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Virtual Private Servers VPS David Nevala Lukins Annis PS.

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1 Virtual Private Servers VPS David Nevala Lukins Annis PS

2 What is a VPS? Virtual Private Servers – A server or “platform” as a service – A “hosted” virtual server – Variety of configuration options – Monthly subscription- based virtual servers

3 Why a VPS? Advantages – Low-level control of hosting environment – Isolation – Flexibility – Cost savings Disadvantages – Might be inefficient for hosting companies – Performance lower than real hardware

4 Where to VPS? Amazon Rackspace Linode VPSLand liquidWeb Mindspring Many more…

5 What type of VPS? Plans – Based on OS, storage, memory, data transfer Managed – Updates, installations done by hosting company – cPanel, Virtuozzo, Plesk, SolusVM, HyperVM Self managed – You are responsible for maintenance – CLI, Webmin

6 Applications for VPS Monitoring servers Proxies Email security gateways Support sites Utility servers Websites Backups DR

7 Live VPS demo

8 Proxy Server Safer Internet – Provides a “middleman” or “proxy” for web traffic – Browsing traffic redirected through proxy – Caching for performance – Filtering Viruses, Adware, Malware – Reporting

9 DIY proxy Commercial – Safe Squid – Dans Guardian Free and opensource – Squid Many extensions – Privoxy – Socks – Anonymizers Use anywhere

10 Create VPS account Choose provider – Linode for this demo Create account Choose OS and plan Wait a few minutes for server to come available Login with root/administrator account

11 Configure VPS Update system – yum update all Configure firewall – system-config-securitylevel – setup Download and install webmin – configure access – test webmin https://ipaddress:10000

12 Install Squid Minimum config Install Squid – yum install squid – create ACL – create access rule – chkconfig squid on – service squid restart

13 Configure user profiles Internet Explorer – Tools, Internet Options, Connections, LAN Settings – Add VPS ip address and port – Configure with group policy Firefox, Chrome, Safari – Edit preferences and options – Login scripts – Some adm templates availalable

14 Implementing the Proxy Transparent – Firewall rules Client-side settings WPAD – Security issues GPO Chained

15 Test squid ip address default port 3128

16 Install Reporting Sarg – yum install sarg – Download webmin module if needed – Configure webmin sarg module – Access reports

17 Malware blocking malware block list – Opendns – Register proxy ip – Configure categories

18 Other Squid add-ons Authenticators – ldap, ntlm, sql Redirectors – Step on banners, advertising, and popups

19 Questions or Comments

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