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AstaREAL® Astaxanthin

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1 AstaREAL® Astaxanthin
for Human Health Superior Antioxidant

2 FDA Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

3 What is Astaxanthin? Astaxanthin in Nature Astaxanthin Benefits
Strong Antioxidant Anti-Inflammatory Provides Eye Fatigue Relief Increase Muscle Endurance Supports Healthy Blood Lipids Aids in Wrinkle Reduction

4 This Red Color in Nature is Astaxanthin

5 Biological Activities of Astaxanthin Over 50 published studies
Antioxidant Powerful antioxidant. Potent singlet oxygen quenching and anti-lipid peroxidation activity. Anti-inflammatory Inhibition of cytokines and chemokines expression suppressing NF-kB activation *, **. Eye Health Eye fatigue *, **, Visual acuity *, **, Accommodation Sports Related Muscle endurance *, ** and damage *, **, Sports vision *. Life-style Related Diseases Hypertension *, LDL cholesterol, H. pylori *, **, Diabetes & Diabetic nephropathy *, **, Metabolic syndrome *, **. Personal Care Anti-wrinkle (topical *, ** & within *, **), Photo protectant, Melanin-inhibitor, Anti-hyperpigmentation. AstaREAL Published Study *AstaREAL Patented/Patent Pending

6 Cardio benefit results

7 Skin health – Anti-Aging results

8 Muscle endurance / Muscle recovery
Improves Muscle Endurance Astaxanthin protects muscle at the cellular level from damage of reactive oxygen species (ROS) generated by physical activity. Astaxanthin improves blood flow and modulates vasorelaxation, protecting the endothelium dependent NO effect and vessel elastin band structure from oxidative damage Accelerates Body Fat Reduction Astaxanthin enhances fat metabolism by activating mitochondrial enzymes such as 3-hydroxyacyl CoA dehydrogenase (3-HAD) Astaxanthin protects carnitine palmitoyl transferase I (CPT I) from oxidative modification caused by ROS Reduces Lactic Acid Accumulation-Astaxanthin promotes fatty acid utilization vs glucose metabolism for Mitochondrial ATP production-Astaxanthin reduces peroxidation damage during anaerobic exercise resulting in muscle recovery time improvement

9 Eye Fatigue results Our 10 Clinical Studies Demonstrate:
• Increased Retinal Blood Flow • Improved Accommodation • Reduced Asthenopia • Increased Visual Acuity • Ocular Inflammation Reduction VDT Subjects with Eye Strain Symptoms before and after astaxanthin supplementation (Nagaki et al.,2002)

10 AstaREAL® astaxanthin patents
No. 6,245,818 Muscle and Physical Endurance - increased physical endurance / reduced muscle damage No. 6,262,316 Gastric Health - Reduces infection/inflammation of Helicobacter pylori No. 6,335,015 Mastitis - Prophylactic treatment for mastitis No. 6,410,602 Fertility - Method of increasing the production and improving the quality of semen No. 6,773,708 Immune System - Immunomodulation - autoimmune diseases and chronic viral and intracellular bacterial infections No. 6,923,967 Dyspeptic Symptoms - Alleviates dyspeptic symptoms No. 7,078,040 Anti-Inflammation - Cytokine regulation - inhibiting the expression of inflammatory cytokines and chemokines Patent Pending Eye Fatigue - Reduced eye fatigue / improved visual acuity Cardiovascular – Alleviating vascular failure Diabetic Nephropathy - Gene expression modulator – suppression of development of diabetic nephropathy

11 Member of the Carotenoid Family
732 known carotenoids* Humans cannot synthesise carotenoids. Need to obtain carotenoids from food. Basic carotene structure Xanthophyll Class - Lutein - Astaxanthin isolated and identified from lobster Astacus gammarus in 1938 by Kuhn -Carotene O H Lutein Astaxanthin Molecular Formula: C40H52O4 Molecular Weight: CAS No: *G. Britton et al., Carotenoids Handbook, 2004

12 Astaxanthin is a Totally Unique Antioxidant
Powerful & Safe Antioxidant - Singlet oxygen quenching Lipid peroxidation suppressing Without any pro-oxidative nature Superior Position in Cell Membrane - Protection both hydrophillic & lipophillic area

13 Astaxanthin is the Most Powerful Quencher of Singlet Oxygen in Nature
36 Times Stronger than Beta-Carotene (1) 75 Stronger than a-Lipoic Acid (2) 550 Times Stronger than Vitamin E (1) 560 Times Stronger than Green Tea (2) 794 Times Stronger than CoQ10 (2) 6000 Times Stronger than Vitamin C (2) Astaxanthin is the Most Powerful Quencher of Singlet Oxygen in Nature 1. Shimizu et al., Carotenoids as singlet oxygen quenchers in marine organisms, Fisheries Science, 62, (1996). 2. Nishida et al., Quenching Activities of Common Hydrophilic and Lipophilic Antioxidants against Singlet Oxygen Using Chemiluminescence Detection System, Carotenoid Science.,Vol.11: (2007) 13

14 Why is Astaxanthin Superior?
Astaxanthin does not Become Pro-Oxidant Even under Enormous Oxidative Stress H.D.Martin, et al. : Chemistry of carotenoid oxidation and free radical reactions, Pure Appl. Chem., 71(12), (1999).

15 Superior Position in Membrane
Beta-carotene Vitamin C

16 Astaxanthin Production Haematococcus pluvialis cultivation

17 Production Haematococcus Pluvialis
Haemato (Blood) Coccus (Seed) Pluvialis (Fresh Water) Vegetative cell Immature Aplanospore Aplanospore 40-80μm Production Haematococcus pluvialis cultivation Microalgae family – includes Chlorella and Spirulina Single cell fresh water Microalgae (Plant source) Found in standing pools and ponds world wide (non-GMO) During harsh environment conditions – Hibernates

18 Open Pond System Closed System
Mass Production of Haematococcus pluvialis Open Pond System - Outdoor, susceptible to environmental contaminants - Difficult to control unwanted foreign algae - Inconsistent production and yield Closed System - AstaREAL Indoor closed tank system consistently has the highest yield with the longest history of production Conc. → Mature Chlorophyll Astaxanthin

19 Closed Tank System Most cost effective cultivation Total environmental control Highest quality, cleanest system First in the world to commercially cultivate Haematococcus pluvialis

20 30 Safety Studies. Submitted for GRAS.
Health and Safety Full Acute & Subchronic Tests NO ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS REPORTED Ames Test & Gene Toxicity Worldwide Literature Search 30 Safety Studies. Submitted for GRAS. 1/6/2010 received FDA non-objection letter.

21 6mg is the dose


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