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Introductions: Regina Garza, LMSW TOMS: Priti Avantsa, LMSW MOUTHS: Sara Stansbury, LMSW PAC: LaSonya McArthur, LMSW.

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1 Introductions: Regina Garza, LMSW TOMS: Priti Avantsa, LMSW MOUTHS: Sara Stansbury, LMSW PAC: LaSonya McArthur, LMSW

2 ICE BREAKER: Regina Garza

3 Title I Mandate Title I schools must ensure that all students have a fair, equal, and sufficient opportunity to reach academic proficiency. A Title I School-wide Program Plan requires parent involvement, transition assistance etc.

4 Purpose of the Transition Program Encourage parental involvement at school and at home. Help reduce the number of multiple citations (truancy) issued to students in transitioning grades. To empower parents to prepare their students to transition smoothly both academically and socially, from one educational level to another (5/6/8/9)

5 Goals for the Students 1. Emotional and Psychological: Self esteem…. 2. Academic: Attendance, Discipline, Organization, Grades…… 3. Social: Peer Pressure, Bullying….

6 PRC (Parent Resource Coordinator) TOMS (Transitioning Over to Middle School) MOUTHS (Moving On Up To High School) Off CampusOn Campus Activity Sheets Campus PRCCampusPRC -September 2013 -January 2014 - September 2013 (Open house) -March 2014 MS (Open House) -May 2014 ( awards) -October 2013 -November 2013 -January 2014 -February 2014 -September 2013 (Open house) -January 2014 HS (Open House) -May 2014 (Awards ) -September 2013 -October 2013 -November 2013 -January 2014 -April 2014 Title I Social Workers PAC (Parent Advisory Council)

7 000 Priti Avantsa, LMSW

8 Program Components 1. Parent Education: – Home based: prevents exclusion and accommodates working parents – School based 2.Community Education: – FBISD Community Conf (Sep) – Four Corners Community Fair (May)

9 Program Overview Year-Long 1. Title I Night (Sept): Advertising 2. Campus focused: Recruit Admin/ Teacher support (Sept) 3. Food for thought-insight into your child (Sept): Activity Sheet 4. Changing Roles (Oct): Parent Meeting 5. Attendance (Nov): special invites to parents of students at risk. 6. Revisiting attendance: (Jan) Activity Sheet 7. Open Q & A and what to do now (Feb): Parent Meeting 8. 6 th Grade Open House at MS (Mar): Academic, Financial, Clubs 9. Making good choices (April): Parent Meeting: 10. End of Year celebration (May): Tips & Awards

10 Data Analysis Attendance (Truancy Citations) were tracked for 2012- 2013: Peer Mentors 2013-2014 2013-2014: Tracking data Exiting 5 th grade and Entering 6 th Truancy Complaints & Referrals for Fighting Parent Involvement Parents attending and participating in the Programs


12 ICE BREAKER: Regina Garza

13 By Sara Stansbury, LMSW Sara Stansbury, LMSW

14 FAST FACT: Students are 3-5 times more likely to fail a class in ninth grade over any other grade. February 2011 Research Brief: Challenges of the Ninth Grade Transition “The importance of a smooth transition from 8th grade to 9th grade cannot be emphasized enough, as this transition will determine a student’s success in high school as well as decisions about their post‐secondary school life.” – Cooper, R. & Markoe‐Hayes, S., Improving the Educational Possibilities of Urban High School Students as They Transition from 8th to 9th Grade

15 STUDENT FAST FACTS Failure to graduate high school is strongly associated with ninth grade course failure 70 – 80 percent of students who fail in the first year will not graduate high school – Why: more rigorous academic expectations, changes in school culture, feeling of isolation, new teaching styles, etc. 2006 survey, 1/5 th of middle school students reported that they never received information regarding courses, content and skills needed for high school

16 Parent and Student Focused Parent Meetings Transitional Issues Open Forum Informative and Fun Incentives

17 First Semester Program Plan September:  Title I Night (recruitment)  “Getting Started and New Opportunities” (parent meeting) October:  “Attendance ” and “Supporting Learning and Working with the Schools” (parent meeting) November:  “Academic Challenges” (parent meeting)

18 Second Semester Program Plan January:  “Social Changes and Changes in Your Child” (parent meeting) March:  Middle School and High School Open House (recruitment/information) April:  “Talking With Your Child” and “Encouraging Good Choices” (parent meeting)

19 Second Semester Program Plan (cont.) May:  8 th grade Parent Event Campus specific Celebrations High school representatives and Middle School Parent Ambassadors Jeopardy game

20 Community Outreach Purpose: To bring our schools into the community

21 Piloted in the 4 Corners Neighborhood, in the west side of the district Students provided the entertainment; vendors from the community set up tables; free food…. Collaboration: Extended Day, YMCA, First Colony Church of Christ, Lupe Tortilla, etc.


23 ICE BREAKER: Regina Garza

24 Parent Advisory Council (PAC) LaSonya McArthur, LMSW

25 Parent Advisory Council’s Mission Provide parent input on issues of concern to families of students in our Title I Schools Works to actively reach out to communicate with families across the district for parent perspective Present recommendations to Campus Based Leadership Team (CBLT) to support academic achievement Ensure policy decisions are influenced by voices of parents and guardians

26 To assist in determining the strengths and needs of the Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) in the areas of: 1. School Culture and Climate 2. Family and Community Involvement in order to complete the Campus Improvement Plan (CIP)

27 RECRUITMENT Usually begins at Fall Open House through the efforts of the PRCs Seeks parents of Title I school students for all grade levels (Pre-K to 12 th grade) Parents can complete an interest application and return it to the campus

28 1. Parent Resource Coordinators recruit parents to participate 2. Campus personnel are invited to participate in the committee: Administrator, Counselor, Title I SW, Data specialist/ Title I documentation specialist, Teachers, Parent Center Coordinator, Parents 3. Four (4) campus-based meetings during the school year and One (1) district-wide PAC in May

29 Meeting Descriptions

30 Meeting #1 (October) Discuss Demographics of Campus Review Prior Year’s Strengths and Needs from CNA Delegate responsibilities Determine Timelines for surveys (data sources) Plan on student and staff survey implementation

31 Meeting #2 (December/January) Student and Staff surveys analyzed Begin Comprehensive Needs Assessment for School Culture and Climate ( A.htm) ( A.htm) Address and Confirm the Family Perspective Survey timeline

32 Meeting #3 (February/March) Analyze Family Perspective survey results Begin CNA for Family and Community Involvement ( A.htm) ( A.htm) Determine topics for parent classes for upcoming school year

33 Meeting #4 (March/April) Finalize Comprehensive Needs Assessment Discuss budget needs for Campus Improvement Plan Review and Finalize Campus Compact and Policy Committee Self Reflection ( A.htm) ( A.htm)

34 District PAC (May) All Title I Campuses in the District meet to: Highlight campus successes Discuss and review other campus parent involvement policies and plans Discuss and review other campus compacts Ensure that each campus is complying with federal guidelines regarding Title I and parental involvement Provide support to fellow campuses Discuss budget plans for upcoming school year

35 PrincipalParentPRC Parent Counselor Parent Title I Specialist Title I Social Worker PAC DECISION TREE

36 Inform/Informed Provide their perspectives of possible needed changes while also learning school processes Engaged Integrally involved in the campus improvement process Empowered More involved in decision- making PAC Perspectives = CONNECTIONS

37 PAC IS ALL ABOUT…. …Working Together for the Success of All Students.

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