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PR 3310 Principles of Public Relations Tuesday, 6/23/09.

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1 PR 3310 Principles of Public Relations Tuesday, 6/23/09

2 Class Objectives Optional: Hand in re-do of Paper 1 Guest Presenter: Dr. Coy Callison Presentation: S. Baroody and J. Jones Lecture Ch. 17, Corporate PR Homework assignments Presentations on Wednesday: H. Walsh and L. Baroody Read chapter 17 in book Ex. 5 due Thursday (6/25) at 12:05 pm

3 4 things to consider when making a corporate pr decision/csr (corporate social responsibility) What are the political ramifications? How do gov’t regulations affect our actions? Can we avoid the creation of new laws? What are our social responsibilities to society? What economic benefits (in terms of profit) will we make? What do we need to consider regarding our technologies? Do we have the engineering/technical know how to perform?

4 Corporate PR Corporate Public Relations Employee Relations Investor Relations Media Relations Customer Relations Future Customers or General Public

5 Corporate PR and the General Public Public’s perception is that larger corporations.. … are less connected to the public and to the local community … have outrageously high salaried employees Think about severance packages in the news

6 Corporate PR and Customer Relations Customer service is the front line of PR Is like a barometer of public opinion Customer satisfaction is most important because of word-of-mouth ability to spread the news On average, a person shares their bad experience with 17 other people /11 if good The Internet has increased this considerably! Consumer boycotts and consumer activism

7 How to react to activists (e.g. PETA) Work with the Reasonable Groups as opposed to the extremists Be Open Act Don’t Get Emotional Yield to Threats Expect Immediate Results

8 Corporate PR and Media Relations Gatekeepers (editors, producers) can, and will, reject public relations efforts if they are not Well written Honest, truthful and not blatantly selling a product (this is why use of objective terminology is important) Approachable and open to being interviewed

9 Switching sides: corporate criticism of media That they report inaccurate information, that is incomplete, or biased Sensationalism in some types of reporting (celebrities) That they provoke actions (celebrities) Media Response is slow

10 Corporate PR and Employee Relations Concerns of employees related to their work environment Does it follow the law? In terms of sexual harassment, physical safety (related to what you do and what others do- e.g. smoking), discrimination

11 Corporate PR and Employee Relations Concerns of employees related to their job Layoffs and outsourcing of jobs Changing of jobs responsibilities Industry changes Related to their benefits What does my insurance cover? Who does it cover? What are the costs? Related to the services that the corporation may provide Childcare Legal advising

12 Corporate PR and Employee Relations What will PR do in this type of job? Dealing with unions Spokesperson, organize meetings, etc. If international, may provide intranet or newsletter services

13 Corporate PR and Employee Relations What to do with employees Treat your as best you can (although this is a moving target) Turnover is very expensive Create a safe workplace If there is a layoff Inform employees first (don’t let the read about it in a newspaper) Meet with them one on one Cushion layoff so that it’s not a dramatic “you’re fired, get your belongings now and we’ll escort you out”  Is there a possibility of severence pay? Can the layoff be stepped down?

14 Fortune 100’s Best Practices Flextime Can a job become a work-at-home? Especially helpful if your job deals with international customers/employees/etc. Compressed Work Weeks 4 days a week with 10 hour days Actually benefits many companies because they can “turn off” the building for 3 days Job Sharing Can 2 part-timers do the job of 1 (save on not paying them benefits)

15 Fortune 100’s Best Practices Elder AND Child Care Sandwich generation has both children that they are taking care of AND their parents Employee Assistance Programs Can be both proactive and reactive To help with substance abuse, emotional distress, health care concerns, issues with aging parents

16 Corporate PR and Investor Relations Stakeholders are anyone who has some type of interest in your company Investors have time or $$ invested in your company Stockholders Now, U.S. citizens

17 Corporate Social Responsibility Adopt Ethical Principles Transparency / Disclosure Trust Ward Off Government Regulation Employee Morale

18 Corporate PR and Marketing Product promotion and publicity Working with marketing communications Cause-related marketing or collaboration with a Non- Profit Advance Cause = Increased Sales Dannon – National Wildlife Federation American Ex – Statue of Liberty Bristol-Myers – Cancer Research Corporate sponsorship of events Enhanced Image Give Product Brands High Visibility Focal Point for Marketing Media Coverage / Publicity

19 Corporate Philanthropy Help People Not for Publicity Not always just for good Huge tax write-offs 2002 - $12 Billion Cash – Food – Clothing Loan of Employees Matching Funds

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