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C-ID and Associate Degrees for Transfer: Successes and Challenges Ahead CIAC Conference Spring 2012.

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1 C-ID and Associate Degrees for Transfer: Successes and Challenges Ahead CIAC Conference Spring 2012

2 Presenters: Jane Patton, C-ID & CCA Grant Faculty Coordinator Pam Brown Schachter, C-ID Articulation Liaison Panelists: Dave DeGroot & Cathy Beane -- members of C-ID Advisory Committee Jack Saunders-- ICW Committee Barbara Swerkes -- CSU Chancellor’s Office, C-ID Advisory Committee & ICW

3 C-ID: Preview  Overview of C-ID  Status of Descriptors, Disciplines and FDRG Work  Brief Review of Spring 2012 AO Survey Results

4 Associate Degrees for Transfer: Preview  Implementation status of Associate Degrees for Transfer  CCA Grant: focus and goals (Complete College America)  Status of TMCs and Next Steps  Counseling Materials being developed

5  a supra-numbering system  a response to mandates and needs  a published set of course descriptors  a intersegmental, voluntary faculty-driven effort

6  Present number of descriptors: 294 (Ag140)  Number of disciplines with descriptors: 22 (final) 9 (in progress)  Disciplines and descriptors presently in progress = 59  1,261 courses approved in C-ID (15 disciplines)  83 CCC campuses have courses with C-ID numbers

7 In-progress Disciplines (Descriptors & TMCs) Journalism Geography Anthropology Spanish Philosophy Radio/TV/Film

8 Spring 2012 AO Survey Results Total respondents = 111 ; 75 CCC / 15 CSU/ 7 UC / 10 Ind / 4 did not identify Presently participating in C-ID? Yes = 78 (73% of total); 63 submitting CCC / 15 receiving CSU / Ind Plan to participate in the future? 7 yes / 2 no / 17 (65.5%) not sure / undecided If no, why not?  Lack of time/no clerical support  Articulation is not a top priority at the moment/time and resources dedicated to direct articulation with primary feeders  Broader participation would probably need system-level encouragement (UC)

9 Survey results (cont.) Additional support services that C-ID could provide?  More staffing and/or time (for the AO)  Step-by-step instructions with options for different levels of participation in C-ID (independent campuses)  New AOs, simply need training to help clarify process  Linking with ASSIST  Have Chancellors’ offices write letters to VP, VPIs and Pres. Stressing benefits to students and counseling staff

10 Survey results (cont.) C-ID support services utilized / find helpful  AO monthly updates (95%) / (90%)  AO Power Point training (36.5%) / (40%)  NCIAC/SCIAC/CIAC presentations (61%) / (57%)  E-mail contact with C-ID personnel (81%) / (83%)  Phone contact with C-ID personnel (42%) / (43%)  Other: Website is utilized /helpful (3); having a person respond to your request is extremely helpful

11 Survey results (cont) Overall, the C-ID support services are adequate/timely?  Yes (70%) / (79%)  No (5.5%) / (3%)  Not sure/undecided (25%) / (18%) Additional support services you would like C-ID to provide  Nothing; everything is fine; personnel are great  Speed up the approval process  Report to AOs on disciplines that may need longer than a 3 month turn around  Downloadable spreadsheet showing updated listing of C-ID approved courses to track the status of my courses  Training or webinars on purpose/history of C-ID  Checklist of info on how to prepare course info for submission  More in-person workshops/training


13  Fundamental principle of C-ID and TMC : developed through intersegmental faculty agreements  TMC---founded on C-ID (system and content)  C-ID descriptors: evidence of course content and quality

14 18 Approved TMCs Administration of Justice Art History Business Administration Communication Studies Early Childhood Education Elementary Teacher Education English Geology History Kinesiology Mathematics Music Physics Political Science Psychology Sociology Studio Arts Theater Arts

15 Upcoming TMCs ◦ Journalism ◦ Spanish ◦ Biology ◦ Computer Science ◦ Geography ◦ Anthropology ◦ Philosophy ◦ Radio, TV, Film Challenging disciplines we’re working with: Chemistry Nursing Engineering

16 Misc. info: > 331 degrees approved so far Pressures for more degrees (BoG & IOC & nationally) 7 Webinars on developing degrees C-ID in ASSIST

17 Other Tasks in the Works  ICW: identifying next disciplines  IOC: setting policies  Development of counseling materials Regional “train the trainer” meetings in August Webinars Orientation PPTs  CCA Grant

18 CSU Perspectives…

19 Challenges & Discussion with Panel Need for double counting Reciprocity Workload for AOs Faculty involvement in C-ID, FDRGs Developing local degrees Roles of AOs Credit by exam

20 Thanks for being here ! Questions & comments:

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