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Organo Gold is committed to the success of your businesses and as we continue to grow across the globe we are taking the utmost care to protect your opportunity.

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2 Organo Gold is committed to the success of your businesses and as we continue to grow across the globe we are taking the utmost care to protect your opportunity for generations to come. Organo Gold is regulated by agencies of the governments in the countries in which we operate. Unauthorized online content could have negative ramifications to the Company, your business and your fellow Organo Gold Independent Distributors. As such, OG monitors and enforces compliance by our Independent Distributors. We strongly encourage you to review and become familiar with the applicable OG Policies for Internet content and advertising. This material is a general overview with specific examples for your ease of reference. The complete guidelines are located in your Back Office. Introduction

3 www.Organo… Distributors need to distinguish themselves. Use of the trade name “Organo Gold,” any Company trademark, any derivative or confusingly similar variation (that may confuse someone into believing that they are dealing with the Company) as part of their domain name. is strictly prohibited. Distributors agree to transfer any domain names that violate this policy to Organo Gold.

4 Some great examples of compliant domain names include: If you are unsure about the compliance of your domain name, just ask! Send us an email at

5 HEALTH CLAIMS: The Company’s products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease and should never be offered as such. Do not suggest any diagnosis, prognosis, evaluation, treatment, description, management or remedy of illness, ailment or disease. Do not suggest any claims as to any therapeutic or curative properties of the Company’s products. Be Cautious with Claims: HEALTH

6 What is a Health Claim? Any perception or promise of helping the following health conditions: - Acute alcoholism - Acute anxiety state - Acute infectious respiratory syndromes - Acute psychotic conditions - Acute, inflammatory and debilitating arthritis - Addiction (except nicotine addiction) - Appendicitis - Arteriosclerosis - Asthma - Cancer - Congestive heart failure - Convulsions - Dementia - Depression - Diabetes - Gangrene - Glaucoma - Haematologic bleeding disorders - Hepatitis - Hypertension - Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy - Obesity - Rheumatic fever - Septicaemia - Sexually transmitted diseases - Strangulated hernia - Thrombotic and embolic disorders - Thyroid disease - Ulcer of the gastro-intestinal tract Source: Schedule A Health Claims - Food and Drugs Act from Canada.

7 WEALTH / OPPORTUNITY CLAIMS You have worked hard for your success. Be sure to stress that success in the Company’s marketing program will vary from Distributor to Distributor and will depend on personal efforts, including, but not limited to skill and time invested in developing the business. Be Cautious with Claims: WEALTH

8 Gourmet Hot Chocolate A unique blend of smooth rich chocolate taste and authentic Ganoderma warms your body during cold days. Highly requested, OG is proud to present a great tasting drink that everyone can enjoy. ORGANO GOLD INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR For a detailed explanation of the compensation plan visit the document section of the Back office or contact Organo Gold at Only Company produced material should be used for presenting the Compensation plan. Distributors are fully responsible for any verbal or written statements they make regarding the Company, its products, services, and opportunity, which are not in compliance with the current, official Company sales support material.

9 Be Cautious with Claims: COMPANY REPRESENTATION PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS: Any description of the product can be copied from the content available in the Corporate Website: USE OF OG LOGO: Independent Distributors cannot use the OG logo. The logo helps identify the Company’s products worldwide and distinguish OG in the marketplace. The Company must protect its trademarked logo from misuse and infringement, or its importance and differentiation can be lost – and that will negatively impact OG and your business. IDENTIFYING YOURSELF AND YOUR OG BUSINESS: All Distributor material should display the phrase “Organo Gold Independent Distributor” in a prominent position, using the same (or larger) font size (min 14 point), color, and type as the surrounding text.

10 Advertising policies apply to internet/electronic advertising, including posts on blogs, review sites, and any and all social media sites. ADVERTISING

11 Distributors may not promote or sell Company products in any electronic or physical auction or sale sites. ADVERTISING

12 This material has been developed for practical purposes of illustrating examples. Compliance with this exercise does not constitute a formal approval of any website created independently by a Distributor. The company reserves the right to revisit any distributor-created website and request removal of offending material. If you have any questions, please contact us at It will be our pleasure to assist you while you continue to grow your business with Organo Gold. All Rights Reserved. Organo Gold Compliance Department – Last review on July 25 th, DISCLAIMER

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