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May 08 | Confidential COPAN and Oracle June 6 th 2008 UNYOUG Jay Gagne Global Solution Architect.

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1 May 08 | Confidential COPAN and Oracle June 6 th 2008 UNYOUG Jay Gagne Global Solution Architect

2 2 The COPAN Mission Driving improvement in… Access to digital assets Storage reliability for persistent data Asset utilization across entire storage infrastructure Overall Product Reliability Significant reduction in… Acquisition expense Operating expense Management expense Redefining Storage Economics Redefining Data Storage greater than 6x improvement Up to 72% savings May 08 | Confidential

3 3 Technology Partners Industry-Leading Partnerships Distribution Partners Industry Alliances May 08 | Confidential

4 4 Different Data–Different Needs Probability of Re-Use Too Costly To Scale Poor Access PersistentTransactional Vaulted Average Days Since Creation Recovery Time Required 0 Days Milliseconds 30 Days Seconds 90 Days Minutes 1+ Year Hours Forever Days Probability of Re-Use Amount of Data 1.0 Probability of Re-Use Average Days Since Creation Recovery Time Required 0 Days Milliseconds 30 Days Seconds 90 Days1+ Year Forever Days 1.0 Affordable Storage Platform Direct Access Fast Retrieval Random Search Persistent (business vital) Transactional (business critical) Vaulted Probability of Re-Use Amount of Data CREATING INCREMENTAL VALUE Highly dynamic High IOPs Short shelf life Mostly structured data ImmutableData Accumulation Bandwidth Centric Data Integrity Long term retentionReference Content Mostly unstructured data Data Characteristics Vs

5 May 08 | Confidential 5 Right Data! – Wrong Storage! More than 70% of data being stored does not fit into either the transaction/business critical or vaulted to tape categories, but instead falls into the persistent data category. Data centers keep most persistent data on transactional storage "I think 85+% of the data sitting on a "production" array is non- transactional, or post-transactional. Even worse, at least half the data is a replicate of non-transactional data. Arun Taneja Taneja Group Steve Duplessie Enterprise Strategy Group

6 May 08 | Confidential 6 Quick Data Recovery Lower Cost per GB Lower Operating Expense Scalability Footprint Power and Cooling Efficiency Ease of Management Purpose-built for Persistent Data Storage Redefining Data Storage Traditional DiskTape Library COPAN provides a combination of the best attributes of disk and tape

7 May 08 | Confidential 7 6x higher capacity in a single footprint Versus Disk 6x better drive reliability 32x better data protection than standard RAID Unmatched reliability and self healing At least 85% better power and cooling Unmatched product life of 7+ years Assured drive health and data integrity Versus Tape Unique Advantages 55% reduction in backup times 20x faster data access 40% increase in recoverability from backup jobs No data loss due to media degradation At least 42% better power and cooling Unmated product life of 7+ years Assured data integrity

8 May 08 | Confidential 8 Redefining Data Storage Purpose built for persistent data The benefits of disk and tape combined Combining Density & Scalability like no other Persistent data lives in every tier Performance Availability Data Protection Reliability Scalability Footprint Affordability Repurposed Transactional Storage

9 May 08 | Confidential 9 COPAN Systems vs. typical disk-based solutions COPAN Systems Advantage CAPEX (raw capacity) $3 to $5 per GB $6 to $12 per GB $15 to $17 per GB Lowest Cost Solution 132 110 64 FansProcessors Cables Power Converters 132 110 16 Fewer Components / Higher Reliability $9K annually $50K annually OPEX Small Footprint utilizes less data center floor space 1 7 896 TB 6 times more reliable than traditional SATA storage solutions Save 44% in CAPEX Save up to 85% in OPEX Holds 100x more data than traditional storage*

10 May 08 | Confidential 10 Industry Leading Scalability and Flexibility 28 TB 448 TB 896 TB (Raw) 8 PB+ (Dedup) Modular Scalability Upgrade in 250/500/750GB/1 TB drive increments Enterprise Functions Backup Replication Archive Data Protection Recovery ILM Technology Independence SAS Serial ATA Dedup Catalogue Index Encryption

11 May 08 | Confidential 11 What is Enhanced MAID? COPANs IP - The Unfair Advantage Patented mounting scheme to eliminate rotational vibration within a storage shelf Patented canister technology enables efficient and quick servicing of 14 disk drives Industry-leading packing density 896 SATA drives in single footprint 896 TB with 1 TB drives patent # 7,145,770 COPANs Canister Technology

12 May 08 | Confidential 12 What is Enhanced MAID? COPANs IP - The Unfair Advantage Maximum of 25% of drives powered on Adds RAID protection Increases drive life by more than 6x Contributes to 3.8M hour disk drive MTBF Assures drive health and data integrity Predictive drive maintenance Avoids lengthy RAID rebuilds with proactive replacement Disk scrubbing for continuous data integrity COPAN platform provides investment protection for 7+ years Disk Drive Integrity Checks * - Reliability section – 50,000 Contact start-stop POWER MANAGED RAID ® Software patent #7,035,972 DISK AEROBICS ® Software patent # 7,152,142 *Standard SATA drives are designed to be powered on and off 50,000 times over the life of the drive

13 13 300T/TX 300A 300M VTL Archiver Native MAID One Platform … purpose built for persistent data Three Products … unlimited personalities From Technology to Business Solutions

14 Virtual Tape Library (VTL) and Oracle Full support for Oracle Secure Backup Transparent integration with current backup infrastructure Support for data de-duplication Encrypts data before it leaves the database Fastest Oracle Database backups to tape or Virtual Tape Single point of control with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cost effective alternative to using traditional backup applications Certified support for all other major backup applications with Oracle. January 08 | Confidential 14

15 Virtual Tape Library (VTL) and Oracle RMAN Opportunities exist to improve data protection (logical data error detection, reduced RPO, reduced RTO) and reduce backup array based replicas. RMAN based backups incorporate logical data error detection; Enabling daily incrementals (vs. weekly full) will improve RTO / RPO (even for large DBs) In cases where On-Host, HOT backups replace array based backups (BCVs, SRDF copies) – raw storage per DBMS can be reduced. Recommendations: Change backup policies in most cases from weekly / daily full to daily incremental and weekly or monthly full. In most cases modify backup method from off- host / mirror data copy (i.e., BCV, SRDF) to on- host / primary copy. January 08 | Confidential 15

16 May 08 | Confidential COPAN Oracle Historical Online Archive

17 Client Challenge Do nothing approach: Keeping persistent data on enterprise class transactional storage is expensive. Growing databases become less efficient to manage. Backups become unmanageable as total data grows. Legacy queries continue to scan irrelevant data. Vast data migration every 3.5 years. Dumping to tape/removable media: Intensive process. Tape and management costs are non-trivial. Usually need to be stored offsite. SLA for restore is very poor. Data integrity is low. Migrate to low-cost modular: No saving in DC resources. Medium cost TCO. Migration every 3.5 years.

18 Aims of COPAN Archive to MAID for Oracle Provide a stable archive platform for Oracle data. Use native Oracle with no 3 rd party tools. Online queries (read-only) on COPAN storage. Standard management techniques. Broad OS support. As transparent as possible to day-to-day operations. Defined best practices for Oracle on MAID.

19 Why use MAID to archive Oracle? Costs of T1 storage and growth patterns are prohibitive. Data-centre resources are finite. Low-cost storage is not low-enough and demands same resources from the datacentre. Product life forces migrations every 3-5 years. Using tape dumps results in data loss and poor service levels. 3 rd party products add cost, dependencies, new skills and are rarely transparent.

20 Solution Overview Use Oracle Partition on a date field (and/or other data), to segment data by age. Transport aged tablespaces to secondary DB instance on a periodic basis. Query the data via DBLink or directly from the secondary database. Arrange data on native MAID in date buckets.

21 Partitioning Tables - Overview May 08 | Confidential 21 TABLESPACE Table SALES InvoiceDateStatusCustomer Partition Q106

22 Mapping Partitions to Disk Groups May 08 | Confidential 22 TABLESPACE Partition Q106 Disk Group

23 bcedfghiqrstvuwvuw kjalmnpo Physical Logical abcedfghikjalmnpoqrstvuwyxz Disk Group Mapping COPAN to ASM Disk Groups

24 Managing MAID Minimise IO at all times. Prevent disk Spin-up where possible. Achieved through the Always-On-Region (AOR) May08 | Confidential 24 PV Data LUN AOR LUN PV RAID-5 3-way mirror

25 Order Number Cust_idDateValue 1728712363272721 st Jan 06$34.21 8792329722u2u21 st Mar 06$67.33 12391273I3U3U3U1 st Jun 06$121.87 12y71287218278121 st Sepr 06 $98.56 Partition Key Q106 TableSpaceQ206 TableSpaceQ306 TableSpace

26 May 08 | Confidential 26 17 Oracle Historical Online Archive to MAID vs. Modular Storage or Tape COPAN MAID Cost Power Cooling Density Life Expectancy Random Access Modular Queryable COPAN MAID Cost Power Cooling Density Life Expectancy Random Access Tape Queryable

27 May 08 | Confidential 27 17 Oracle Historical Online Archive to MAID vs. 3 rd Party Software Oracle/COPAN Cost Skills Version Control Transparency 3 rd Party

28 Oracle Overview May 08 | Confidential 28

29 Migration Process Primary (LMTS) Create Oracle directory which references \from-dir. Create empty table. Exchange migration partition with empty table. Prepare and transport tablespace, and metadata. Copy file using Oracle File Transfer. Remove aged tablespace. Online Archive (DMTS) Create Oracle directory referencing /to_dir Add partition to table. Import metadata from LMTS. Exchange imported table with partition. Verify new partition. Drop imported partition. Clean up /to-dir

30 Benefits All data is managed by Oracle. No 3 rd party software costs, or skills curve. T1 storage growth potentially halted. Reduced load on primary DB server. Uses existing partition license. De-risked system changes through lower data volumes. Clear separation of archive data from production data. Easily queryable directly or via DBLink view.

31 May 08 | Confidential 31 Summary Redefining data storage Purpose-built platform for persistent data More data, centrally located and managed, and with rapid access Industry defining product reliability and product life Proactive system and data health checks Redefining storage economics Disk at the price of tape without the headache of tape COPAN Enhanced MAID plus data de-duplication drives a dramatically lower price point Up to 85% power and cooling savings 85% reduction in data center floor space COPAN and Oracle Solutions supporting OSB and RMAN for Backup and Recovery COPAN MAID Historical Active Archive for cost effective Online access to historical data. Stop by and see us during a break for more information.

32 May 08 | Confidential 1900 Pike Road Longmont, CO 80501 USA +1 303 532 0200 1-877-COPAN99 Thank You! Corporate Office US Sales Offices Boston Chicago Dallas New York Washington DC International HQ London 3000 Hillswood Drive Chertsey Surrey, KT16 0RS Tele No. +44 1932 796480 Intl. Sales Offices Cologne London Paris Singapore Tokyo Beijing

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