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How to Tune Your Real Estate Website Jonathan Galpin, MCSD 2007.

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1 How to Tune Your Real Estate Website Jonathan Galpin, MCSD 2007

2 Get them through the Door! From this I mean – get them to view search results and view listings ….. with ONE click It sounds simple, but most sites do a poor job… Some examples of how NOT to do it

3 Example 1 3 Clicks, then a Form This door is closed This is a site that will not be searched much. Lets take a look…..

4 First Click

5 Second Click

6 Third Click

7 Fill out the Form!

8 This is a Closed Door By the time your site visitor reaches the form, you have most likely lost them….. Only hard-core visitors will fill out the form.

9 What is an Open Door? One click!

10 Example – Open Door, One Click

11 One click to see listings!

12 Know your Site Search Statistics This is the health of your site It will tell you what visitors are searching for…… Here are some statistics …………..

13 Sample Size 634,000 searches (Century21Palm 2006-2007)

14 Only 23% used the search form

15 77% of all searches were ONE Click

16 77% to 23% Proof that you lose most of the browsing public if you ask them to fill in a form!

17 Just what are visitors searching for? Take a look at a pie chart of these statistics

18 One Year - 634,755 searches 2006-2007

19 The Power of One Click Searching 21%by Neighborhood 11%by Street 9%by Just-Listed 9%for 3 bedroom homes 8%for 2 bedroom homes 5% for pool homes Only after all the above searches did users venture to use the search form!

20 Know Your Site Statistics Do you know which Neighborhoods were searched for the most? Do you know which Streets were searched for the most? More on that shortly……

21 Back to your Front Door Know your Website Conversion Ratio’s!

22 First Key Conversion Ratio % of folks who visit and then end up viewing search results AND view listings The more your listings are seen, the more real estate you will sell Here are some statistics……

23 A Good Website should see 8 out of 10 Visitors View Search Results and Listings 78% is a great conversion Ratio This Front Door is OPEN

24 Total Site Visits to Search Results/Listings (Century21palm 2006-2007) Search Results + Listing Views Total Site Visits = Visit Conversion Ratio 877,950 1,121,976 = 78%

25 Another Example Nice site, but the door is closed

26 Example of the worst kind Here the viewer has to provide Name and email before they can even search

27 Ok, you now have an Open Door How do you keep them there? How do you get them to view the listing detail?

28 Give them more One Click options when the search results run out

29 When viewing Listing Detail Give them more One Click options

30 Convert them from Searching to Viewing the Listing Detail Do not show a lousy set of search results! The web is visual, use it.

31 This is Lousy!

32 This is Better

33 How many folks who look at Search Results view the Listing Detail? Second Key Conversion Ratio

34 A Good Website should see One Listing Viewed for every Two Search Result Page Views

35 Listing Views/Search Results (Century21Palm 2006-2007) 282,171 / 595,779 = 47%

36 Know your site statistics! They will tell you if your site is healthy!

37 Which Neighborhoods are being searched for?

38 Which Streets are being searched for?

39 There are many more statistics one should keep track of. But……. In Summary, just do two things…

40 Open your Door!

41 And keep track of your Conversion Ratio’s

42 And you will know how wide Open your Door is, and how well your Website serves you

43 Bottom Line You will sell more Real Estate!

44 The Comparative Website is Jonathan Galpin is a software developer In conjunction with John Frank, the owner/broker at century21palm, the Palm website was built about nine years ago, and has been re-tuned constantly since then. In the 2006-2007 year, century21palm sold 456 homes in a small market (New Port Richey, Florida) in part due to the high number of leads that the website generates. Jonathan Galpin can be reached at: 813 263 8006 (call first, as most email goes to spam)

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