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Fri. Feb. 10 Sch edule: 1. Warm Up - What If's 2. Some good writing by students! 3. Write the climax of your story.

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1 Fri. Feb. 10 Sch edule: 1. Warm Up - What If's 2. Some good writing by students! 3. Write the climax of your story

2 Some student examples......he grunts as he breathes and it smells like week old trash as flies land on and off his droppings... I see the lengthy fingers of doom outstretching to the pink insides of my mouth, wrapping through my gums like a snake through smells like a dog when it is just getting out of the bath... The gorilla looks like he just ran ten miles trying to chase Jane Goodall for a comes back like a stranded cat after you feed if a train were about to crush my bones to marrow and bits. The sun has set and darkness fills the sky, along with my soul. The monkey laid in his cage like he he had been doing the Macarena for seventy-two weeks straight....the brown slimyness running through my teeth, wrapping itself around my gums......his arms are spread out like he's a king...

3 WHAT IF????? 1. Pick your phobia or fear: ______________ 2. Now create WHAT IF? situations for this phobia/fear. To do this, think of all the horrible things that could happen to someone with this fear. What if I was locked in a room with a clown? What if one of my students came to school dressed as a clown on Halloween? What if my teacher made me watch a movie clip with clowns in it? What if my next door neighbor was a clown in the circus? What if I had to dress up as a clown? What if I won a free trip to Europe but I had to travel with a clown? What if I had a young son/daughter who loved the circus or clowns? CLOWNS!!!

4 3. Now decide which of these WHAT IF? situations would be the worst possible situation your character could be in. You can add some more details to the situation at this point. 4. So now it's time to decide: Who is your protagonist? Where and when is the story taking place?

5 CLIMAX ·turning point of the story ·the moment that changes the outcome of the story ·often thought of as the emotional high point, but this is not the key factor - the moment must change the outcome of the story or it is only suspense/intensity

6 5. Write the Climax! Now that you’ve the decided the worst possible situation your protagonist could be in and you know a little bit about your him/her, describe what happens. Remember, SHOW, don’t tell! Use imagery, details, and figurative language. Paint a picture in my mind!

7 More CLIMAX examples...from students like you! What If? = What if I had a phobia of heights & someone took my skydiving for a surprise? The sky streched from one side of my vision to the other, in blues and pinks. Sun rays were reflecting off the metallic silver of the sky diving plane. Fear swelled in my chest, taking the place of oxygen as I gazed upon my doom. The feeling of falling erupted in my stomach, which I didn't enjoy very much. I can pretty much do anything, but this was out of the questionn. My phobia had gotten way worse than it was before. Heights were still my enemy. My heartbeat pounded loudly in my ears as I looked around the interior of the plane. There was Natasha, talking to the expert that is apparently coming with us. I tried to call out to Natasha, but my dry throat refused. Luckily, she turned toward me, a completely innocent smile on her face. "Oh my gosh, Shelby, this is going to be so fun!" she said with a tiny squeal that reminded me of a little girl at Christmas. She hugged me and handed me a vest that contained a parachute and an emergency parachute the size of a backpack. How was this tiny contraption supposed to help keep me from falling to my doom? "N-Na-tasha, are you sure this is a good idea?" I managed to ask over the rushing of the wind. "You'll be fine, trust me," she said kindly, as she helped me put my vest on. I watched as she professionally put on her own. Finally, we stood at the door and waited for so long it felt like it was my twenty-fourth birtday instead of my fourteenth! The expert finally told us to jump on the count of three. "One, two...," the expert was about to send me to my death! I began frantically yanking on my parachute and lurching for the back of the plane. There was no way this was going to happen. The parachute seemed to grow little arms and legs, wrapping around me like I used to do to my dad when he told me my ride on his shoulders was over. My battle with nausea ended in one swift battle and I felt my stomach acid burn my throat and nose before the parachute sucked all the breath out of me.

8 More CLIMAX examples...from students like you! What If? = What if I have a phobia of bugs and I came home from school and there is an exterminator parked outside? I was walking home when I turned down my street, I smelled something funny. It smelled like a mixture of cleaning supples and something unfamiliar...and unpleasant. Maybe eggs? I considered. Whatever it was, it was a very strong smell. I continued walking down my street, humming to the tune of some random song we had played in band that day. The smell kept getting stronger. Dang, what is this smell? My nose was burning and even starting to run a little. My eyes kept welling up too, causing me to have to keep wiping my face with my sweatshirt sleeve. As I got closer I saw a huge truck parked close to my house. It was bright yellow and dirty looking with bright orange lettering, but I couldn't read it from that far away. There were a bunch of tubes coming out of the truck, and there were also a number of men in astronat looking suits the same bright orange as the lettering. I got closer. I squinted to read the disturbing truck. Bob's Exterminators I mouthed, my jaw dropping to my knees. I don't know when I stopped walking, but I must've been standing there for a while because my mom yelled to me from the front yard to see why I wasn't coming home. Now it was no longer my runny nose drenching my face, but a cold sweat seeping out of every pore. My heart stopped for the third time that day and I fought a horrible urge to break into the house in front of me and sink myself into their pool, clothes and all. Why was the truck parked in front of my house?!


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