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Write It, Do It NCSO Coaches Institute October 24, 2008 B & C Divisions.

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1 Write It, Do It NCSO Coaches Institute October 24, 2008 B & C Divisions

2 Event Description  The goal is to test a student’s ability to communicate with a colleague in writing by having their partner construct a device based on their written description. Utilizes technical writing skills that are essential for the work of scientists and engineers.  One partner will have 25 minutes to write a description of an object and how to build it, using only words and numerals.  Their partner will then have 20 minutes to build the object based solely on their partner’s written instructions.

3 Scoring  One point is given to each piece of material placed in proper connection and location compared to the model. The team that builds an object nearest to the original model and has properly written instructions is declared the winner.  Pieces that are connected correctly after an incorrect connection will be counted. No penalty will be assessed for parts that were not used. Helpful Tip: If one step in the instructions is especially difficult, it may be beneficial for the builder to ‘skip’ it and continue with the rest of the assembly.  Any use of codes or symbols will result in the team being assessed a 5% penalty for each different type of infraction.  Time used for construction will be used as a tiebreaker.

4 Writing Concepts  Be as clear and descriptive as possible. Note the exact orientation of asymmetrical objects such as spoons or pencils.  List all the materials needed to build the object. Builders will often be given extra materials. Note the colors if necessary.  Use a consistent orientation scheme to describe the positions of the objects’ parts in relation to each other. Ex. compass directions or the face of a clock. Make sure the reference points for the orientation scheme remain consistent. Use distance conventions, like 1 inch = knuckle length  Organize your instructions into numbered steps.  Keep your writing neat and legible!

5 Building Concepts  Before building, divide the items into similar groups. Separate the items that will not be needed to build the object according to partner’s list.  Keep the object in the same orientation during its construction. Important since the orientation scheme described by the writer would be based on a certain position of the object.  Pay close attention to the color and orientation of objects, as necessary.  Double-check your work as time allows.  Avoid the desire to look for any sense or purpose in the design of the object, it is meant to be fairly random.

6 Practice, practice, practice!  Have your student teams practice together with a variety of objects. Building sets such as Legos, K’nex, Tinker Toys, etc. Cheap materials such as popsicle sticks, straws, string, etc. Styrofoam cups, plates or bowls are great building surfaces.  Determine which student is a better writer or builder, and have them practice those skills. Effective writers tend to be attentive to details, and have a good sense of the visual space. Effective builders are usually methodical in their work and good at following instructions.  Ensure that descriptive and directional conventions are understood between the partners, without establishing a code.  Have students practice with objects that are as unique and challenging as possible.

7 Useful Links  NCSO Event Resources: Write It, Do It s_nc/write_it_do_it.cfm  2003 WIDI Judge Megan Bair write_it_do_it%20tips.htm  Science Olympiad Student Center  National Science Olympiad Website: WIDI

8 Questions, Comments, Concerns? Source: de Leun Graphics

9 Hands-on Example  Divide into teams of 2; one partner will write while the other will build.  The writer will have 8 minutes; only words and numerals may be used. No symbols or codes are allowed, and abbreviations must be defined.  The builder will have 7 minutes to build the object, using only their partner’s written instructions.

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