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Digital Experience Analytics v10. Agenda Digital Experience REAN Model.

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1 Digital Experience Analytics v10

2 Agenda

3 Digital Experience REAN Model

4 Web Analytics


6 Digital Marketing Standard Analytics v10 Reports

7 Analytics v10 Reports The report sets that come by default when a space is created will be categorized into one of these report categories:  Content  Events  People  Technology  Traffic These categories can also be selected as the report category for existing custom reports.

8 Digital Marketing Engage Reports


10 Content Path Analysis People Technology Categories DrilldownSet ‘landing page’Visits: DepthBrowsers: File TypesOr ‘content group’Visits: DurationMobile: Onsite Searches:Visits: Frequency Pages: Site Pages

11 Content Reports Webtrends tracks the following kinds of data about how visitors interact with your site content:  The pages on which they enter and exit your site.  How often and how long they view individual pages.  The extent to which they search your site for specific content.  The extent to which they interact with things like slide shows or embedded videos.

12 Content Reports Site Pages Identifies the most popular pages on your site and shows you key metrics for each page such as Visits, Page Views and Active View Time. Site Pages with good content and design are more likely to attract visitors and be revisited. Less popular pages on a site can be made more appealing by improving the content or incorporating design elements similar to that on the more important pages. Always remember that people are far more interested in content than in design, and Average View Time can help determine which content is most important to your visitors.

13 Site Pages Report The Site Pages report shows how frequently each page on your site was viewed. Look for high bounce rates on the Landing Pages report to identify landing pages that need to be rewritten or redesigned to be more effective. Profile: UK-HSBC-PFS-MAR

14 Site Pages Dashboard

15 Traffic Sources Report * Search Engine is determined by matching the referrer field to an entry in the keywords.ini file. There must be a string match in the domain, and there must be an accompanying query parameter indicating the search phrase. ** Social Media is determined by matching the referrer field to an entry in the keywords.ini file in which "Social=1" is present. This is a string match on the domain.

16 Traffic Sources Report The table below illustrates how the Traffic Source dimension is determined. The Traffic Source is determined by going from top-to-bottom through this logic. Traffic SourceReferrer Field Search Engine Social MediaWT.srch=1WT.mc_id Paid SearchNot EmptyYESNOYESYES/NO Organic SearchNot EmptyYESNO N/A Social CampaignsNot EmptyNOYESNOYES SocialNot EmptyNOYESNO Referring SitesNot EmptyNO Other CampaignsNot EmptyNO YES Other CampaignsEmptyN/A NOYES Unknown Referrer EmptyN/A NO

17 Pages : Exit Report Pages : Exit If a visitor leaves your site or is inactive for a long time, Webtrends counts the visit as "ended" after 30 minutes of inaction. Visitors may have:  Browsed to a different site  Closed their browser  Remained inactive for more than 30 minutes but did not leave your site Note that if a visitor resumes clicking on your site after 30 minutes of inactivity, Webtrends records two visits, one before and one after the pause. Consequently, the last page viewed before the long pause will appear as an Exit Page, the first page viewed after the long pause will appear in the Entry Pages report, and your own domain will be the referring domain.

18 Pages : Exit Report Uses and Interpretation: Examine each exit page in the report and ask yourself whether it can be considered a desirable or undesirable ending point for a visit. For example, a purchase thank-you page would be a desirable end of a visit, but a page in the middle of a registration process would be undesirable as a last page. Undesirable Exit Pages may indicate a problem needing addressing, such as:  a difficult multi-step process  a page that takes too long to load  content that does not hold the visitors interest  confusing navigation

19 Pages : Exit Report

20 Pages : Entry Report Pages : Entry A visit can begin on a given page if a visitor:  types the URL of the page in their browser then clicks on "Go"  clicks on a bookmark to the page (stored from a previous visit)  clicks on a link on a different site that points to the file. The link can appear to be text or an image, such as a banner ad.  clicks on a link to the page in an e-mail. Again, the link can appear to be text or an image.  clicks on a link on a search engine results page that points to this page  activates an applet on another site or in a program that transfers them to this page

21 Pages : Entry Report Uses and Interpretation: Look at each page on the Entry Pages report and ask yourself whether it is suitable as the first page a visitor sees. For example, it can be argued that entry pages should:  identify the site and/or brand  have a clear link to the home page  show the same navigation bars as the rest of the site If a page that's frequently an entry page doesn't do all these things, consider modifying it to conform to best practices.

22 Article Pages There are buttons that take you to articles { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "Article Pages There are buttons that take you to articles

23 Article Pages Report Profile: UK-HSBC-PFS-CR

24 Tools Pages

25 Tools Pages Report Profile: UK-HSBC-PFS-CR

26 Video Pages

27 Video Pages Report Profile: UK-HSBC-PFS-CR

28 Content Reports Site Navigation Themed Pages Segment Categories Drilldown

29 Content Groups incl PV Profile: UK-HSBC-PFS-CR2 HSBC UK

30 Content Groups by Mobile Device Profile: UK-HSBC-PFS-CR2 HSBC UK

31 Content Groups Report Profile: UK-HSBC-PFS-CR2

32 News Pages / App Starts Profile: UK-HSBC-PFS-CR2

33 Tools Pages / App Starts Profile: UK-HSBC-PFS-CR2

34 Video Pages / App Starts Profile: UK-HSBC-PFS-CR2

35 Digital Experience REST API

36 The Data Extraction API conforms to the REST (Representational State Transfer) architectural style, using the HTTP protocol and a URI to access resources.  Integrates with Excel without coding, client software, or installed driver-- you need only your Webtrends credentials to get data  Returns the entire data set for a trend in response to a single URI (for example, trending a week by hours)  Is profile and account independent, so you can list multiple profiles by changing the profile name in the URI

37 REST API There are two main ways of creating the REST request:  Analytics 10: via the “Share” option when viewing a report from within the Webtrends Analytics 9 Insight user interface.  REST Generator: is an application that helps you rapidly create a request for profile or report data.

38 Digital Marketing Summary


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