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Newspapers and Magazines Vocabulary and Reading

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1 Newspapers and Magazines Vocabulary and Reading
Module 5 Newspapers and Magazines Vocabulary and Reading

2 Pre-Reading Listen to the tape and pay more
attention to the words you can’t pronounce correctly. 2. Learn to predict what the article is about. 3. Learn to make questions.

3 Look at the following pictures
and predict what’s the passage about.



6 The passage is about travelling in space

7 The passage is about the first Chinese taikonaut Yang Liwei’s travel in space.

8 杨利伟,男,汉族,辽宁绥中县人,中 共党员,大学文化。1965年6月出生,1983年6月入伍,1988年9月入党,现为中国人民解放军航天员大队三级航天员,正团职,中校军衔,1992年、1994年两次荣立三等功。

9 杨利伟1987年毕业于空军第八飞行学院,历任空军航空兵某师飞行员、中队长,曾飞过歼击机、强击机等机型,安全飞行1350小时,被评为一级飞行员,1996年起参加航天员选拔,1998年1月正式成为我国首批航天员。

10 经过5年多的训练,他完成了基础理论、航天环境适应性、专业技术等8大类几十个科目的训练任务,以优异的成绩通过航天员专业技术综合考核,光荣地被选拔为我国首次载人航天飞行首飞梯队成员。

11 What were your feelings when
you heard the news?

12 Discussion Do you remember the news about Yang Liwei in October, 2003?
How did you find out about it? (a) From TV/radio (b) From a newspaper/ magazine (c) From a person (friend, family, teacher). (d) From the Internet.

13 Reading—New words Lieutenant (陆军)中尉(海军)上尉 Colonel 陆军上校, 团长
中校 NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (美国)国家航空和宇宙航行局 secretary-general 秘书长, 总书记

14 Background 在英文、德文、丹麦语、荷兰语以及瑞典语、挪威语、等语的新闻网站上,记者用“taikonaut”来代表中国航天员;1961年,苏联人加加林成为人类第一个进入太空的宇航员时,西方媒体将宇航员一词的俄文“Kosmonaut”改造成西方语言的“cosmonaut(a)”,这个词后来主要被用来指前苏联和俄罗斯的宇航员. 而美国宇航员则被称为

15 “astronaut (a)”。1995年3月,美国宇航员诺曼·塔加德搭乘俄罗斯的火箭进入太空,被当时的西方媒体戏称为美国有史以来的第一位cosmonaut (a)” 。

16 Guess words A person who travels to outer space. A Soviet astronaut. A Chinese astronaut A person who directs an aircraft or a ship. 宇宙 astronaut cosmonat taikonaut navigator universe

17 Fill in blanks with the words in the box
astronaut cosmonaut navigator taikonaut universe A(n) __________ is a person who travels into space. The word comes from the Greek words astron (which means “star”) and nautes (which means “sailor”). A Russian astronaut is a (n) ______________ . astronaut cosmonaut

18 The Russian word kosmonavt comes from the Greek words kosmos, meaning _______ and nautes. A Chinese astronaut is sometimes called _______________, from the Chinese word taikong, which means “space”. Chinese newspapers use the expression yuhangyuan, which means “space________ ”. universe taikonaut navigator

19 Macth the title with the correct
part Conversations in Space Congratulations from the World What happened on October 16th, 2003 Part 2 Part 3 Part 1

20 Scanning– True or False
1. The taikonaut was in space for 21 hours. 2. One of the astronauts aboard the Inter- national Space Station was born in China. 3. The other man aboard the Space Station is a Russian cosmonaut. 4. China received messages of congratulations from all over the world. 5. Sean O’Keefe works for the United Nations. 6. Kofi Annan thought that the flight was very good news just for China. F F T T F F

21 Read the whole article and find out people’s reactions (反应) towards
the Shenzhou V. People Reactions The Beijing Space Control Center “a complete success”

22 offer his congratulations
Premier Wen Jiabao Russian Cosmonaut Sean O’keefe from NASA Kofi Annan offer his congratulations “I’m glad…It’s great work by…” “historical chievement and wish China continuing success” “a step forward for the whole world”

23 Read the whole article and Choose the correct answer
1. The congratulation from United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan was that _____ A. the flight was a complete success B. The flight was a step forward for the whole world C. It’s great work by thousands and thousands of people from China D. The flight was an important historical achievement B

24 2. After Yang landed, all the following
people offered congratulations EXCEPT____. A. Premier Wen Jiabao B. Edward Lu and Yuri Malenchenko C. Sean O’Kee D. Kofi Annan 3. China has become the______nation to send a man into space now. A. first B. second C. third D. 438th B C

25 4. Who telephoned the Control Centre
when Yang Liwei landed? Wen Jiabao. B. Edward Lu. C. Kofi Annan. D. Sean O'keefe 5. How many people had traveled in space before Yang Liwei? A B C D. 437 A C

26 6. Which of the following is NOT
right? Yang Liwei was in space for 21.5 hours. B. The two cosmonauts in the international space were from America and Russia. C. Sean O’keefe works for the United Nations. D. Kofi Annan thought that the flight was good news for the whole world. B

27 Read the text carefully again and use
your own words to retell the text 1. At 9 am yesterday Yang 1. 2. Travelling in space Yang 2. 3. Orbiting in the capsule Yang3. 4. This morning Yang4.

28 Summary China’s first __________Yang Liwei landed safely back on ______ on 16th ,October He was in ______for 21.5hours and made 14______ of the earth. While he was flying in the small space_______, he took____________ of the earth with his camera. The _____ was a big success. While he was traveling. Yang spoke to American taikonaut earth space orbits photographs capsule flight

29 ________ Edward Lu and Russian
__________Yuri, who were aboard the international____________. Now that Yang has been so successful, there are plans to continue the Chinese space ____________, so as to travel further into the __________. astronaut cosmonaut Space Station programme universe

30 Discussion Do you remember the news about Yang Liwei in October,2003?
2. Do you think China should continue with its space programme?

31 Language Points

32 1.Yang was in space for twenty one and a half hours and made 14 orbits of the earth.
Orbit n. 轨道, 势力范围, 生活常规, vt. 绕……轨道而行 vi. 进入轨道, 沿轨道飞行, 盘旋 make an orbit of … 围绕……转圈 月亮绕地球旋转。 The moon orbits the earth. The moon makes orbits of the earth.

33 2. When he was orbiting in the capsule, he took photos of the earth
2. When he was orbiting in the capsule, he took photos of the earth. take photographs of: 摄影, 照相 拓展一 take photographs of +宾语 =take photos of +宾语=take pictures of +宾语=photograph +宾语 拓展二 photograph----photographer----photography 摄影术

34 3. When yang landed, Premier Wen
Jiabao telehoned the control center to offer his congratulations. congratulation 祝贺,恭喜,贺词(常 用复数)congratulate vt. 祝贺 congratulator n. 祝贺者 congratulate sb. On /upon 就……向某 人表示祝贺 congratulate oneself 庆幸 convey/ give / offer Congratulations 表示祝贺

35 祝贺你有了新工作 Congratulations to you on your new job. 我给你我衷心的祝贺。 I offer you my hearty congratulations. 我们祝贺他通过了驾驶考试. We congratulate him on his passing the driving test.

36 他祝贺我们结婚。 He congratulated us on getting married. 你真该为自己的表现自豪,你太 棒了。 You really should congratulate yourself on your action; you are wonderful.

37 辨析:congratulate / celebrate
宾语是表示 “事物” 的词(节日, 生日,胜利,成功等),不可以是 人。 They held a party to _________his birthday. celebrate

38 4. When yang took off from Jiuquan
in north west China at 9 am yesterday, China became the third nation to send a man into space. take off (飞机) 起飞 飞机20分钟以后起飞。 The plane is to take off in twenty minutes.

39 (2) 脱掉,去掉,拿掉 我昨天晚上忘了卸装。 I forgot to take off my make-up last night. (3) 减少,休假 因为损坏他们减少了售价的百分 之十。 They took another $10 off the sale price because of the damage. 今年五月我们休假两个周。 We took two weeks off this May.

40 (4) 取消, 停止 这服务今年夏末就取消了。 The service was taken off at the end of the summer. take的其他短语: take after 与……相像 take up 开始从事/ 占据 take apart 拆开 take in 收留/欺骗/吸收 take over 接管 take down 拿下/记下/拆卸/病倒

41 序数词 + 名词 常可用不定式或that 引导的定语从句修饰。 谁是今天早晨第一个来的学生? Who was the first student to come this morning? 杨是第438个在太空中旅行的人。 Yang is the 438th person to travel in space.

42 He is always __________________
_________________ (第一个来,最后一 个走) 。 ② Mary __________________________ _________ (是我遇到的第一个外国朋友) when I was in America. the first to come and the last to leave was the first foreign friend that I met

43 5. Yang is the 438th person to travel
in space including astronsuts from 32 countries. include 包括,包含。后接 n. / pron. /doing 这个价钱包括邮资在内。 The price includes postage charges. 你的责任包括哄孩子睡觉。 Your duties will include putting the children to bed.

44 辨析:included 为形容词,而 including为介词,在句中作状语。 比较两者用法: Take all of us, me _________. =Take all of us, _________ me. included including

45 5. In total, these astronauts have spent
more than 26,000 days in space. 这些宇航员总共在太空呆的时间已经超 过了26000天。 total (1) n. 总数,全部 in total 总数, 合计 总数是多少? What does the total come to ? 修理费用总共500美元. The cost of the repairs came to $500 in total.

46 (2) vt. 加起来,求得……的总数 学生总数为3000人。 The students totaled 3,000. (3) adj. 整个的,全部的。 他出尽了洋相。 He made a total fool of himself. (4) a total of 总共 他的费用总数已达到100美元。 His expenses reached a total of $100.

47 Practice (1) 我的钱加起来只有10 美元。 My money totals only $10. (2) 他对于我来说完全陌生的。 He is a total stranger to me. (3) 城堡对外开放的第一天总共有 2000学生来参观。 A total of 2,000 students visited the castle on the first day it was open to the public.

48 6. While he was travelling in space,
yang spoke to two astronauts aboard the International Space Station. aboard (1) adv. 上船(车,飞机等) 登机时间到了. It’s time to go abroad. (2) prep. 上船(车,飞机等) 他们上了轮船。 They went aboard the ship. 辨析:abroad 在国外,去国外

49 7. “Welcome to space,” he said.
welcome (1) interj. 欢迎光临 欢迎回家! Welcome home! 欢迎回来! Welcome back! 欢迎光临北京! Welcome to Beijing.

50 (2) vt. (welcomed, welcomed) “欢迎”
welcome sb. to some place (欢迎某人来 某个地方), 不能用为 welcome sb. to do sth. (欢迎某人干某事)。 她热情地欢迎来访者。 She welcomed the visitors warmly.  翻译:欢迎您来我校参观。 Welcome you to our school. (√) Welcome you to come to our school. (×)

51 (3) adj. 表示“受欢迎的”,作定语或作表语。
我们感到在会上是不受欢迎的。 We had the feeling that we were not welcome at the meeting. (4) be welcome to sth./ to do sth. “可随意 取用某物或做某事”。 欢迎你任何时候用我的钱。 You are welcome to the use of my money at any time.

52 注意:You are welcome ! 常用来回答
Thank you very much! 表示 “别客气; 没关系”。 (5) C. 欢迎,款待 我们受到了热烈的欢迎。 We received a warm welcome.

53 8. I’m glad there is somebody else in
space with us. else adv. 另外,其他(常加在疑问代 词,疑问副词,或不定代词之后) 他还说了什么? What else did he say? 还会有谁去那儿? Who else will be there?

54 拓展:else的所有格是 else’s ; or
他们不会来,不然他们就打电话 了。 They can’t be coming or else they’d have called.

55 Practice: (1) You mustn’t tell_________ ----it’s a secret between you and me. A. anyone B. anyone else C. no one D. someone (2) Since the key is neither yours nor mine, ________could it be? A. whose B. whose else’s C. who else D. who else’s B D

56 9. important historical achievement and NASA wishes China continuing success with its space flight programme. wish to do:希望做…… 例如: 我希望可以见到经理。 I wish to see the manager. wish sb to do:希望某人做…… 例如: 我希望你今天晚上来。 I wish you to come here tonight.

57 wish sb sth: 祝愿某人 例如: 我祝你成功。 I wish you success. wish+从句,用虚拟语气,表示与事实相反的情况,或表示将来不太可能实现的愿望。其宾语从句的动词形式为: 如果是现在时,wish从句用过去时 (be的过去式为 were);如果是过去时,wish 从句用过去完成时(had + 过去分词);如果是将来时,wish从句则用 would/could +动词原形

58 eg: 我希望我是一只鸟。 I wish I were a bird. 我希望我未告诉过他真相。 I wish I had not told him the truth. 我希望我可以在空中飞。 I wish I could fly in the sky. wish+双宾语: 祝你成功 wish you success 祝你旅途愉快 Wish you a pleasant journey.

59 success (1) n. (U) 成功 他在生活中取得了巨大成功。 He has achieved great success in life. 失败是成功之母。 Failure is the mother of success.

60 (2) n. (C) 成功的人或事 这个计划大获成功。 This plan is a big success. successful adj. 成功的 (常用于be successful in结构中) successfully adv. 成功地 succeed v. 成功 拓展:succeed in doing sth 成功的 做…… 他成功完成了所有的任务。 He succeeded in finishing all the task.

61 historical historical Historical 历史的,有关历史的, 历史题材的,依据历史发展叙述的
This is a ____________ play. 这是一部历史剧。 He gave all his____________ papers to the library. 他将他所有的历史文献赠与了图书馆。 historical historical

62 historic historic It was a _________ meeting between the two leaders.
那是两位领导人的具有历史意义的 会见。 November 11, 1918 is a __________ day. 1918 年11月11日是一个具有历史意 义的日子。 historic historic

63 achieve vt. (achieved, achieved, achieving) 达到(目的); 取得(胜利); 完成 achievement n. 完成, 达到;成就, 成绩
他希望尽快达到所有目标。 He hopes to achieve all his aims soon. 这个大学今年已经实现了所有的奋斗目标。 The university has achieved all its goals this year.

64 科学上的成就 scientific achievement 首次飞越大西洋是一个伟大的功绩。 Flying across the Atlantic for the first time was a great achievement.

65 program(me) n.节目, 程序, 纲要, 计划
vt. 规划, 拟……计划 在这项计划中,少年和大人们共同制定规制度。 In this program, the teenagers and the adults make the rules together. 我看了一个有关农业的节目。 I watched a program about farming.

66 I like sports in general, and especially football.
10. United Nations Secretary- General Kofi Annan called the flight “a step forward for the whole world.” general adj.普通的, 一般的; 普遍的,总的, 全面的, 大概的, 大体的; (用于职务或官衔之后)首席的, 首要的 in general = Generally. 普遍地 各种运动我一般都喜欢,尤其是足球。 I like sports in general, and especially football.

67 Secretary n. 秘书, 书记, 部长, 大臣 Secretaries (pl) 她做了二十年私人秘书。 She worked as a private secretary for 20 years.

68 Homework Write a passage about your feelings when you heard the news about Yang Liwei. (try to use the words and expressions in the text)

69 Goodbye!

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