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The IX Playbook Observations from an IX Operative.

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1 The IX Playbook Observations from an IX Operative

2 Peering Evangelism Research & White Paper Process –Important Operations Process undocumented –Non-Sales Role Side Effects –Identify Motivations –Identify Opportunities –Establish Relationships –Establish Expertise “Peering Pimp”

3 Peering Introductions (1 of 2) How it works: (In order of Effectiveness) –Person-to-Person –Conference Calls –E-mail (Automated, Assisted, manual) What works well What doesn’t work well

4 Peering Introductions (2 of 2) Identify Community Obstacles to peering Understand Peering Dynamics Gives us an excuse to talk with customers in a non-sales mode

5 Tracking Value of the IX Why do we care? Measures of meshedness Calculation of value of the IX

6 Peering Matrix Premise – One side or the other will share peering session info We can generalize from this Peering Inclination Peering Inclination helps us –introduce these ISPs to appropriate other ISPs –Identify other ISPs to bring in –articulate value of the IX in terms of who will likely say “yes”

7 The Startup Hump What it is Tactics to Overcome It

8 Peering Contact Information Hopelessly unkept Last thing a fired PC wants to do… Need better interactions with busy customers This info is valuable/essential to provide value to customers

9 Peering Information IX service value is proportional to things outside our control –Who is there now? –Who will be there and when? –What routes are announced there? –Will they peer with me? So how does an IX quantify value of participation to an ISP given none of this info? How does an IX identify the appropriate participants to encourage to join? In tough economy, quantifiable benefits required. NetFlow data unavailable

10 Swim with the Fish Active participation in the ISP Community –Anecdote: Tier 1 ISP Operations after IETF –Anecdote: Cable Company ConCall before GPF –Anecdote: Tier 2 & Cable Co Gigabit Peering Forums Networking at RIPE, NANOG, IETF, APRICOT EuroIX should sponsor Pan European Peering Forums

11 Counter-Intuitive ISPs don’t care about Colo Infrastructure ISPs don’t give away information cIXc Terms? IX Operators migrate from aligned interests, sharing information And expertise, contacts, etc. to the other side of the desk to negotiate. Clash: Data collected during stage 1 used against customer in stage 2. ConsultativeConfrontational

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