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Redesigning the Organization with Information Systems (II) Soetam Rizky.

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1 Redesigning the Organization with Information Systems (II) Soetam Rizky

2 Buy, Build or Lease ? Business Process Restructuring Business goals System Requirement Problems Identification Business Partners IT Infrastructure How, what, which Testing, Installation, Integration Deployment Maintenance Replacement

3 Buy ? AdvantageDisadvantage May not exactly match No modification No control over software Uncertain vendorTime savingDifferent typesNo IT guy neededLower Price

4 Lease ? AdvantageDisadvantage Time savingBetter installation No IT guy needed Full warrantyDependancy Company privacy Increasing contract value

5 Build ? AdvantageDisadvantage Exactly matchGreat flexibility Long-run efficiency Full privacyExpensiveSlow ProcessInternal conflict

6 Before we continue……. So, which one is better : –Build –Buy –Lease ?

7 When we must buy or lease…… Software Vendor Selection Identify Determine the Evaluation Criteria Evaluate Vendors and Packages Negotiate A Contract Establish A Service Level Agreement- (SLA)

8 When we must buy or lease…… Software Selection Usability Cost and financial terms Reputation and availability Flexibility and scalability Necessary resources Ease of integration Cross Impact

9 Integration and impact Cost and necessary resources Usability, flexibility and scalability Negotiate and establish contract Identify and evaluate vendor Quick Summary Choosing which one to buy or lease

10 Business Process Redesign - Restructuring Management suited to strategy Better response to Opportunities and Threats Higher morale Developing Culture Control

11 Business Process Redesign – Change Management Organization transformation Radical transformation Magnitude of the change Training and implementation Different Role

12 Before we continue……. Change : Slow or Radical ? Redesign : Humanity or Profit ? Magnitude : Bomb, Machine gun or Revolver ?

13 Magnitude of change Radical transformation Transforming organization and role Control and morale Management strategy Redesign Quick Summary

14 MANAGERIAL ISSUES Importance of change Ethical and legal issues User involvement Behavior problems Risk level

15 Questions / Comments ?

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