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Science Curriculum Support Specialist

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1 Science Curriculum Support Specialist
FORCE & MOTION Mary Tweedy Science Curriculum Support Specialist

2 Topic 7: Forces and Changes in Motion Benchmarks
SC.5.P.13.1 Identify familiar forces that cause objects to move, such as pushes or pulls, including gravity acting on falling objects. SC.5.P.13.2 Investigate and describe that the greater the force applied to it, the greater the change in motion of a given object. SC.5.P.13.3 Investigate and describe that the more mass an object has, the less effect a given force will have on the object's motion. SC.5.P.13.4 Investigate and explain that when a force is applied to an object but it does not move, it is because another opposing force is being applied by something in the environment so that the forces are balanced. SC.5.N.2.1 Recognize and explain that science is grounded in empirical observations that are testable; explanation must always be linked with evidence. LACC.5.SL.1.1 Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grade 5 topics and texts, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly.

3 What is MOTION? Always a change in the position of an object.
Sometimes it may involve a change in direction, too. Engage: Demonstrate with the hyperlink video: change in direction,. Discuss the motion in the clip art. Demo motion with objects and students. Department of Mathematics and Science

4 What changes motion? Motion of an object changes when a force acts upon the object. An object remains in motion, or at rest, unless a force acts on it. Explore/explain Object in motion

5 Forces Are All Around Us
What are forces? A push or a pull What happens when you hold up a book and drop it? Why did this happen? What happens when you drop two books with different masses? Will they land at the same time or different times? Does this work every time with any two objects? What happens if you drop a book and a piece of paper at the same time? Let’s visit Galileo found any two objects will land at the same time. Earth’s gravity will pull harder on the object with the greater mass and the one with the smaller mass will have less force of gravity acting on it. What force can affect the pull of gravity? Air resistance or friction How does the force of friction impact an object’s motion? Friction slows down or stops moving objects. explain, extend, evaluate Define force in your journal. Write to explain why the book fell when it was dropped? Do all things fall when dropped?

6 What are forces? Gravity Friction Air Resistance A push or a pull
Explore and explain Discuss clip art. Click on hyperlink Friction.

7 Forces In Action Grade 5 Quarter 1 Essential Lab # 3
Explore: Go to the folder Forces in Action Essential Lab # 3 for Forces in Action / Parachute lab power point and resources

8 Balanced Forces Versus Unbalanced Forces
Explore and explain About Force

9 What conditions can affect force and motion?
Amount of mass Type of force applied Type of surface texture Surface area Moon Earth Explain

10 FCAT Review 1. Jordan makes the following list of choices for the science fair. Which choice would be scientifically testable? What do 5th graders think of playing tug of war? Which type of stone is the best looking in my rock collection? Does a ball roll farther on grassy PE field or on a asphalt basketball court? Is Mrs. Jones a nicer teacher than Mr. Mathews? Evaluate

11 FCAT Review 2. Ricardo is conducting an experiment to see how far a rubber ball will roll when he releases it at the top of an inclined plane. Why does the ball speed up as it travels down the inclined plane? The force of gravity pulls the ball down the inclined plane. The force of friction is reduced because the ball is rubber. The ball has less magnetic attraction to the plane as it travels. The ball has a greater mass as it travels faster. Evaluate

12 FCAT Review 3. Charlene kicked the winning goal in her last soccer game. What force acted between Charlene's foot and the ball to cause the ball to move? Gravity Magnetism Pull push Evaluate

13 FCAT Review 4. Tiffany is helping her parents to unpack some boxes. She lifts a full box with a mass of 15 kilograms. She empties out about half of the items from the box and lifts it again. Which is true regarding the force she applies after unloading the box? She has to apply a different type of force after changing the mass. She has to apply more force to lift the box because the mass is greater. She has to apply less force to lift the box because the mass has decreased. She has to apply the same amount of force to the box to overcome gravity. Evaluate

14 FCAT Review 5. Maria roller skates to the top of a hill and then starts rolling downward. What are the MAIN forces affecting Maria’s motion as she rolls down the hill? gravity and magnetism speed and friction friction and gravity push and pull Evaluate

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