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United States Navy Physician Assistants

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1 United States Navy Physician Assistants

2 With on-going contingency operations overseas, there is an ever greater demand for compassionate, motivated, and dedicated medical professionals. The following slides contain pictures contributed by Physician Assistants in action around the world. They create an overview of the environments and spectrum of medicine that is currently being practiced in support of our nation.

3 Overview Major Medical Treatment Facilities
Orthopedic Physician Assistants Possible US Duty Stations Special Duty and Overseas Billets EMF Kuwait Djibouti Army United States Marine Corps LT Annandono Interview Video Link Shipboard Training Opportunities Duty Under Instruction (DUINS) The Hospital Corpsmen You Will Serve With!!!! (Oliver North Video Link) Benefits Points of Contact

4 Physician Assistant Specialty Leader
CDR Dave Holder, PA-C Teaching Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) to Afghan National Army Members

5 CDR Dave Holder, PA-C, Teaching Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) to Afghan National Army Members

6 CDR Dave Holder, PA-C, TCCC Graduation at Battalion Aid Station Ghazni, Afghanistan

7 DOD Physician Assistants CDR Nora Perez & CDR Dave Holder

8 Major Medical Treatment Facilities
National Naval Medical Center Bethesda, MD Naval Medical Center San Diego

9 Orthopedic Physician Assistants

10 LT Joelle Annandono Orthopedic PA

11 LT Ken Meehan, Orthopedic PA

12 LT Mike Mitchell, Orthopedic PA & Dr. Bell – a Left Knee Procedure

13 LT Mike Mitchell, Ortho PA, conducting wrist tendon repair with assistance from Dr. Miller, ER Physician, TQ Iraq

14 CDR Norm Moser, Orthopedic PA, Navy SEAL, Fallujah 2008

15 LCDR Russ Saari, Orthopedic Physician Assistant, Naval Hospital Lemoore

16 LCDR Russell Saari, Orthopedic PA, Naval Hospital Lemoore

17 2008 Team Ortho TQ Iraq – LT Jim Armitage, PA-C LT Rich Okane, Ortho PA-C

18 CDR Norm Moser Orthopedic PA Navy SEAL

19 Possible US Duty Stations

20 Special Duty and Overseas Billets (not inclusive of possible deployment locations)

21 Expeditionary Medical Facilities (EMF)


23 LT Nikki Holmes & LT Dominic Romanowski, Physician Assistants Assigned to EMF Kuwait

24 Djibouti, Africa

25 LT Dawn Bowman, PA-C Djibouti, Africa 2008

26 CDR Nora Perez, PA-C Djibouti Africa Camp Lemonier – MEDCAP Missions

27 CDR N. Perez, PA-C

28 LCDR Callahan, PA-C Djibouti 2007

29 LCDR Callahan, PA-C Djibouti 2007

30 Navy Physician Assistants Serving with the United States Army


32 Navy LT. David Bennett, a PA with the Paktika Provincial Reconstruction Team, carries a civilian hit by an improvised explosive device into the 67th Forward Surgical Team facility on Forward Operating Base Sharana in the Paktika province, Afghanistan 

33 LT Holmes, Navy PA, Army Unit, Afghanistan

34 LT Dominic Romanowski, PA-C Afghanistan 2009

35 LT Dominic Romanowski, PA-C Afghanistan 2009

36 LT Dominic Romanowski, PA-C Afghanistan 2009

37 Winning the Hearts and Minds.... LT Orlando Lopez, PA-C

38 Working Together With Afghan Army During Humanitarian Assistance Mission

39 On a MEDCAP With Italians… Rolling in Style

40 LCDR Rueff & LT Greg Monk, Physician Assistants Afghanistan 2008

41 LCDR Jim Rueff, MPAS, PA-C an Individual Augmentee from the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery arriving at FOB Wright, PRT Kunar, Asadabad, Afghanistan Nov 2008 as provincial health advisor and Senior Medical Officer

42 LCDR Jim Rueff, MPAS, PA-C of Provincial Reconstruction Team Kunar and Collegues with the Forward Surgical Team attend to MEDEVAC patients from a Mass Casualty, June 2009.


44 LCDR Jim Rueff, MPAS, PA-C, Presented with the Bronze Star and Combat Medical Badge by CDR Joey Tynch, Commanding Officer Provincial Reconstruction Team, Kunar for Meritorious Actions Under Fire While in Asadabad, Afghanistan, June 2009.

45 LT. Joseph Baugh, Physician Assistant assigned to Provincial Reconstruction Team Ghazni, provides medical treatment to a child in the village of Slemanji, Oct. 31 and then speaks with the Moqur Comprehensive Health Clinic Director in Moqur, Afghanistan in December 2009.

46 LT Baugh, Physician Assistant assists two Afghan National Policemen
with administering an IV during Combat Life Saving Training.

47 LT Joseph Baugh, PA-C and Dr
LT Joseph Baugh, PA-C and Dr. Masood, an Afghan Physician working for the PRT, instruct Afghan National Policemen on the proper techniques for rolling a patient.

48 LT Bashore PA-C, Moving to Sickcall and Village Evaluation, Afghanistan 2006

49 LT Bashore PA-C, Afghanistan 2006

50 United States Marine Corps

51 Shock Trauma Platoon, Afghanistan
Mobile Trauma Bay Shock Trauma Platoon, Afghanistan

52 LT Joelle Annandono, PA-C

53 Medicine in Afghanistan

54 LT Dave Viayra, PA-C, 3rd Bn 4th Marines, with Indian Soldiers during operation with Satrujeet

55 LT Dave Viayra, PA-C with HM3 Doe, Indian Doctor and Infantry Officer

56 LT Dave Viayra, PA-C Iraq 2008

57 LT Chris Owston, PA-C 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, Iraq 2008

58 LT Chris Owston, PA-C 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, Iraq 2008

59 LT Chris Owston, PA-C 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, Iraq 2008

60 Mobile Shock Trauma Platoon/Forward Resuscitative Surgical Suite Rawah, Iraq 2008


62 Battalion Aid Station (BAS)

63 MEDEVAC with SH-60 Blackhawks

64 MRAP Ambulance

65 LT Frank Percy, PA-C 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines

66 LT Frank Percy, PA-C 2006 Deployment

67 LT Frank Percy, PA-C 2007 – 2008 Deployment

68 LT Bob Wishmeyer, PA-C Iraq 2005

69 LT Bob Wishmeyer, PA-C Iraq 2008

70 LT Bob Wishmeyer, PA-C Iraq 2008

71 LT Bob Wishmeyer, PA-C Iraq 2008

72 LT Bob Wishmeyer, PA-C Iraq 2008

73 LT Bob Wishmeyer, PA-C Iraq 2008

74 Mobile STP Rawah LT Kishla Askins, PA-C Iraq 2008

75 LT Orlando Lopez, PA-C and SA-ID, Iraqi Buddy, Joint Cooperative Medical Engagement (CME) and Iraqi Women's Engagement (IWE) Mission, Iraq

76 LT Kish-La Askins, PA-C Cooperative Medical Engagement, Iraq 2008



79 LT Kyle Burditt, PA-C Cooperative Medical Engagement

80 LT Kyle Burditt, PA-C Cooperative Medical Engagement


82 LT Tim Hackler, PA-C Iraq 2009

83 LT Tim Hackler, PA-C Iraq 2009

84 LT Helen Brady, PA-C Iraq

85 6 Mile Hike – Journey to being a Fleet Marine Force Qualified Officer
LT Dawn Bowman, PA-C

86 Pistol Range – Journey to being a Fleet Marine Force Qualified Officer LT Dawn Bowman, PA-C

87 Journey to being a Fleet Marine Force Qualified Officer – Complete!

88 PAs in Support of Special Warfare

89 LCDR Callahan PA-C, Officer In Charge CFSOCC Clinic
Special Operations Central Command Spec War

90 LT Joelle Annandono
Orthopedic Fellow – speaks candidly about being a Physician Assistant, Naval Officer, Sailor, and her tour with the Navy SEALs.


92 LT Jim Armitage, PA-C, Afghanistan 2008

93 LT Jim Armitage, PA-C

94 LT Jim Armitage, PA-C

95 Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) – Shock Trauma Platoon (STP)
Staff 2 Emergency Medicine Physicians 1 Physician Assistant 1 Critical Care/Emergency Medicine Nurse 1 Independent Duty Corpsman Hospital Corpsmen 2 USMC Ambulance Drivers Missions Mass Casualty Medical Dental Engagements Non-Combatant Evacuations (NEO) Humanitarian Assistants/Disaster Relief (HA/DR)

96 LT. Yesenia Astorga, Baluran, Indonesia 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (11th MEU), Physician Assistant, checks the heartbeat of a young patient at a clinic.

97 LT. Yesenia Astorga, PA-C
Health Service Detachment, Shock Trauma Platoon, Combat Logistics Battalion 1, practices trauma care on a simulated patient at Navy Trauma Training Center LA County.


99 Shipboard

100 LCDR Ron Perry, PA-C USS JFK




104 LCDR Ron Perry, LCDR Jose Nieves; Phase I PA School, San Antonio, TX

105 Welcome to the Medical Service Corps and Physician Assistants



108 Training Opportunities Duty Under Instruction (DUINS)
Clinical Orthopedic Fellowship Emergency Medicine Fellowship (2012) Dive Medicine Non-Clinical Congressional Fellowship Health Care Administration War College Internships Education PhD

109 AAPA Emergency Medicine Programs
Military Programs US Army – Baylor 18 months Clinical doctorate Multiple training sites US Air Force Wright Patterson 13 months Certificate of completion 1 – 5/class US Navy Program Proposal 18 months Proposal 3 per class Future – Multiple training sites Future – 2 per training site Future – Clinical Doctorate Future – 2 additional Army/Air Force slots Civilian Programs University of Iowa 18 months 3 per class Certificate of completion East Virginia Medical School 12 months ? Number/class John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center 1 every 6 months University of Texas Science Center 3/class Albert Einstein 2-3/class

110 Proposed EMED Clinical Rotations
Emergency Medicine-NMCSD 20 weeks Radiology/CT/Ultrasound - NMCSD weeks Anesthesia - Mercy weeks Emergency Medicine – Children’s weeks Emergency Medicine – Mercy weeks Trauma-Mercy weeks ICU-NMCSD weeks CCU-NMCSD weeks PICU-NMCSD weeks Orthopedics-NMCSD weeks OB-NMCSD weeks Burn Management-UCSD weeks Trauma-NTTC USC LA County weeks Toxicology-UCSD weeks Blood Bank-NMCSD weeks Mercy Air weeks Elective weeks

111 Proposed EMED Fellowship Trained Utilization
50+ Organic USMC forward deployed Physician Assistant billets Battalion Surgeon – Division Combat Logistics Battalion Surgeon – CLB Marine Expeditionary Unit Shock Trauma Platoon Marine Special Operations Command US Marine Corps Health Service Augment Personnel Shock Trauma Platoon Forward Resuscitative Surgical Suite US Army – Joint Medical Officer Convoy Operations PRT Medical Officer

112 Proposed Fellowship Trained Utilization
US Navy Various Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF) – Acute Care Departments Future utilization in the MTF Emergency Departments Augments for EMED Physicians at Physician Extenders Immediate assignment to USMC platforms when assigned to MTFs. Blue/Green Integration for Amphibious Ready Group – Mass Casualty Expert afloat Fill the EMED Physician shortfalls Aircraft Carrier Emergency Response Provider Mass Casualty Experts Disaster Relief Experts

113 Orthopedic Fellowship
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, VA 1 year training, 2 year “pay-back” 3 slots per year American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Certificate of Completion “Utilization” tour with USMC Independent billets Unmatched responsibility and autonomy as a result of challenging and high volume case loads.

114 The Hospital Corpsmen You Will Serve With!!!!
LtCol Oliver North (Ret.) saw Corpsmen in action during his time embedded with Marines in Iraq. Through his own Power Point presentation, he pays tribute to the Sailors through moving photos and vignettes that portray the level of dedication and sacrifice of those you may have the honor to serve with. The video clip is linked below.

115 Benefits As a full-time Navy Medical Service Corps Officer, you can look forward to excellent benefits that include: A competitive salary and supplemental pay Scheduled pay raises and regular promotions Advanced training funded by the Navy Comprehensive medical and dental coverage (includes family) Generous retirement income plus a 401(k)-like savings plan 30 days of paid vacation per year Tax-free allowances for housing and meals Tax-free shopping (at military stores) Free or low-cost world travel opportunities Access to military clubs worldwide

116 Education Benefits Wherever you are in your clinical care career, the Navy can help you reach your goals with financial assistance and continued education programs – while also offering credit for both workplace experience and master’s level degrees in the Physician Assistant field. Currently studying to be a Physician Assistant? These offers are available to students: Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) – Get 100% tuition assistance while completing an eligible Physician Assistant education program – plus a monthly stipend of $1,992 to help cover the cost of living for up to 24 months* along the way. Navy Health Services Collegiate Program (HSCP) – Get up to $120,000 while finishing your program. That includes a monthly salary and housing allowance from $2,990 to $5,000 for up to 24 months (housing allowance may vary depending upon location) – plus other benefits. Note that this specific offer is exclusive to the Navy and not available in other military service branches. Currently a practicing PA professional? Navy Health Professions Loan Repayment Program (HPLRP) – Receive up to $80,000 to repay graduate school loans.

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