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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Christmas Edition.

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2 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Christmas Edition

3 Question 1

4 Whose feast day is on 6 th December? A St. George B St. Valentine C St. Peter D St. Nicholas

5 St. Nicholas Question? ABCDABCD

6 £100

7 Question 2

8 Who would wish someone, “Frohe Weihnachten? A A Spaniard B An Italian C A German D A Frenchman

9 Question? A B C A German D

10 £200

11 Question 3

12 Which country celebrates Hogmannay? A England B Wales C Ireland D Scotland

13 Question? A B C D Scotland

14 £300

15 Question 4

16 What would you expect a “sapin” to have on it? A decorations B cranberry sauce C wrapping paper D funny hat

17 Question? A decorations B C D

18 £500

19 Question 5

20 What are “lebkuchen”? A Spanish carols B French cakes C German biscuits D Italian presents

21 German biscuits Question? ABCDABCD

22 £1,000

23 Question 6

24 In Britain, what happens on “Twelfth Night”? A have a party B take down tree C bake mince pies D have fireworks

25 Question? A B take down tree C D

26 £2,000

27 Question 7

28 In Spain, on New Year’s Eve, what do people traditionally eat? A 12 grapes B 10 torillas C 8tapas D 6oranges

29 Question? A 12 grapes B C D

30 £4,000

31 Question 8

32 What is the shape of the German cake “Stollen” ? A star B Jesus in the manger C Christmas tree D angel

33 Question? A B Jesus in the manger C D

34 £8,000

35 Question 9

36 In Italy, who traditionally gives out presents? A Santa Lucia B Babbo Natale C Gesu’ Bambino D la Befana

37 Question? A B C D la Befana

38 £16,000

39 Question 10

40 When do people in Spain eat their special meal –”la Nochebuena”? A Christmas Eve B Christmas Day C New Year’s Eve D New Year’s Day

41 Question? A Christmas Eve B C D

42 £32,000

43 Question 11

44 Where do the little figurines “santons” come from? A northern Italy B eastern Germany C southern France D western Spain

45 Question? A B C southern France D

46 £64,000

47 Question 12

48 What do Polish people put under the table when they have their Christmas meal? A straw B gold coin C egg D sprig of holly

49 Question? A straw B C D

50 £125,000

51 Question 13

52 What do the French describe as “tartelettes aux fruits secs et aux épices”? A Christmas cake B mince pies C crackers D Christmas pudding

53 Question? A B mince pies C D

54 £250,000

55 Question 14

56 In Spain, “El Gordo” takes place on 22 nd December. What is it? A religious parade B football match C end of term D lottery draw

57 Question? A B C D lottery draw

58 £500,000

59 Question 15

60 According to Dutch tradition, where does Santa Claus (Sinterklaas) lives? A Italy B France C Germany D Spain

61 Question? A B C D Spain

62 £1,000,000

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