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Warm Up April 24, 2013 Read “The Girl Who Named Pluto.”

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1 Warm Up April 24, 2013 Read “The Girl Who Named Pluto.”
Summarize how Pluto got its name. (It has nothing to do with Disney.)

2 Agenda Warm Up Correct HW 14.4 Notes Diagram of Solar System Worksheet
No Cool Down I haven’t forgotten about your brochures. Keep them for our review day next Tuesday.

3 14.4 Outer Planets The outer planets are: Jupiter Saturn Uranus
Neptune Also called the gas giants

4 Jupiter Largest planet Thick atmosphere of H and He
Great red Spot is a storm larger than earth! May have a core of rock in the center Many moons, the 4 largest are: Io (EYE- oh) Callisto Europa Ganymede

5 Saturn Spectacular rings of ice and rock Many moons.
Atmosphere of hydrogen and helium May have rocky core Largest moon, Titan, is bigger than Mercury

6 Uranus Looks blue green because of methane (CH4) in its atmosphere
Has rings, much darker than Saturn’s that are perpendicular to its orbit. Axis is tilted 90 degrees At least 27 moons, some with ice and volcanic activity

7 Neptune Cold, bluish planet with visible clouds
Photos show a Great Dark Spot which is about the size of earth. This was a storm that is no longer there, but was when voyager flew by. At least 13 moons. The largest, Triton, has a thin atmosphere

8 Dwarf Planet Pluto Compared to the gas giants, Pluto is Solid Dense
Small Pluto also Has unusually elliptical orbit that crosses Neptune’s Travels through the Kuiper Belt (so it does not clear out its orbital path)

9 Solar System Diagram Worksheet

10 Homework 14.4 Vocabulary Booklet (2 words) P. 569 #1a-d & #2a-c
Finish Solar System Diagram by Tuesday April 30

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