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Oh my Roman/greek gods Omr/gg

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1 Oh my Roman/greek gods Omr/gg
Sai C, Patrick D, Jake M, Alexis H, Dasha H, Hannah J,

2 The Makers of Greek and Roman Mythology
Ovid –Ovid was a prolific Roman poet whose writing influenced Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dante, and Milton. Because to understand the corpus of Greco-Roman mythology requires familiarity with Ovid's Metamorphoses since it has shown significance.. Homer – Homer is the man who wrote the two great epics of Greek history: the Iliad and the Odyssey . Both books are considered landmarks in human literature. The details of Homer's life are a mystery Hesiod – One of the earliest Greek poets, he is often called the father of Greek didactic poetry. A native of Boeotia, in central Greece, he has been a professional reciter of poetry Pindar – generally regarded as the greatest Greek lyric poet.  Of his complete works 45 odes survive, there are 14 Olympian odes, 12 Pythian odes, 11 Nemean odes, and 8 Isthmian odes.

3 The Makers of Greek and Roman Mythology
Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides: 3 tragic poets who are known as our most important source of knowledge of the myths. Aristophanes: The great writer of comedy and the only representative of Old Comedy whose work we have in complete form. Plato: A classical Greek philosopher, student of Socrates, and founder of the Academy in Athens. Virgil: A Roman writer who didn’t believe in myths but found human nature in them and brought mythological personages to life as no one had done since the Greek tragedians.

4 Helpful Hints. The most helpful resource to comprehend Greek mythology would be the original story tellers themselves. An example of a story teller is Homer who told the story of the Odyssey.

5 Who are the twelve gods? Zeus (Jupiter) - The chief god, lord of the sky Hera (Juno) – Zeus’ wife and sister, protector of marriage Poseidon (Neptune) – Zeus’ brother, ruler of the sea, gave the first horse to man Hades (Pluto) – Zeus’ brother, ruler of the underworld and of the dead, god of wealth Athena (Minerva) – daughter of Zeus, protector of civilized life, handicrafts, agriculture, inventor of bridle and she also tamed horses for people to use

6 The Twelve Gods - Continued!
Phoebus Apollo (Apollo) – Son of Zeus and Leto, musician, archer, healer, god of light Artemis (Diana) – Apollo’s twin sister, goddess of the wild things, goddess of the moon Aphrodite (Venus) – goddess of love and beauty , daughter of Zeus and Diane Hermes (Mercury) – son of Zeus and Maia, looked similar to a human and was the messenger god and master thief

7 Twelve Gods – Continued!
Ares (Mars) – god of war, son of Zeus and Hera, They both detested him Hephaestus (Vulcan) – god of fire, son of Zeus and Hera, he was ugly and lame, but he becomes smith in volcano, married to Aphrodite Hestia (Vesta) – Zeus’ sister , virgin goddess , goddess of the hearth and a symbol of home, fires in each city for her that can never be let out

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