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Un-Holy Smoke Un-Holy Smoke. Outdoor Wood Boilers Smoke Smoke Assault on Humanity and Health Text.

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1 Un-Holy Smoke Un-Holy Smoke

2 Outdoor Wood Boilers Smoke Smoke Assault on Humanity and Health Text

3 The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined particulate matter (PM) 0.5 and PM 2.5 contained in OWB smoke to be dangerous to your health. PM 0.5 and PM 2.5 particulate matter penetrates through house walls and windows and contaminates the inside air of your house and is easily inhaled deeply into the lungs. In comparison: CN chemical agent utilized by Corrections, Law Enforcement, and Military personnel has a molecular structure of 4- 8 microns vs 0.5 and 2.5u(microns) of OWB smoke. Outdoor Wood Boiler(OWB) smoke is hazardous to your health

4 outdoor wood boilers (OWB)smoke is hazardous to your health OWB smoke, in addition to PM.05 an PM 2.5 particulate matter, also contains many of the same toxic chemical compounds found in cigarette smoke, to name a few: Benzene, formaldehyde, and 1,3- butadiene, all 3 carcinogens. Aldehydes, carbon monoxide,dioxin, hydrochloric acid, irritants, mercury, methane,organic toxicants, phenols, sulfur dioxide, ect.....

5 outdoor Wood Boiler(OWB)smoke is hazardous to your health At the size of between 4-6 microns, CN chemical agent passes thru plastic wrap and contaminates food. OWB smoke cannot be filtered out of your home (N95 masks while offering protection against viruses is useless against OWB smoke) carcinogenic chemicals and wood smoke irritants adhere to the PM 0.5 and PM 2.5 particles and enter your respiratory system through normal breathing- depressing your immune system, attacking your cardiac & respiratory health, causing structural damage, and undesirable cell changes within your DNA

6 outdoor Wood Boiler smoke Adverse short-term Health effects Burning eyes Burning throat Bronchitis Pneumonia Sinusitis

7 outside wood boiler smoke adverse long-term health effects Asthma Chronic Lung Disease Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Cancer Cardiovascular problems

8 outdoor Wood Boiler smoke cause and effect My wife, debbie, and I moved to our country home ten years ago, searching for clean air and health. 10 years ago, neither of us knew what an outdoor wood boiler was. Through the process of purchasing our home, we performed two short walk-thru inspections and had no idea that there could be such a threat three houses down the street. Health problems manifested themselves with Debbie first. Debbie is an avid gardner, after spending time outside, she began feeling flu-like symptoms. as time went on, the flu-like symptoms progressed to uncontrolled vomiting and nose bleeds, that necessitated an urgent trip the hospital emergency room. The physician could not establish the cause of the symptoms. The flu-like symptoms began to affect her inside the house, as well. then it occurred to her, that this happened, whenever she smelled an acrid odor in the air. So, she took a walk down the street to find out where the odor was coming from. Debbie observed a small metal building with an aprox 3 foot tall smoke stack belching out smoke, blue-gray in color, and a terrible taste in her mouth from the smoke. Shortly, thereafter, Debbie had to return to the hospital for emergency asthma breathing treatments.

9 outdoor Wood boiler smoke cause and effect Debbies breathing became, so problematic, she sealed herself inside our bedroom with a large Hepa air purifier, next to the bed. Debbie noticed from watching weather reports a curious thing: When there was a prevailing north wind, she felt better, when the prevailing wind was from the South her breathing problems returned. The Outdoor Wood Boiler is located 3 houses south of our home. At this time, she made the connection; whatever was burning down the street was the reason for her eyes burning, nose bleeding, flu-like symptoms, and breathing problems. Throughout the years, I have spent here, I have developed chronic allergies, sinusitis, and bronchitis. In our neighborhood: Asthma is common, neighbors have COPD and cardiovascular problems. We believe the exposure to the outdoor wood boiler smoke is a detriment to our health, well-being, and creates an unfair economic hardship, affording medical treatment and medications.

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