a computer, it will be easy for you to learn EDAN PC ECG operations. Input Patient Information ECG Acquisition Generate ECG Report

19 Resting ECG Test Connecting the sampling box to PC via direct USB connection, you will be able to carry out a normal resting ECG test with EDAN PC ECG. USB

20 Resting ECG Interpretation
As a leading Chinese ECG manufacturer, EDAN provides its leading interpretation technology SEMIP which gives accurate diagnosis results and offers doctors a reliable reference. Average Template <Compare between different templates> Measurements <Could be exported into Excel files> Diagnosis Information <Could be edited> AHA / CSE / MIT Database Certified!

21 Average Templates & Manual Measurements
If needed, doctors may also do the measurements manually on the average templates instead of using the automatic-measurements.

22 Editable Diagnosis Result
The doctors will be able to edit the diagnosis result. They may either choose from the diagnosis glossary or type in by themselves. 149 diagnosis templates

23 Advanced Resting ECG Analysis Functions
In order to fulfill the requirements of higher-level cardiology tests, EDAN PC ECG offers you advanced options for QTD, FCG & HF ECG in resting ECG analysis besides the normal analysis function. QTD: QT Interval Dissociation FCG: Frequency ECG HF ECG: High Frequency ECG

24 Wired Stress ECG Test USB
EDAN PC ECG supports wired stress ECG test via USB connection.

25 Wireless Stress ECG Test
EDAN PC ECG supports wireless stress ECG test via Bluetooth connection. USB

26 Corporative Devices of Stress ECG Test
Treadmill EDAN TM-400 / Trackmaster / LODE / COSMOS Bicycle LODE / Ergosana / Ergoline Stress BP monitor Suntech Tango+

27 Stress ECG Analysis Functions
As well as resting ECG analysis, stress ECG analysis also provides editable diagnosis result, automatic measurements and manual measurements. Meanwhile, it provides advanced analysis functions as ST analysis, trend graphs and ECG strips.

28 Stress ECG Protocol EDAN provides 8 different stress ECG preset protocols for you to choose from. You may also edit/deleted each protocol or build a new protocol according to the clinical needs. Balke Bruce Ellestad Kattus Modified Bruce Naughton (N 2.0) Naughton (N 3.0) Naughton (N 3.3)

29 More Analysis Functions
HRV/HRT (Wilson Lead System) ST VCG/TVCG/SAECG (Frank Lead System)

30 Data Management The ECG reports will be stored on PC hard disk. You can manage the reports with the PC ECG software. The storage capability will depend on the hard disk or any other external memory devices. No need for print-out reports anymore

31 Reports Sorting Sorted by physician names
(Physician names could be deleted) Sorted by Examination types Sorted by Patient Information

32 Reports Searching Fast Search
Search by Name, ID, Age, Department and Diagnosis Advanced Search Combined search by ID, Name, Examination Time, Age Range, Diagnosis and User Defines

33 Patient Information Operation
Edit Delete Start a new test Merge/Assign Merge/Assign

34 File Import History reports / Backup reports could be imported to PC ECG software for data management. IMPORT

35 File Export EDAN PC ECG software will be able to export the ECG reports in multi-formats. XML/SCP/PDF/DICOM/JPG/BMP/TIF/PNG Reports sent by EXPORT

36 Highlights Clinical Applications Product Details

37 Advanced Technologies Full Clinical Solutions
Highlights High Quality CE FDA Advanced Technologies 24 bit A/D Transfer 10,000 s/c/s Filters Interpretation USB Connection Bluetooth Connection Advanced Features Compact Light Weight Streamlined Workflow PC Based Operations Editable Reports Manual Measurements Data Management Full Clinical Solutions Wired/Wireless Connections Resting ECG Stress ECG QTD/FCG/HF ECG HRV/HRT VCG/TVCG/SAECG Affordable Price SE-1010 PC ECG


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