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Interview Guidance Seminar

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1 Interview Guidance Seminar

2 HR (Personal) Questions Questions on Banking + Current Affairs
Interview Questions HR (Personal) Questions Questions on Banking + Current Affairs Questions about Academics Questions about Work Experience

3 HR (Personal Questions)
Introduction Personal / family background Why Banking? Why not a PG degree or a job in your own field? How will you apply your knowledge to the banking field? Overqualified for the job?

4 HR (Personal Questions)
Info about your city or native place Hobbies / Interests Strengths / Weaknesses Willing to work anywhere in the country, esp. in rural areas? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? OR What are your short-term / long-term goals?

5 Questions on Banking & Current Affairs
Today’s Headlines Recent important events (general or specifically related to banking) – your views on such issues Banking concepts / terminology For RRB interviews, info about the RRB

6 Questions on Academics
Simple questions related to your field of study PG degree holders may be asked questions on advanced topics

7 Questions on Work Experience
Why did you (or want to) leave your job? Questions on your job profile & industry Commitment to the bank job

Questions on Geography (Capitals of states & countries), sports, politics, etc. Questions on your role as a banker (how to achieve targets, how to deal with customers & co-workers, etc.) Have you been selected in any other bank / organization? Miscellaneous questions…

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