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1 Go to
You can use the SLG link from the website ( Add this page to your favourites and call it SIMS Learning Gateway

2 Login using the username and password you have been sent

3 If you are asked to change you password, you must do so and then sign in again.
Enter your old password again, in the first box The passwords will not show on this screen – the boxes will show dots instead Choose a new password and type it in the second box type your new password again into the third box Then click on Change Password

4 Click on the school name

5 You will then reach the Homepage: click on “My Children Dashboard”

6 The dashboard shows you recent additions and changes to your child’s record.

7 To see more information go to “My Children Links” at the bottom of the page.
Click on “Student Record” to see more details about your child; Click on “Published Reports” for copies of school reports.

8 There may be very little information here for you – don’t worry
There may be very little information here for you – don’t worry! It will build up over the weeks.

9 Click on the Door in the right hand corner to exit
Don’t forget your username and password. If you need to write them down, keep them private and keep them safe.

10 Check SIMS Learning Gateway every few weeks. You may have
New achievements to celebrate New behaviour incidents to discuss with your child A copy of a report to read Contact the school if you think anything is wrong or missing. You can

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