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2 Sentry Sampling Systems
Sentry Equipment Corp.

3 Sentry Sampling Systems
Over 25 systems manufacturers worldwide Centralized stations are very common >6 Sample Lines- Standard Conditioning Rack <6 Sample Lines- Single Line Panels Very Competitive Business- Allows spare parts business in the future

4 Sentry Standard Conditioning Rack Design
Constant flow Efficient sample conditioning Efficient use of space and custom designs Highest Performance Components in the Marketplace 304SS front on conditioning section Dedicated secondary coolers with close approach temperature

5 Sampling Systems

6 Sampling Systems

7 Sampling Systems

8 Common Problems Solved with Sentry Sampling Systems

9 Problem #1: Non-constant Flow to Analyzers
Sentry VREL and BPR/RV in Tandem VREL Reduces Bulk of Pressure BPR/RV Does Fine Pressure Control Shock Absorber- Extra Flow through BPR/RV Flat Flow vs. Pressure Curve

10 Problem #2: Poor Sample Temperature Control
Competitor’s Bath Systems are not “Isothermal” Competitor’s Bath Systems typically only cool Bath has Poor Approach Temperature due to Low Turbulence Sentry System uses Dedicated Secondary Coolers High Surface Area- Close Approach Temperature +/ C control with Chiller; 25+/- 0.5 C through Sentry Coolers

11 Problem #3: Plugging Sample Lines
Typically caused by Oversized Sample Lines Also Caused by Low Flow Sentry Properly Sizes Coolers with Cooler Program Sentry Recommends Low Pressure Blowdown

12 Problem #4: Samples Too Hot
Many Times Competitor’s Coolers are Undersized Computer Sizing Can Eliminate Sentry has over 30 Cooler Models, Competitors have 2 to 4 models Sentry models include 0.11, 0.16, 0.22, 0.33, & 0.44 Square Meter Surface Area

13 Problem #5: Rusting/Patched Panel Front
Most Competitor’s Panels have Painted Carbon Steel Fronts Sentry Panel has Corrosion Resistant Modular 304 SS Front Modular Front Allows Future Changes Without Patching the Panel Front

14 Problem #6: Too Low Sample Flow
Competitor’s Don’t Size Coolers Properly Steam Samples, Especially Low Pressure Steam, Needs High Capacity Sample Cooler Sentry has Special High Surface Area/Low Pressure Drop Coolers- FLF-6222/FXF-6223

15 Problem #7: Thermal Excursions
Thermal excursions can cause operator injury, damage cells, analyzers and other components and discharge of steam to atmosphere Thermal excursions can be caused by loss of cooling water, high sample flow rate, fouled or plugged sample cooler or high cooling water temperature Thermal Shut Off Valves - requires no pneumatic or electrical power, re-settable latching design, positive position indication, compact package Optional switch for remote indication

16 Problem #8: Multiple Independent Analyzers
Calibration differences can occur between independent analyzers Calibration requires valuable time Sharing one analyzer reduces calibration differences, calibration time, consumable usage, capital cost Sentry Sequencer is a proven method of analyzer sharing

17 Kinds of Projects Complete Turnkey Panel Upgrade with Components
Some Local Content- Conditioning by Sentry/Analyzers Supplied Locally

18 Get Sentry Specified Sentry Panel Specification
Specify Sentry Components Require Dedicated Secondary Coolers Require Flanged, single gasket, 304 SS shell, 304 SS Bolts, and 316 SS Tubing Require Sentry VREL on High Pressure Lines (> 35 Barg) Require Sentry TSV & BPR/RV

19 Sentry Sampling Systems Set the World Standard for Quality and Performance

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