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Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0

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1 Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0

2 What’s Included in This Presentation Use these slides for an in- depth look at GRC issues Learn how MOF provides examples of ‘good’ GRC dealings and influences all phases of the lifecycle Sum It Up: MOF & GRC Take a comprehensive look at governance, risk, and compliance through MOF 4.0 GRC in MOF 4.0 Get a basic understanding of how the MOF model can help show you immediate results Service Management Functions Learn more about how MOF fits into the bigger picture MOF in Context Look at new compliance challenges and how MOF deals with them Compliance Challenges Understand how addressing GRC affects your organization GRC Guidance See how MOF connects and addresses governance, risk, and compliance Connect Governance, Risk, and Compliance Learn how MOF incorporates GRC into each lifecycle phase GRC Throughout the Lifecycle Get a closer look at governance, risk, and compliance Focus on G, R, and C See how the elements of GRC are applied and integrated into the lifecycle phases GRC Applied & Integrated Learn how MOF’s features produce results Make GRC Work for You Link to helpful GRC resources Resources

3 MOF 4.0 – Addressing the IT Service Lifecycle

4 MOF 4.0 Connects Service Management Standards to Practical Applications for the Community Industry Standards Control Frameworks Concepts, Practices MOF 4.0 Guidance Processes + Guidance + Tools (for Specific Scenarios) Infrastructure Automation Community Goals and objectives: ISO 20000 Management perspective: COBIT Process description: ITIL v3 Process guidance: MOF 4.0 Solution Accelerators System Center

5 GRC Guidance Risk Management GovernanceGovernance ComplianceCompliance More prescriptive Directives, Policy, Controls

6 Connect Governance, Risk, and Compliance Governance Addresses strategic planning, business/IT alignment, policy creation, and vision setting Risk Addresses system threats, system vulnerability, protection of IT assets, and risks to management objectivesCompliance Addresses adherence to laws, regulations, policies, standards, best practices, and frameworks Risk tradeoff decisions (how they were made) Impact of not complying Risk tradeoff decisions Compliance with governance rules Risk tolerance rules Who decides, and process to follow

7 Aiding decision making, balancing risk/benefit tradeoffs, identifying accountabilities Creating a strategy that manages risks and ensures risk management is appropriate for the activities at hand Establishing guardrails for behaviors, communicating expectations, and validating performance GRC Influences All Lifecycle Phases

8 Governance Identifies decision makers and stakeholders Determines accountability for actions and responsibility for outcomes Addresses how expected performance will be evaluated Risk Employs risk management throughout the IT lifecycle: Business decisions Policy adherence Application development Operational procedures Compliance Guides behavior to make sure what takes place is what was intended Shows how IT is performing against objectives Governance, Risk, and Compliance Applied

9 IT Governance Governance determines how IT makes investments, contributes to value, and achieves goals and management objectives Good Governance: Manages IT services in a regulatory environment Focuses on cost efficiencies and value contribution Provides insight into organizational processes that result in continuous improvement and optimization initiatives

10 Risk Management Risk management drives a structured approach to identifying, assessing, and managing potential threats to assets or the achievement of strategic goals Good risk management: Drives consistent, recurring, and comprehensive reviews of IT plans, initiatives, projects, and activities Results in clear risk management decisions Produces activities and internal controls that reduce risk likelihood or impact

11 Compliance Compliance establishes rules, guidelines, and communications to ensure an organization’s requirements are known and followed Good compliance: Ensures management intentions are realized Establishes evaluation when expectations are set Allows for effective monitoring

12 Make MOF GRC Work for You Features: Specific goals, outcomes, and measures in each SMF Clearly identified accountabilities and role types for each SMF Objectives, risks, and controls outlined for each phase Management reviews function as management controls Benefits: Clearly established accountabilities Effective risk management Compliance with policies, laws, and regulations

13 Resources MOF Home Page: Compliance Home Page: IT Compliance Management Guide: D930882-0D39-4900-9A79- B91F213ED15D&displaylang=en Solution Accelerators Home Page: Contact Email:


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