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MLA Formatting your paper. Your paper should look like:

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1 MLA Formatting your paper

2 Your paper should look like:

3 MLA in Microsoft Word  Page Layout / Page Setup  1” margins all the way around  Double click on Header (top 1” of page) or Insert Header (or select View > Header)  Last name  Menu > Page Number > Current position > Plain number  Align right  No extra spaces between lines  In Word 2007/10 – Paragraph > Spacing > After > 0 pt  On Works Cited, hanging indents on second and subsequent lines of an entry  Select the Works Cited page  Paragraph > Special > Hanging

4 Tables and Figures  In MLA (and APA), when you have a picture, table, graph, or anything that’s not text in a graf, you have to label it with a caption and refer to it in your text by that caption. For example, in figure 1, you can see the characters of South Park.  Graphs, pictures, photos, images, cartoons, logos are always “figures”  Tables are always “tables” Figure 1. South Park

5 Tables and Figures  The “caption” function in Word is a piece of junk so never use it unless you are editing a professional publication and plan on using auto table of contents features  The “best” way to do it is to Insert a text box, then insert your table or figure into the text box. You can then add the caption under the image, then move the textbox around the page and the caption will remain with the image.

6 Works Cited Bogost, Ian. Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Videogames. Boston: MIT, 2008. Print. Rivero, Marcus. Mercenaries 2 commercial oh no you didn't. YouTube. 27 August 2008. Web. 6 January 2014.

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