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Unit 4 Wild animals Comic strip Welcome to the unit &Vocabulary Class: Class 3,Grade 8 Teacher: Feng Ye.

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2 Unit 4 Wild animals Comic strip Welcome to the unit &Vocabulary Class: Class 3,Grade 8 Teacher: Feng Ye

3 Questions: What’s it? What does it like to eat?

4 Let’s guess some riddles! 1. Which animal is the king in the forest? Tiger.

5 Let’s guess some riddles! 2. Which animal is the cleverest in the sea? Dolphin.

6 Let’s guess some riddles! 3. Which animal lives in Australia and carries a pocket? Kangaroo.

7 Let’s guess some riddles! 4. Which animal is large, strong and heavy with thick fur ? Bear.

8 Let’s guess some riddles! 5. Which animal is small and lovely, but has a very big tail? Squirrel.

9 Let’s guess some riddles! 6. Which animal looks very lovely and lives only in China? Giant panda.

10 beardolphingiant panda kangaroosquirreltiger I Partner Make a survey I like dolphin best because it’s very clever. I like bear least because it is clumsy( 笨拙的 ). Useful words: beautiful, pretty, lovely, clever, smart, friendly, strong, dangerous…

11 A: Which animal do you like best? B: I like…best. A: Why ? B: Because …. A: Which animal do you like least? B: I like…least. A: Why? B: Because …. Discussion: Report: My partner ___ likes … best because …. He/She likes … least because ….

12 Do you want to know more about wild animals?

13 What are their names?

14 zebra lion giraffe wolf polar bear fox camel tortoise monkey

15 What are their names?

16 Choose the correct food for each animal. 1. camel _______________________ 2. fox _______________________ 3. giraffe _______________________ 4. monkey _______________________ 5. panda _______________________ 6. polar bear _______________________ bamboo shoots and leaves, fish, fruit, grass, insects, smaller animals, tree leaves, vegetables grass, tree leaves smaller animals, insects tree leaves fruit, vegetables bamboo shoots and leaves fish

17 Say something about these wild animals: A … lives in …. It is …. It likes to eat… … Talk about its living area, appearance( 长 相 ), personality( 性格 ), food and so on.

18 What will you feel if more and more wild animals disappear( 消失 )? What should we do? Discussion : Some wild animals are in danger now.

19 Animals are our friends. We should try our best to protect them.

20 1. What does Hobo want to do ? 2. Is Eddie wiling to share his food with Hobo? He wants to eat Eddie’s food. No, he isn’t. Listen and answer

21 Read again and underline the sentences beginning with ‘if’. If you eat my food, I won’t talk to you. If I don’t have food, I will die. If I die, no one will look after you. 以上是复合句。 ” If ” 引导的部分为条件状语从句。当主句 为一般将来时的时候,从句常用一般现在时 。 如:如果她明天有空,就和你一起去。 she __________with you if she _____ free tomorrow. iswill go

22 Role-play Work in pairs and act the comic strip out.

23 Exercises: 一、试将下面的谚语和正确的中文意思搭配起来。 A. 虎毒不食子。 B. 人言可畏。 C. 浑水好摸鱼。 D. 老虎不在家,猴子称大王。 E. 明枪易躲,暗箭难防 ( ) 1. When the cat’s away, the mice will play. ( ) 2. Give a dog a bad name and hang him. ( ) 3. There is a snake in the grass. ( ) 4.The tiger does not eat its young. ( ) 5. It is good fishing in troubled waters. D B E A C

24 Exercises: 二、用所给动词的适当形式填空。 1. Eddie, your food _______(look) very delicious. Can I have some? 2. If it ____________(not rain) tomorrow, we _________(go) ________(camp). 3. If a polar bear _____(feel) hungry, it ________(catch) fish from the water. 4. I _________(not talk) to you if you tell my mother about it. looks doesn’t rain will gocamping feels will catch won’t talk

25 Exercises: 三、补全对话。 Lucy: Oh, w_____ is it? Lily: It is a Koala (考拉). It’s my favourite animal. Lucy: You mean you like Koala b______. But w______? Lily: Because they are lovely. Don’t you think they look like toy b______? Lucy: Yes. Well, what animal do you like l_______? Lily: Dogs, I think. Lucy: Why? Lily: Just because I am very a______ of dogs. Ahah! hat esthy ear east fraid

26 Homework: 1.Read more books to know more about wild animals. 2.Remember names and special food for different kinds of animals. 3.Finish off the exercises in the workbook.

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