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Importance of kirat Gurus laid stress on earning living through honest hard work as it leads to economic freedom essential for self respect and eternal.

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2 Importance of kirat Gurus laid stress on earning living through honest hard work as it leads to economic freedom essential for self respect and eternal peace Gurus showed by their own example that everyone must work hard for their living


4 HONEST LIVING A Sikh is advised to earn his livelihood by the sweat of his brow

5 Guru nanak advised sidhas not to be parasite on society

6 Guru Gobind Singh Sàhib once declined to drink water offered by a wealthy youngman because he had never served the Sangat as his hands were soft and tender. Answering the Guru’s query the youth confessed that he had never done any work with his hands to serve others. He was overtaken by a sense of shame and guilt and vowed before Guru Sahib to help the needy and the suffering people.

7 The right way to live life was put in very simple words: Kirt Karni (Do Good Work ) Vand Chako (Share what you earn with the poor) Naam Japo (Recite the name of the God)

8 Work culture All professions are good Dignity of labour

9 At Sultanpur ( Nawab Daultat Khan) Storekeeper and Accountant Work, Prayer and Helping the needy Tera-Tera (Number 13 – I am thine)

10 Dignity of labour Guru Nanak worked as farmer at kartarpur

11 Training blind as musicians

12 Horticulture

13 Health services


15 Sending sikhs for horse trading

16 Guru ramdas laying foundation of amritsar and guru ka bazar


18 Honest earning If a person is dishonest, and takes what is not Justly his, these earnings are declared by 'the Gurus as the 'blood of the poor'. They are prohibited to a Sikh as beef is prohibited to a Hindu and pork to a Muslim. There is always a great temptation to live a comfortable life by earning money through unfair means

19 A person's Earnings, however large or small, should come from honest means.

20 Your earnings are stained by the blood d the ‑ poor from whom you extract money illegally and forcibly. How can your mind be pious or clean?

21 Wali kandhari –hoarding of natural resources

22 Co-operative movement Pooling of resources

23 Service to Humanity sikh shares his earnings with the unprivileged sections of the society. He serves in the name of Guru and always cherishes the welfare of the humanity. It is a tradition to provide food and shelter to needy person. The human life without service is useless

24 SHARING WITH OTHERS—WAND KE CHAKHNA sikh is ordained to spend daswand of income for poor and needy Sharing is to be done as responsibility and not of pride  such acts provide peace and happiness

25 Power and wealth By honest and ethical means Wealth is not possible without sinful means and does not keep company after death—ggs Wealth has a corrupting influence makes person insensitive to pain and suffering of others A rich man is both deaf and blind---ggs

26 slok mÚ 1 ] Shalok, First Mehl: PkV jwqI PkVu nwau ] Pride in social status is empty; pride in personal glory is useless. sBnw jIAw iekw Cwau ] The One Lord gives shade to all beings. Awphu jy ko Blw khwey ] You may call yourself good; nwnk qw pru jwpY jw piq lyKY pwey ]1] O Nanak, this will only be known when your honor is approved in God's Account. ||1|| Sri, pg 83

27 SABEGH SINGH –COMISSIONER OF LAHORE Rich and power must remain humble and thank Him


29 Wealthy person must act as trustee and spend freely on the poor and needy Wealth thus spent gets sanctified and does not impede the spiritual progress of the person ‘’Be thou His trustee and then there is no pain’’–Guru Nanak dev ji

30 Practical Sikhism is based on three pragmatic concepts Nam Japna, Kirt Karna and Wand Chhakna. This three-fold path signifies the remembrance of "The Name" performing honest labour for a living and sharing one's earnings with others. All is to be practised in daily life.

31 Guru Amardas Ji advised Bhai Budda regarding an ideal Sikh's life. A Sikh should serve the people and not touch money or property belonging to others. Let him share his joys and sorrows with his neighbours. He should eat only when he feels hungry and sleep only when he feels sleepy.

32 Basic issue is satisfaction Wealth without work leads to addiction,vices,crimes Passion for wealth is the source of suffering it is deceptive business---ggs Unsatisfied desires have seldom been satisfied— ggs

33 Child Gobind Rai, once, happened to throw gold bangle in the Ganges. On an enquiry by the diver where the gold bangles had dropped into the water, he (Guru) flung into the river the second one at the same spot saying, “There ! Steel is more sacred was the Guru’s edict.

34 The Sikh always believes in Chardi Kala, (progress and optimism) in the reform and improvement of society, as a continuous process. Sikhism also believes in discipline. Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave the Sikh a new appearance and administered him the Baptism of the Sword. He infused in him a spirit of fearlessness and a belief in his own invincibility

35 Guru Ramdas Ji laid down the following routine for a true Sikh. Let the Sikh get up at dawn and after bathing, meditate on the Divine Name and continue his meditation till sunrise. Then go out to earn his daily bread by honest means. Let his calling or work be such that it keeps him away from unfair and untruthful means.

36 The recommended pattern of life is that of a householder: Grahastimai-udas. Devotee should learn to remain contented and desireless while leading his life as a citizen. Let him raise himself above worldly temptation and become a model for others.

37 With the Guru's Grace, he will lead a pious and clean life. It is a great advantage to maintain a diary of one's daily actions. Such a practice will deter one from bad deeds.

38 Let him resign himself to the Will of God and never find fault with any doings of his Creator. He should keep away from lust, anger and greed, not boast of his goodness or kindness. He shall practise charity and personal cleanlines. He should not tolerate any irreverance towards the Gurus. In short, let him mould his life and conduct according to the Guru's teachings.

39 hwQ pwau kir kwmu sBu cIqu inrMjnu nwil ]213] (1376-1, slok, kbIr jIau) With your hands and feet, do all your work, but let your consciousness remain with the Immaculate Lord. ||213|| sloku mÚ 5 ] (522-14) Shalok, Fifth Mehl: audmu kryidAw jIau qUM kmwvidAw suK BuMcu ] (522-15, gUjrI vwr, mhlw 5) Make the effort, and you shall live; practicing it, you shall enjoy peace. iDAwieidAw qUM pRBU imlu nwnk auqrI icMq ]1] (522-15, gUjrI vwr, mhlw 5) Meditating, you shall meet God, O Nanak, and your anxiety shall vanish. ||1||

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