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Types of Muscle, structure and Function

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1 Types of Muscle, structure and Function

2 Types of muscle 3 General types 1) Smooth (visceral) muscle
Loosely associated fibers Peristalsis Found in dig. tract, lungs, arteries

3 Cardiac Muscle Tightly associated fibers
Gap junction and intercalated discs allow for quick exchange between cells Found only in the heart

4 Skeletal Muscle Tightly associated fibers
Responsible for moving the skeleton Found everywhere in the body attached to skeleton

5 Structure of Skeletal Muscles
Long thin fibers of sarcomeres connected end-to-end Fibers bundled into fascicles

6 Sarcomere

7 Sarcomere Basic unit of contraction Sarcolemma surrounds it
Actin – thin filament Mysosin- thick filament Tropomyosin covers myosin clubs to prevent bonding during relaxation

8 How contraction occurs
Brain triggers muscle to contract Message travels down nerve Crosses synapse and hits sarcolemma

9 Next…. Sarcolemma releases Calcium ions into sarcomere
Ca binds with troponin Triggers tropomyosin to move

10 Contraction begins With tropomyosin out of the way, myosin clubs attach to actin filament Forms cross bridges

11 Finally… ATP binds to cross bridge Causes club position to move
Pulls actin fiber with it Shortened sarcomere = contraction

12 After contraction ATP is required to break bonds and relax muscle
Rigor mortis

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