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2  Key figures Key figures GEFCO Communication  Core Business Core Business  Strategy Strategy

3 GEFCO Communication  Key figures

4 GROUP: KEY FIGURES One of Europe’s top 10 Transport and Logistics groups One of the world leaders in automotive logistics Present in over 150 countries Turnover: € 2.9 billion Operating income: € 102 million 9,400 employees, 75 nationalities 4 28/09/2010

5 CLIENTS: KEY FIGURES 5 1762 2329 26432646 2742 2894 3000 3245 3554 1104 1395 1660 1667 1754 18301846 1973 2151 983 979988 1064 1157 1272 1403 658 934 PSA Peugeot Citroën Total Industrie € million 3536 2171 1365 1840 1048 28/09/2010

6 KEY FIGURES INTERNATIONAL 6 Western Europe South America Central & Eastern Europe € 2 283 M € 190 M € 404 M 28/09/2010

7 GEFCO WORLDWIDE 7 Partners Subsidiaries Germany Benelux France Spain Western Europe Argentina Brazil Chile South America Italy Portugal UK Switzerland Austria Baltic States Hungary Poland Czech Rep. Romania Central & Eastern Europe Russia Slovakia Slovenia Turkey Ukraine Morocco Tunisia Africa China Hong Kong Asia GEFCO WORLDWIDE 28/09/2010

8 GROUP ORGANIZATION 8 Operational divisions 28/09/2010 Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Y. FARGUES Information Systems J-M. PRIGENT * Strategy & Finance P. COSSE * Relations with PSA Peugeot Citroën P-H. FRERET * « International Development » C. ZBYLUT * Business Development & Marketing P. SHANKLEY * Quality B. MARUZZI Audit P. HERISSE Human Resources, Communication & Organisation J-X. LALO * Vehicle Transport and Logistics A. REDIER * Freight Transport and Logistics L. NADAL * SupportsCustomersB.U. Control * Members of the Executive Board

9 ORGANISATION: SUBSIDIARIES 9 28/09/2010 « International Development » C. ZBYLUT Relations with PSA Peugeot Citroën P-H. FRERET Strategy & Finance P. COSSE Information Systems J-M. PRIGENT Asia China, Hong Kong Partners Subsidiaries Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Y. FARGUES North Africa Morocco, Tunisia South America Argentina, Brazil, Chile Western Europe Benelux, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland Eastern & Central Europe Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine

10 10 11/10/2014 GEFCO Communication  Core Business

11 CORE BUSINESS Three strategic activities : > Outbound vehicle logistics:€ 1.2 billion > Inbound logistics:€ 1.5 billion > Overseas:€ 0.2 billion Engineering is at the heart of GEFCO's activities 11 11/10/2014

12 OUTBOUND VEHICLE LOGISTICS: KEY FIGURES 2.5 million vehicles transported 50 % by sea et by rail 1,800 supply plans implemented 150 countries covered 80 compounds 4,200 wagons 3,000 car transporters 30 Ro-Ro vessels 12 11/10/2014

13 OUTBOUND VEHICLE LOGISTICS 13 11/10/2014 MULTIMODAL TRANSPORT Engineering, transport plans, scheduling, coordination, tracking, reporting WORKSHOP PPO: window engraving, assembly of fog lamps and alarm systems. PDI: dynamic tests, washing, quality control, tests > On the compound > From the compound to the sales outlets Pre-Delivery Inspection 3 integrated activities > From the plant to the GEFCO site DISTRIBUTION TO CAR DEALERS per marketing region and to each dealer Post-Production Operations

14 OUTBOUND VEHICLE LOGISTICS 14 11/10/2014 Other value-added activities On the request of leasing firms, dealers or manufacturers, GEFCO can customise vehicle fleets (logo), or transform vehicles: installation of tippers, refrigerated boxes, etc. >The refurbishment of used vehicles > The customisation of utility vehicles Apart from new vehicles, GEFCO refurbishes second-hand vehicles (mechanics, bodywork, painting, etc.)

15 INBOUND LOGISTICS: KEY FIGURES 140 depots linked by 400 international lines 3,000 trucks per day 15 million tonnes of freight per year 45,000 shipments per day (groupage and full/part-loads) 40 million container flows per year Compliance with deadlines: 98 % 15 11/10/2014

16 16 11/10/2014 Dedicated transport, groupage (direct flows from the supplier to the plant and regrouping of flows via the GEFCO network) Warehousing, cross-docking (value-added operations such as delayed differentiation or just-in-time and only what’s necessary) INBOUND LOGISTICS From the supplier to the production unit Standardised plastic boxes: reusable boxes providing more homogeneous loads > Overland transport > Logistics > GefBox System management 3 integrated activities

17 17 11/10/2014 Freight forwarding by sea and by air Engineering of international flows (set-up of door-to-door transport plans) OVERSEAS Customs and tax expertise (customs engineering, handling of declarations, tax representation for products imported into Europe) > Activity > Know-how > Added value

18 ENGINEERING AT THE HEART OF LOGISTICS ACTIVITIES A task force with 150 people to: > Analyse specific client requirements > Organise the supply chain: transport plan, process > Define the commitment-to-results using performance indicators (cost, quality and lead-time) 18 11/10/2014

19 19 11/10/2014 OUTBOUND VEHICLE LOGISTICS Multimodal transport since France towards Spain and capillary distribution SEA RAIL ROAD MULTIMODAL TRANSPORT CAPILLARY DISTRIBUTION Aulnay Poissy Rennes Rivesaltes Tarnos Vigo Pinto St Nazaire Compounds Ciempozuelos Porriño Madrid Plants

20 EXAMPLE OF GEFCO’S SUPPLY CHAIN ENGINEERING 20 11/10/2014 Customs Logistics operations International platform Overland network Overseas network Subsidiaries Partners Flows from GEFCO South America and Asia to Europe and Russia

21 GEFCO Communication Profitable growth in logistics for manufacturers  Strategy

22 GEFCO'S STRATEGY FOR 2012 22 11/10/2014 GROWTH organic growth :€ 4 billion turnover Profitable :operating income of 5 % International :Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, South America External if necessary:targeted acquisitions

23 GROWTH LEVERS 23 11/10/2014 OEM Industry diversification Supply chain know-how

24 1 st GROWTH LEVER 24 11/10/2014 More than 60 years of experience in: Inbound logistics Vehicle transport and logistics Spare parts transport and logistics OEM Clients throughout the world: GM, Renault, VW in Russia … Toyota, Dacia, Nissan in Eastern Europe … PSA Peugeot Citroën, Mitsubishi, Ford, Fiat, BMW in Western Europe... PSA Peugeot Citroën, Ford, KIA, BMW in Western Europe...

25 2 nd GROWTH LEVER 25 11/10/2014 INDUSTRY DIVERSIFICATION 6 strategic sectors: Car suppliers Vehicle importers Motorised two-wheelers Industry & aerospace Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) & Suppliers Electronics …accounting for 40 % of GEFCO turnover Vistéon, Delphi, Faurecia, Valéo, Johnson Controls, BMW, Yamaha, KTM, Novartis, l’Oréal, Dia, Ikea, Sony, Philips Clients in all sectors:

26 3 rd GROWTH LEVER 26 11/10/2014 Managing the international supply chain > Global sourcing For a complete command of the Logistics chain > Packaging management Optimising the intra-continental supply flow > Inbound logistics SUPPLY CHAIN KNOW-HOW



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