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Barracuda Web Filter Introduction.

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1 Barracuda Web Filter Introduction

2 Introduction to the Barracuda Web Filter
Gateway Web Security Integrated hardware/software appliance Remote Filtering agent for laptops Built-in Reporting Easy to Deploy Inline, Forward Proxy, WCCP Linear Scalability and High Availability Automatic Security Updates Economical 7 models No per-user fees All-inclusive

3 Web Security Challenges
NETWORK SECURITY Protect from aggressive Web threats Protect mobile/remote users Network Users COMPLIANCE AND PRODUCTIVITY Filter inappropriate content Regulate Social Media usage RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Regulate Bandwidth Utilization Prevent illegal activity Internet USAGE MONITORING Real-time usage statistics Accurate Reports Remote Users

4 Barracuda Web Filter Features
Anti-Malware Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware Inbound/Outbound scanning Integrated Spyware Removal Policy Engine Global policies User/Group/OU rules Time/Bandwidth limits Content Filter 95 Content Categories HTTP/HTTPS, Safe Browsing Allow, Block, Warn, Monitor Reporting Real-time dashboard 50+ built-in reports Scheduled reports Application Control 100+ Applications P2P, IM, Skype, Streaming Deep Packet Inspection Remote Filtering Mac/Win Software Agent Tamper-proof User identity aware

5 Barracuda Web Filter Features
SSL Inspection Scan SSL traffic for Malware Selective inspection retains confidentiality of trusted transactions like banking Social Media Regulation Granular control over Web 2.0 Applications like Facebook chat, LinkedIn mail Enable Safe usage of Social Media Social Media Archiving Archive Facebook posts, tweets, Web-based Enables eDiscovery, Audits, Forensics and Alerts on social media content

6 Barracuda Web Filter Benefits
Secures the Network Protect at the gateway Multi-layered protection On and off-network users Regulates Usage Social Media regulation Data Leak Prevention Policy-based management Deploys Easily Plug-and-play Effective Out-of-the box Automatic updates Reduces TCO No per-user fees Remote Filtering included Fully integrated functionality

7 Barracuda Web Filter Deployment
Multiple Deployment Options Pass-through filtering Inline, Forward Proxy, WCCP (v1 & v2) VLAN Support Instant ON with pre-configured policies Clustering, fail-over and load balancing Transparent User Authentication Transparent Authentication with single-sign-on LDAP, Active Directory, NTLM, Kerberos, eDirectory Supports terminal server environments User/Group/OU/Machine specific policy and reporting

8 Barracuda Web Filter Management
Web-based Management Simple intuitive User Interface Roles-based delegated administration alerts for policy violations Central Management Barracuda Control Center Control Policy and Configuration Aggregate Reports

9 Barracuda Threat Intelligence
Diverse Data 150,000+ customers in 80+ countries Customers, Honeypots, Web Trends Across all Security aspects Security, Web Security, Web Application Security, Perimeter Security, Network Access Control Fast Threat Response More Customers

10 Barracuda Web Filter Models
BYF 210 BYF 310 BYF 410 Concurrent Users 10 Mbps Throughput Concurrent Users 20 Mbps Throughput Concurrent Users 50 Mbps Throughput BYF 610 BYF 810 BYF 910 Concurrent Users 100 Mbps Throughput Concurrent Users 200 Mbps Throughput Concurrent Users 300 Mbps Throughput BYF 1010 Barracuda Web Filter Vx Concurrent Users 1 Gbps Throughput Virtual Appliance

11 Barracuda Web Filter Simplicity
Typical Solution Barracuda Web Filter Vendor Product Price Support Dell 2 Servers 2 x $899 MS 2 Win2K3 servers 2x$799 SQL Server $799 Cisco Proxy Server $3499 WBSN Enterprise $6250 (200 users, 1Y) VAR Install and Patch Win2K33 Install and Config SQL Install Proxy and WBSN Hardware: $3999 1 Y Subscription: $1099 Included 24x7 support Included Remote Filtering TOTAL = $5098 TOTAL > $15000

12 Thank You

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