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Raising Up Esther Workshop The Disappearance of Women Nurturing the Nations.

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1 Raising Up Esther Workshop The Disappearance of Women Nurturing the Nations

2 Part 2 THE LIE: ROOT OF THE POVERTY 3 The Framework 4 The Crushing of Women 5 The Culture of Sexism 6 The Disappearance of Women

3 Vae victis! Woe to the conquered! “In the codes of all the nations which are called civilized, man has written the laws which govern the destiny of women in these cruel terms: Vae victis!” Honore de Balzac (1799-1850)

4 Misogyny miso (hatred) gyne (woman) Misogyny = the hatred of woman

5 The Irony

6 Social Darwinism “The chief distinction in the intellectual powers of the two sexes is shown by man's attaining to a higher eminence, in whatever he takes up, than can woman whether requiring deep thought, reason, or imagination, or merely the use of the senses and hands…. We may also infer … that if men are capable of a decided pre-eminence over women in many subjects, the average of mental power in man must be above that of woman.” Charles Darwin

7 The Death of Female Femalicide: The death of woman Feminicide: The death of the feminine metaphysic In the modern world a single, unfettered, male is the ideal!

8 The Disappearance of Women “By entering the public sphere at the expense of the private, woman legitimated the male world and rejected her own.” Lilian Calles Barger Eve’s Revenge

9 The Disappearance of Women These movements “allow us to become, in a sense, invisible as women and able to navigate the male-defined public world with less notice.” Lilian Calles Barger Eve’s Revenge

10 The Rise of Feminism Christ was the first feminist First wave – Maternal Feminism Second wave – Modern Feminism Third wave – Post-modern Feminism

11 First Wave Feminists: Maternal Feminism

12 First Wave: Maternal Feminism 19 th – early 20 th century Biblical worldview or its memory Interested in others Woman valued in –Being - humanity –Function - motherhood

13 Maternal Feminist’s Fight Against male value system and power structure To get women out of the sweatshops and into the home For a family wage Pro-life Abolition of slavery Women’s suffrage

14 Maternal Feminists Leaders Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906) Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1850-1902)

15 Second Wave: Modern Feminism Mid to late 20 th century Secular Humanism – Meta-narrative Interested in self Women valued in their being but not in their function

16 Modern Feminist’s Fight Stood against female value system To get women out of the home into the marketplace Pro-abortion Sexual revolution – sex without responsibility

17 Shapers of Modern Feminism

18 Influence of Communism Materialism: Human beings are “instruments of production” Woman’s ideal place is in the workplace Woman’s worth is as a producer of products, not children

19 Modern Feminist

20 Worth in the Market Place “Money is the marker of success in a market economy; it usually accompanies power, and it enables the bearer to wield power, including within the family.” Linda Hirshman Brandeis University

21 Mothers Are Like Animals “… man was set apart from other animals by his mind’s power to have an idea, a vision, and shape the future to it... when he discovers, and creates and shapes a future different from his past, he is a man, a human being.” Betty Friedan The Feminine Mystique

22 Being Female is Second Class The things that men used to do to degrade women, now modern feminists use to degrade women!

23 Peter Drucker on Modern Feminists “We are busily unmaking one of the proudest social achievements in the nineteenth century, which was to take married women out of the work force so that they could devote themselves to family and children.”

24 Be Child Free!

25 For a woman to be all she can be, she must be child free!

26 The Anti-Maternal Women who change their children’s diapers have "voluntarily become untouchables." - Professor Hirshman ”[V]acuuming the living room floor – with or without makeup – is not work that takes enough thought or energy to challenge any woman’s full capacity.” - Betty Friedan The Feminine Mystique

27 Un-Pregnant Enabled women to be like men: –Not pregnant –In the marketplace When sexism and feminism define personhood as being “male” [not pregnant] then knives and chemicals make women like men!

28 “The Pill” “For the average woman, the pill has provided a way to divorce sex from procreation, so she can make herself available to any sexual partner she chooses at the moment. A woman is now considered to be available 24/7/365.” Lilian Calles Barger Eve’s Revenge

29 Emptying the Womb: Abortion “The widely practiced violence of abortion is not a sign of progress but a sign that women’s reproductive ability needs to be exterminated in order for society to go ‘forward.’ In an environment hostile to women’s bodies and through abortion, women participate in a war against their own bodies, objectifying them.” Barger Eve’s Revenge

30 Consequences of the Anti-Maternal “Fertility in eighty-three countries representing 44% of the world’s population has fallen below replacement levels; in the developed countries, the net reproduction rate is 0.7 and dropping, which means that the next generation will be only 70% as large as this one.”[1][1] Philip Yancey

31 Radical Individualism “me” not “us” self absorption not self sacrificing being in authority, never under authority self serving rather than other serving personal freedom without personal responsibility

32 Third Wave Feminism: Post-modern Feminism

33 Third Wave Feminists: Post-modern Feminism Late 20 th and early 21 st century Secular Humanism – No Meta-narrative Interested in –Overthrowing male – female distinctions –Interchangeability Female and male are equal (the same)

34 Post-modernism There is no Meta-narrative like: –Biblical Theism –Darwinism No Essentialism – The idea that men and women are essentially different –1 st Wave – Women and men are different and equal –2 nd Wave – Men and women are different and men are better

35 Post-modernism 3 rd Wave Feminism –There is no meta-narrative – Monism: “All is one!” –All distinctions blur and disappear Application –In the metaphysics of sex: no masculine and feminine –In the biology of sex: no male and female

36 Post-modern Feminist’s Fight Stand against male value system Against sexual distinctions Promote Androgyny –Transcendent sexuality disappears –Maleness and femaleness disappears

37 Androgyny Two Greek words: – andros – male – gyne – female Androgyny literally means: “male and female in one”

38 Androgynous Life Forms Amoeba Paramecium

39 The Metaphysical Roots of Androgyny Neo-paganism –Monism – “All is one” –Pantheism – “everything is god! Religions of Neo-paganism –Hinduism –Buddhism –Taoism –New Age

40 Pagan Animism Sophia of the Greeks Astarte of the Phoenicia Cybel the mother goddess of Phrygia

41 The Metaphysic of Androgyny Monism: “All is one!” This leads to a transcendent androgynous (fusion of masculine and feminine) Because the metaphysical root is androgyny, ultimately: –gender roles are interchangeable –sex itself is elastic

42 Michel Foucault Godfather of Androgyny

43 Sociological Maxim Before changing a society, you must first change the language of the culture Whoever controls the language controls the culture

44 Elasticity of Language Sacredness of Life Abortion Pro-Life Baby Sex Quality of Life Pro-Choice Anti-Choice Tissue or product of conception Gender

45 Deconstructing Sex Sex –Biological term –Implies distinction: i.e. male and female. –Is not elastic –Is grounded in the essence of biological and psychological differentiation. Gender –Sociological term –Defined by societal usage –Gender is elastic. –We can construct our own reality

46 “Lifestyle Choices” Heterosexual: traditional female and male Homosexual: gay and lesbian Bisexual: relating sexually to both men and women Transvestites: someone who dresses and acts like someone of the opposite sex Transgender: someone who has undergone surgery to “change” their sex

47 Change Definition: Marriage Marriage: “A sacred covenant, before God, between one man and one woman ‘until death do us part!’” Marriage: “A social contract, before a civil society, between a man and a woman until we divorce.” Marriage: “A personal commitment between consenting adults as long as it is convenient.”

48 In the Postmodern world, secular materialism is being combined with a pagan spirituality to shape a new language and ultimately a whole new world order.

49 Promoting Androgyny

50 The Elasticity of Sex: Gender Confusion There is no ultimate meaning to our sexuality or to our bodies There are no role distinctions between men and women Equality, in modern feminism, means sameness

51 The Elasticity of Sex: Gender Confusion This interchangeability takes place: –In work - the Marketplace –In the military –In the home –In the church –It is even being pushed in the act of procreation

52 The Proto Change Began with 2 nd Wave Feminism –Unisex clothing –Unisex hair styles –Cross-dressing as either a uniform (women wearing ties and vests) as a sexual statement (men dressing as women or women dressing in men’s clothing)

53 Proto Change University Campus Housing –First, separated dorms –Second, men and women to house in the same dorms, but on different floors –Third, men and women living on the same floors but in different rooms –Fourth, men and women inhabit ‘gender neutral’ facilities, using the same rooms, restrooms and showers

54 Post-modern Feminism’s Blank Slate “The body becomes plastic, inscribed with gender and cultural standards. … The constitution of the body rests in its inscription; the body becomes the text which is written upon it and from which it is indistinguishable….” Pippa Brush 3 rd Wave Feminist

55 Our Bodies Are A Blank Slate In Postmodernism, our bodies reveal nothing. They are: –A blank canvas upon which to paint –A blank piece of paper upon which to write –A white board on which to draw

56 “Writing” on the Body

57 Cutting the Flesh Pt. 1 Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Liposuction

58 Deconstructing Sexuality Transsexual surgery Reproductive technology –Abortion – sculpting the womb – like a man –Sperm bank – donor sperm for Single women Lesbian couples –(Research) genetic material from lesbian or homosexual couple used to make an egg and sperm, so child is genetic makeup of both partners

59 The Elasticity of the Body 3 rd Wave Feminists and Queer Theory advocates –Denying the reality of the hard facts of biology –Affirming the opinion of ideology

60 The Cutting Edge of Societal Devolution Polygamy – many spouses Pedophilia – sex with children (already moving into the mainstream) Necrophilia – sex with dead bodies Bestiality – sex with animals

61 Historian William Manchester “[T]he erasure of distinctions between the sexes is not only the most striking issue of our time, it may be the most profound the race has ever confronted.”[1]

62 Evangelical Feminism

63 Francis Schaeffer “Tell me what the world is saying today, and I’ll tell you what the church will be saying seven years from now.”

64 Heeding the Crushing of Women Much of the church in the western world has correctly, if slowly, recognized and responded to the crushing of women by Sexism.

65 Distinctions Christian Feminists –More consciously secularists –Challenge the authority of Scripture –Represent the liberal wing of the church Evangelical Feminists or Biblical Feminists –Have a high view of Scripture –Would claim to believe in the authority of Scripture –Desire to challenge the traditional interpretation of Scripture - specifically in the realm of hierarchy roles in the church and in the family

66 Trinitarian Equality All human beings are made in the image of God All human beings have “one blood” All humans are equal in dignity, value and worth Unity and diversity in community

67 Monistic Equalitarianism Function from philosophic and religious Monism – “god is one,” absolutely and indivisibly one Response to Atomism - absolute differentiation - Sexism Egalitarian asserts that to be equal means to be the same: undifferentiated, interchangeable, identical, or indistinguishable

68 Monistic Equalitarianism Affirms the equality of human beings at the expense of diversity Deny transcendent masculine and feminine Deny that there is any role or function differentiation between women and men Promote role interchangeability for men and women Ultimately leads to androgyny

69 The Hermeneutical Principle Evangelical feminists tend to compromise Trinitarianism with Monism The weight being towards Monism The worldview of Monism creates the framework for their hermeneutical principle

70 Critique of Evangelical Feminists “Biblical feminists formulated a definition of equality for Christian women that concurred with the definition put forth by secular society. Equality meant role- interchangeability. With this definition in hand, Biblical feminists turned to the Bible. They found that while the Bible did teach the essential equality of women and men, it also taught role differentiation....[1]1]

71 …. In order to harmonize the Bible’s teachings with their view of equality, these feminists found it necessary to determine which Scriptural texts were dynamic and which were static, which were inspired and which were the author’s bias, which were true and which were in error. In doing so, Biblical feminists adopted a feminist mind- set. …

72 …Christian feminists adopted this mentality when they used their own definition of equality to judge the validity and applicability of the Bible. … Even for conservative evangelical feminists, women’s experience became the new norm for Biblical study and theological interpretation.”

73 Elasticity of the Bible God the –Father –Son –Holy Spirit Son He/She His/Hers God the –Creator –Redeemer –Sustainer Child They/Them Theirs

74 Cut From the Same Cloth “… religious and secular feminism were of the same essence. They were based on the same presuppositions, and were therefore destined to intersect and merge. …The alteration of God-language and the increasing hermeneutic of liberty employed by feminist theologians had catapulted the religious movement forward onto the same path as that of secular feminism.” Mary Kassian The Feminist Gospel

75 The Rise of Androgyny In the Church As Evangelical Feminists race towards the interchangeability of the sexes they rob men and women of the glory of their uniqueness and contribute to the disappearance of women!

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