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TermoOnLine™ the Wired Temperature Monitoring System.

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1 TermoOnLine™ the Wired Temperature Monitoring System

2 Ongoing real time Monitoring, Recording and Reporting for crucial process Crucial to ensure continuity of operation – Food storage – Warehouses – Chemical processes – Long term trials – Food production Real-time, active solution Ensure correct functioning of storage condition and manufacturing process Like having an employee on site 24*7*365

3 New Green Standards New HVAC “Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning standards’ call for reducing power consumption “ This Addendum specifies revised requirements for temperature and humidity: Reduce energy consumption for lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; provide more flexibility in maintaining temperature and; harmonize with environmental guidelines developed by ASHRAE; (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) maintain reliable operation …” Quoted from TIA 942 addendum 2 (draft)

4 Food industry Industrial processes Temperature controlled storage and maturing Laboratories Utilities remote sites – fuel, gas, electrical, etc. Data Centers Target Markets

5 Remote and unmanned locations and are often left unattended and unmonitored Using TermoOnLine system you can monitor the remote sites and receive alarms by SMS or email Remote Sites

6 The TermoOnLine system can monitor that the measurements of the controllers are accurate The measurement can be in other locations then the sensors of the controller, – inside the products manufactured or stored – in different locations in the room and be then more accurate Monitoring Control Systems / PLC

7 A complete flexible Wired Temperature Monitoring System

8 TermoOnLine – Key Capabilities Monitoring via remote wired sensors Recording the measured data on a PC On demand reports of data and Alarm logs Email and SMS alarms Up to 256 sensors Sensors connected via up to 500 meters long standard phone 2 wires cable Inputs: NTC-10KΩ, 4-20mA, Thermocouple-K, Wet bulb / Dry bulb Psychrometer, switch (on/off)

9 The TermoOnLine main components Datalogger2S/W pack for up to 8 DAQTol units Datalogger3S/W pack for up to 32 DAQTol units MSIC8DAQTol Master 8x sensors / channels interface unit with DT232 serial cable and DTPS 12 VDC Power Supply SSIC8DAQTol Slave 8x sensors / channels interface unit with DTCH chain cable DTNTC10KΩ NTC sensor

10 Optional components ToL-SMS Pack For SMS alarms including S/W and GSM Modem STCK1DAQTol interface unit for one thermocouple K sensor

11 TermoOnLine system overview Up to 256 wired sensors monitoring Up to 64 channels with Datalogger2 S/W or up to 256 channels using Datalogger3 S/W Star network Quick onsite installation Operated via Datalogger2 or Datalogger 3 S/W pack Simple and easy to operate

12 TermoOnLine deployment 1 2 8 Up to 64 or 256 Master DAQTol Slave DAQTol Datalogger2 or Datalogger3 S/W pack 2 strand phone wire up to 500m 10KΩ NTC sensor Slave DAQTol Power Supply

13 1 2 8 Datalogger2 or Datalogger3 S/W pack 10KΩ NTC sensor Thermocouple and 4-20mA sensors Master DAQTol Slave DAQTol 2 strand phone wire up to 500m STCK1 Thermocouple-K sensor 4-20mA sensor Power Supply

14 Applications examples Cold and hot fish smoking Sausage maturing rooms Pressure stability in plastic production Green house Incubators Cold room storage Dry rooms Freezers Room environment monitoring

15 TMI Barak Ltd POB 7631 Neve Ram, Ramat Gan 52176, Israel Tel: +97236782298 Mobile: +972528372597 Fax: +97235743807 e-mail: Web: Thank You

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