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Nordic Electric Avenue – seamless green travel Oslo 2012.10.17 Mikael Kilter, Move About.

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1 Nordic Electric Avenue – seamless green travel Oslo 2012.10.17 Mikael Kilter, Move About

2 Nordic Electric Avenue

3 Participants Project owner Öresundskraft, Helsingborg,Sweden (energy company) + 10 communities in the region Skåne Nordväst Participants Move About, Denmark (EV - car sharing operator) Move About, Sweden (EV - car sharing operator) Move About, Norway(EV - car sharing operator) Think, Norway (electric vehicle design and technology) - Bancrupt Zero, Norway (environmental foundation) – Pulled out of NEA Gröna Bilister, (environmental car public relations) Associated partners DSB FIRST –Retreated from Sweden SJ and DSB – new discussions ongoing to create partnership Scandinavian Design Group (SDG), IT development Västtrafik (Public transport operator in greater Helsingborg area)

4 Seamless electric travel A Nordic Electric Avenue along the railway from Copenhagen to Oslo via Helsingborg and Gothenburg. Complemented by fast-chargers every 50-100 km along the highway. -> Fast charger to be inaugurated in Helsingborg before Christmas. Carpool fleets in the four cities: Smooth and environmental friendly end station solutions for railway travelers. Smart and environmental friendly car usage for local citizens or private companies.

5 Climate change Introducing more electric vehicles is an important reaction to climate change problems. Current obstacles: Few available EV's Good EV availability as of 2012 High cost of vehicles Range anxiety Low public awareness Current car pools operate in a local context

6 Goals Combine sustainable public and personal transport with full flexibility and independence. Create a wide base for evaluation on how to create a Nordic solutions for implementation and operation of electric carpools. Gain valuable information on fast charging implementation and battery wear. Gain useful knowledge on user behaviour. Increase awareness of and interest in electric cars and electric car pools. Increase awareness of different modes for driving/owning cars.

7 Objectives Set up new/expand electric car pool fleets in Copenhagen, Helsingborg, Gothenburg and Oslo. Create common Nordic IT solutions for enabling roaming between car pools across borders and facilitate information dissemination about electric vehicles in the Nordic region. Enable seamless travel between transport modes and countries, both short and long distance (train + Evs). Implement prototype technologies for fast battery charging in two Evs (in the carpools in Oslo and Copenhagen). Increase the awareness of and interest in electric cars and electric car pools and promote Nordic cooperation in the field. Implement the new carpool in Helsingborg and the municipalities in Skåne Nordväst (charging stations, information campaigns etc).

8 Knowledge transfer in 3 countries Shared knowledge on: Fast charging technologies Real life implementation of car pools and charging Battery wear User behaviour

9 … and some spin offs Spreading the use of electric cars in the selected cities/regions to new user groups. Strengthening the green profile of regions/countries. Promoting railway travel as such. Promoting green travel to destinations beyond railway reach. Helping overcome costs for driving EVs. Overcoming range anxiety by combining two transport modes and testing new fast charging technology. Introducing new attitudes to car ownership – renting instead of buying.

10 Nordic Electric Avenue

11 Driver ServiceVehicle ServiceCustomer Service EV Mobility on Demand Platform Electric Vehicle Financing and advice Charging Infrastructure Advice / Consulting Range guarantee Mobility guarantee Efficient use of vehicle fleet Lower transport/parking costs Clean transport for users

12 1. Book a car online Logs onto to order a car. Indicate when and where you want to pick up the car, and how far you are planning to drive. Move About ensures that you always have enough battery capacity for the Move About has focused on creating a system that is easy to use: 2. Go to the car Before the trip starts, Move About will send you an SMS with the license plate number or name of the reserved car. That car – and only that car – can then be unlocked with your personal key card or by sending your PIN number by SMS. 3. Drive! Unplug, get in, buckle up and turn the key. It’s already in the ignition! Many countries have incentives for electric cars – take advantage of them. Make sure to return the car at the agreed time, so that it’s ready for the next user.

13 Kort demonstration från SVT Rapport

14 Thank you! Contact information: Mikael Kilter, Managing Director Move About AB +46 70 566 13 24 More information: (cortporate info) (booking portal Sweden) Video Links: SVT Rapport about the Solar cart-port in Helsingborg SVT Rapport about the Norwegian operation (2010)

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