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Protected Management Program for the University of Buea, Cameroon Beatrice Muton University of Minnesota.

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1 Protected Management Program for the University of Buea, Cameroon Beatrice Muton University of Minnesota

2 Location of University of Buea (UB) UB

3 Introduction  In 1994 the new Forestry and Wildlife Law including the local communities in NRM  Implementation of this law has been very slow and failing due to inadequate institutional and human resource capacity  Human resource development appears to be the most crucial factor in several NRM sectors  UB is the only English speaking university in the country located in SWP  No existing curriculum in NR nor PA management in UB  No exiting research programs between communities, agencies and NGOs in NRM and PAM

4 Goals/Objectives Goal:  To develop an integrated PAM program for the university of Buea, Superordinate Goals:  To provide citizens with knowledge and skills in PAM  To empower citizens in PAM  To Enhance community participation in PAM Objective:  To integrate related programs in the university into PAM  To promote research activities in PAM at UB  To create a working and research activities between UB and related ministries in PAM  To create a working relationship between the community and the university  Develop a resource center for PAM in the university

5 Develop an integrated PAM Program for UB Train on curriculum development Talk to the director of academic affairs Train on protected area management Organize curriculum committees Talk to dean of host faculty Solicit funds Identify key stakeholders Do extra consulting with related agencies Identify a host faculty Fit the program into existing program Organize in-service training of lecturers and other trainers Think about when such a course might be possible Correspond with other universities that have similar programs How would I do this? (What would it take to do that?) What do I you want to do? Identify funding sources Conduct community and university needs Assessment Analyzing data Analyze PA issues Create alliance with existing faculties Recognize need for capacity building in MR and PA mgmt

6 Develop an integrated PAM Program for UB Why would I want to do this? (Consequences) Empower local population Develop Human Resources Achieve Economic sustainability Achieve Social Sustainability Encourage conservation Control Environmental vulnerability Achieve Environmental sustainability Enhance participation Increase ownership of protected areas Improve Quality of Life Mission

7 Benefits  Develop human resources to work in PAM  Promote integrated research activities in PAM within the university and other agencies and NGOs  Limit sectorialism within institutions  Contemporary program for students  Achievement of environmental, social and economic sustainability within communities

8 Barriers  Lack of financial resources  Lack of human resources  Administrative bottlenecks  Lack of infrastructural facilities

9 ActivitiesIndicators of successResources Needed Identify lack of capacity in both NR and PA management Proposal developedHuman and financial resources 3 months Talk to the director of academic affairs and submission of a proposal for PAM program to the director of academic affairs Proposal approvedBeatrice and other experts 3 months Identify and talk to the dean of the host faculty Approval from deanHuman and financial resources Create an alliance with existing faculties on how to address needs Agenda developed and endorsed Faculty members Create an alliance with related agencies, communities and NGOs Agenda developed and endorsed Agency, NGO staff and community members

10 ActivitiesIndicators of successResources Needed Conduct needs assessment for a PAM program within the university and other institutions Final report with recommendations Human and financial resources 1 year Develop an integrated curriculum for PAM Integrated curriculum developed and approved Funds and Human resources Create a resource centerResource center createdFunding and Human resources Recruit and train staffStaff recruited and trainedFunding and human resources Recruit studentsNumber of students enrolled Funding and human resources

11 ActivitiesIndicators of success Resources Needed Program evaluationNumber of graduated employed in PAM PA

12 INTEREST POWER UB Min of Higher Educ Communities/ students MINEF NGOs CIGs Stakeholder Analysis

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