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WELCOME WELCOME Noble Training Center U S Fire Administration Ft. McClellan, Alabama.

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1 WELCOME WELCOME Noble Training Center U S Fire Administration Ft. McClellan, Alabama

2 Noble Training Center History The Noble Army hospital was dedicated in honor and memory of MG Robert E. Noble on May 4 th, 1962 and was an Army post from 1917 until its closure by the Base Realignment and Closure Commission on September 30, 1999. In 1999, Congress directed the Department of Health and Human Services to provide a national training center for medical weapons of mass destruction (WMD) training. It was renamed The Noble Training Center (NTC). On March 1 st, 2003 the facility and programs were transferred to the U S Department of Homeland Security, United States Fire Administration (USFA). USFA performed several renovations and additions to modernize and bring the structure to its current size of 162, 000 square feet on 20 acres of land with a heliport. The hospital facility is used as a mock hospital to train emergency managers and healthcare professionals in a realistic environment to enable them to manage a mass casualty event resulting from natural disasters, technological incidents and acts of terrorism. Noble Training Center also provides a realistic hospital environment in which to conduct training exercises for courses that include a medical component such as: Health Care Leadership Course Radiological Train-the-Trainer Course Advanced Radiological Incident Operations Course Hospital Emergency Response Team Training Course Noble was the pre-positioning and staging area for NDMS Teams supporting hurricane Katrina.

3 Noble Map

4 Security Concerns Your Safety is our FIRST CONCERN! Following all the rules, helps us keep everyone safer at N.T.C. If you see something out of the ordinary, REPORT IT TO SECURITY. Ext. 0111 Never leave packages, luggage, briefcases, backpacks, etc. unattended. Security will treat all unattended items as suspicious and/or hazardous and will proceed accordingly which includes Building Evacuations. Campus ID Requirements All individuals while on campus must display at all times a federal employee, contractor or student photo identification badge, visible above waist level, and worn on the outermost clothing garment. Instructor or Student badges are issued during registration.

5 Restricted Areas For your Safety: If driving a vehicle or walking on the roads near Noble Training Center or the Dorms, PLEASE obey all Stop, Do Not Enter, Danger and Restricted Areas signs.

6 U.S. Government FORBIDDEN! Personal electronic equipment may not be connected to government computers at any time including laptops, USB devices, thumb drives, etc.! USB MEMORY ITEMS ( MEMORY STICKS, MICRODRIVES, COMPACT FLASH, ETC.) MUST BE CHECKED BY THE TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT COORDINATOR, CONTACT THE HELP DESK AT (301) 447-1175 or 6-1175. THE TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT COORDINATOR WILL VIRUS SCAN YOUR DATA AND TRANSFER TO DISC FOR USE WHILE ON CAMPUS.

7 Emergency Alert System NTC has an emergency alert system located on campus. Local Volunteer Fire Department uses a similar house siren to alert members of calls. The Emergency Alert System is much louder and the siren is immediately followed by a voice prompt. You will hear someone talking. Please listen closely and follow the Instructions given.

8 On-Campus Medical Services Contact NTC Security (x0111) for emergencies. Student Support Services can assist in arranging doctor or dentist appointments as well as transportation if needed. Our local ambulance service is Anniston Emergency Medical Services, Inc. The Fire Department is located (1) one mile from training center or the dorms. We have three (3) local hospitals: – Stringfellow Memorial Hospital, Anniston – Regional Medical Center, Anniston – Jacksonville Medical Center, Jacksonville

9 Registration: Building 320 Dekalb Court Registration building and Dorm rooms are located one mile from the Noble Training Center

10 Dorms: Building 294 & 322 Amenities available in each dorm room. TVRefrigeratorMicrowave Alarm/Clock-RadioTelephone W/voice mailDaily Housekeeping Service Clean Towels dailyTelephone Jack for dial-up internet access Washer & Dryers available in Bldg 322

11 Student Services is located in bldg 320. Quiet Time after 11PM. (Please be considerate) All buildings and rooms are smoke free areas. Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas which are plainly marked. Candles and other open flames are not allowed in any building including dorm rooms. Lounge area in each Dormitory Building

12 Dorm Rooms All dorm room have a shared bathroom. Dorm rooms are assigned Female to Female and Male to Male. Amenities include Microwave, TV, Refrigerator, dial up internet service, daily linen exchange and housekeeping. Dorm Room Issues? Contact the Registration Desk or ask to speak to the Student Support Manager, Claudette Anderson

13 Parking All vehicles on campus must be registered with the Registration Clerk in building 320. Deliveries: Security does NOT accept Packages or Deliveries. All emergency messages will be delivered directly to you by a Security Officer or Registration Staff. Non emergency messages will be forwarded to Student Services and can be picked up at Bldg 320 Registration Desk.

14 Exercise Equipment Basketball (Net at the dorm) Horseshoes Volley Ball Golf (Located at Cane Creek Golf Course) Truman Gym (for a Small Fee, also (indoor pool) Monday night trip to Walmart Tuesday night trip to the Oxford Mall (movie theater) Wednesday night tour of Ft. McClellan (former Army Military Base) Karaoke is an ideal time for the musically inclined to show their talents in a friendly and competitive environment. Pool Table Foosball Juke Box Activities at NTC Noble Training Center Student Center Pub (coming soon)

15 The Country GrillPayment Type: Mike or Kim HesterCash/Visa/Mastercard 94 Al Hwy 144Company Checks Ohatchee, Al. 36271Government Credit Cards Phone (256) 231-0127 or (256) 231-0101 Cost of the meal ticket depend on the length of the class. Two breaks a day during an all day class are included in the cost of the meal ticket. Food Service Breaks Morning and afternoon –Coffee –Ice Water –Assorted Snacks Please remember other classes may be in session while you are in the hall on Break

16 Department of Homeland Security United States Fire Administration Noble Training Center Classes at Noble Training Center Emergency Management Institute Federal Emergency Management Agency National Fire Academy CSEPP Special Groups

17 Attendance & Dress Code Report for class on time! If you are late, your Instructor is required to report your absence to Security Security will check on your well being Remember: You Are Representing Your Department and State Dress code for NTC, business casual: When attending classes at Noble, it is each participant’s responsibility to use good judgment in selecting attire that projects a professional image and is appropriate for both the local climate differences and classroom activities. If Noble staff determine that a participant’s attire is inappropriate, the participant will be required to change into more appropriate clothing before being allowed to continue class.


19 USFA WEB SITE WWW.USFA.FEMA.GOV USFA Activities Courses Products Services Enrollment information USFA/EMI training can also be found at these internet locations:

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