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Who Am I? Describe something or someone well-known.

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1 Who Am I? Describe something or someone well-known.

2 It can be a Person! Celebrity Sports figure Musician Criminal Politician Etc

3 It can be a group! Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer or any other sports team Music group

4 It can be Characters! From a TV show From a movie From a graphic novel or regular novel

5 The Point is: It must be a person

6 What You Will Do! Build a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation that describes the person/group WITHOUT naming them. Use as many senses as possible to describe your person. Also describe their personality. DON’T GIVE THE OBVIOUS CLUES UNTIL YOU GET TOWARDS THE END OF YOUR SLIDE SHOW!

7 What You Will Do! (con’t) You can use more than 15 slides! Do NOT add pictures of your character until the END SLIDE (number 15), when you reveal your person. However, you can add pictures to represent what your character is or does.

8 Due… A Day: Thursday at the end of Class! B Day: Friday at the end of Class! You’ll present your slideshow on Tuesday (A Day) and Wednesday (B Day) of next week!

9 Example: Who Am I! I am a real tough chick who can kick butt!

10 Who Am I? I’m black with dreads, and I’m well-known for my ‘death stare’!

11 I will fight for my friends!

12 I survived a worldwide disaster!

13 I rescued a stranger who was attacked!

14 I was on the hunt for someone… Who was responsible for the death of the person I rescued (who later became a friend).

15 I eventually found a group of survivors! They were friends of the person I rescued who was later killed.

16 I sometimes gather supplies for my people!

17 At one point… I was nearly sacrificed for the safety of my group… But then, the group’s leader decided to spare me instead.

18 I was kidnapped by the man… Directly responsible for my friend’s death. A devotedly religious old man was kidnapped with me.

19 My kidnapper was killed …along with the nice old man. I SURVIVED!

20 I am loyal to those I trust!

21 I used to have two companions! Even though they died, I still had them chained with me for a while.

22 I carry a katana!

23 I fight the undead!

24 Who Am I ?????

25 I am Michonne from The Walking Dead!

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