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2 SPRING UPDATES Certification Policy Goal Achieve a system of teacher preparation, certification and ongoing professional development that is aligned and driven by impact/results rather than a series of inputs Impact/results- Demonstration of knowledge and skills Research-based professional practice Student achievement


4 SPRING UPDATES Discontinued Certificates: The ability to issue N-3, K-6, Special Education N-12 and Middle Level 7-9 certificates will expire on August 31, 2013 Applications submitted in TIMS by 11:59 p.m. on August 31, 2013 will be evaluated No restrictions on existing certificate holders Level II certificates will be issued

5 SPRING UPDATES Discontinued Certificates: Reminder: (regarding the N-3, K-6, Special Education N-12 and Middle Level 7-9 certificates expiring on August 31, 2013) Certificates issued will remain valid for the certification area and grade span for which they were issued Intern certificates will remain valid until the expiration date – Conversion to Instructional I required by 8/31/2013, or must meet new certificate requirements

6 SPRING UPDATES New Certificates Grades Pre K-4 (Subject Code 2825): – Program focus on child development, impact of family needs, diverse populations – May teach early childhood/elementary content Pre K through 4 th grade Grades 4-8 th (Subject Code 3100): – Program includes prep in self contained multiple content areas and one or two content concentrations – May be used to teach self contained multiple content areas in 4 th grade through 6 th grade – May be used in areas of the educators’ content concentrations in departmentalized classrooms 4 th through 8 th grade

7 SPRING UPDATES Display on Certificates New “Grades PK-4” New “Grades 4-8 with Mathematics Concentration” New “Special Education 7-12”

8 SPRING UPDATES New Certificates (cont.) Special Education Pre K-8 (Subject Code 9226): – Combined Special Education certification with Pre K-4, 4-8 or Reading Specialist to prep candidate to be highly qualified in subject areas Special Education 7-12 (Subject Code 9227) – Combined Special Education certification with a secondary 7-12 subject area or Reading Specialist

9 SPRING UPDATES Adding On a Subject Area A candidate may “add-on” an instructional certification area only if he/she already holds an instructional certificate The following areas require program completion and MAY NOT be added by testing alone: – Elementary K-6, Early Childhood N-3, Grades Pre K-4, Grades 4-8, Reading Specialist, Cooperative Education, Health & Physical Education, and all Special Education areas

10 SPRING UPDATES Add-On Information Go to In the upper left corner, under “PDE Search” Type in “add-on” and select “Go” The link to the web page will appear in the “PDE Search Results” section in the center of the page Other links are available to access this page, however this process is the fastest

11 SPRING UPDATES Certification Tests As of April 2, 2012, the tests that are now required for the new certificates are as follows: – Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (Administered by Pearson) PAPA (Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment) Pre K-4 Special Education Pre K-8 Special Education 7-12

12 SPRING UPDATES Certification Tests – Grades 4-8 (Administered by ETS) Generalist Content Concentration Specialist Test – Educational Leadership (Administered by ETS) School Leaders Licensure Assessment School Superintendent Assessment

13 SPRING UPDATES Testing Update The Educational Specialist credentials require the completion of the PAPA: Reading, Writing, Mathematics ( Appropriate content area test (refer to Testing Requirements on PDE’s website) Testing Requirements

14 SPRING UPDATES Certification Requirement The Educational Specialist–PAPA required: Unless the candidate holds: Another Pennsylvania certificate; OR A baccalaureate degree; AND A current and valid Pennsylvania license as a counselor, dental hygienist, psychologist, registered nurse or social worker

15 SPRING UPDATES Retain Use of Praxis Tests for Highly Qualified Purposes For educators to demonstrate content mastery in: – Grades K-6 and Pre K-3, PDE will retain use of Praxis 0511 and the previous Pre K-3 content tests – Grades 7-9, PDE will retain use of the 7- 9 Praxis tests

16 SPRING UPDATES Retain Use of Praxis Tests for Highly Qualified Purposes After August 2013, these Praxis tests will be applicable only for educators to become highly qualified K-6, Pre K-3 or any of the 7-9 middle level content areas cannot be added on to an existing certificate

17 SPRING UPDATES Endorsements Program Endorsement Certificate – Documents knowledge in new and emerging areas where formal certification does not exist – Maximum of 12 credits – Added to existing Level I or Level II Certificates – Not required to perform service in these areas Endorsements created in 2010 – Autism Spectrum Disorders – Instructional Coach In process of developing the guidelines for: – Mathematics Coach – Cyber and International Student Teaching


19 SPRING UPDATES CSPG #7 Level II Updates Clarification of required six credits – Initiate the practice of looking for credits associated with the area(s) of certification and/or designed to improve professional practice – Administrative, Guidance or Counseling coursework would not qualify, for example – Would include Standards Aligned System (SAS) and Inclusion

20 SPRING UPDATES CSPG #7 Level II Updates (Cont.) Service time calculation for part-time – Effective 2/1/2013, ½ year of service will be charged after 70 days of teaching (change from 45 days) – PDE will accept only 45 days to count for ½ year of service for applicants already in the process of applying for Level II for the remainder of the 2012-13 academic year

21 SPRING UPDATES CSPG #7 Level II Updates (Cont.) Rationale: service-time calculation for part-time – Determination of six years will be more accurately assessed and tracked – Addresses induction problems – May extend the time an educator spends on Level I certificate, but has no adverse impact

22 SPRING UPDATES CSPG #7 Level II Updates (Cont.) Service Time Clarifications Satisfactory and unsatisfactory service is counted toward the six years of service Non-optional service – Added Scotland School and Scranton State School for the Deaf to non-optional service time Calculation of Instructional I and Ed Specialist I based on semesters

23 SPRING UPDATES CSPG #7 *Updates (Cont.) Additional Clarifications Induction program is required for Ed Specialists Alien Provisional terminology ended, non-U.S. Citizen created

24 SPRING UPDATES CSPG #18 Revisions Expanded National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) Interstate Agreement to include: – Education Specialists – Administrators

25 SPRING UPDATES CSPG #18 Certification Changes Added the statutory language for out-of-state Instructional candidates who have: – Active valid certificate from another state – Two years of satisfactory experience


27 SPRING UPDATES Checking Certification and Application Status Use the Act 48 tools to look up a professional personal ID (PPID)

28 SPRING UPDATES Monitoring the Application Status Pending Documentation – the cover sheet and proof items have not been received or scanned into TIMS Pending Payment – waiting for the cover sheet and money order Waiting for Educ or Work Exp Verification – waiting for the school employer to verify work experience or preparation program to verify program Completed verification only ONE time, either electronically (if school provisioned in TIMS) or via forms (if not provisioned in TIMS) 338A-Out-of-State Program Verification 338V-Verification of Work Experience for non-provisioned entities 338C-In-State Program Verification - should be done electronically 338P-Level II Experience Verification Awaiting Evaluation– payment and documents are received and scanned Review In Progress – application is under review! **Auto emails come from (no reply)

29 SPRING UPDATES PDE has identified specific time periods to focus on high volume applications to address critical application backlogs  More efficient in the new Teacher Information Management System (TIMS)  Does not affect the submission of applications by candidates  Applications may be submitted at any time  Applications will be processed on a first in, first out basis according to type of application and identified periods  Posted on the web under Teachers, Administrators and Certifications >> Application Processing Status and Application Review Focus PeriodsTeachers, Administrators and Certifications >> Application Processing Status and Application Review Focus Periods Focus Periods For Application Review

30 SPRING UPDATES Focus of Application Review Periods FromToFocus of Application Review JanuaryMay Level II applications o Instructional and Educational Specialist II applications Letter of Equivalency for Master’s or Bachelor’s (MEQ/BEQ) Emergency Permits MayJuly Instructional, Educational Specialist I and Intern Level I applications:  In-state recommended candidates  Candidates without in-state recommendation JulyAugustEmergency Permits OctoberDecember Level II applications o Instructional and Educational Specialist II applications Letter of Equivalency for Master’s or Bachelor’s (MEQ/BEQ) DecemberJanuary Level I applications: o Instructional, Educational Specialist I and Intern applications  In-state prepared candidates  Out-of-state prepared candidates

31 SPRING UPDATES Emergency permit applications may be submitted now for the 2013-14 school year The dashboard will change to the new year in July – Permits do not show on the dashboard when the permit year is different from the dashboard year – Permits from other years (past and future) may be viewed using the Permit Search feature Subsidy billing was emailed in May for the 2011-12 year Permit Updates

32 SPRING UPDATES Who must submit a permit request through TIMS every year? – Good moral character (GMC) applicants – Non-U.S. Citizens (Note: applicants must correct citizenship – especially if “Unknown/Other”) Send copies for 06 Day-to-Day substitute audit documentation Do NOT send money orders for 06 audits Permit Reminders

33 SPRING UPDATES Survey of Prep Program Completed by Pennsylvania preparation program candidates applying for certification in TIMS

34 SPRING UPDATES Questions? For more information on Certification please visit PDE’s website at The mission of the department is to academically prepare children and adults to succeed as productive citizens. The department seeks to ensure that the technical support, resources and opportunities are in place for all students, whether children or adults, to receive a high quality education.


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