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Marking Scheme to UE (E) 1994 Task 1 1. Time limits for play (4 marks) DO take a ten-minute rest in every hour of play. DO avoid playing for more than.

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1 Marking Scheme to UE (E) 1994 Task 1 1. Time limits for play (4 marks) DO take a ten-minute rest in every hour of play. DO avoid playing for more than three hours at a time. DON'T play (for) more than an hour without taking a ten-minute rest. DON'T play (for) more than three hours at a time. 2. Sitting position (4 marks) DO sit as far away from the screen as possible. DO sit (up) straight / avoid sitting badly / avoid sitting hunched (up) (for long periods) DON'T sit (too) near the screen. DON'T sit hunched (up) / sit badly.

2 3. Avoid stress (2 marks) [given] DON'T be too competitive (by setting yourself unrealistic targets). DON'T set yourself unrealistic targets. 4. Keep physically fit and healthy (4 marks) DO play at least one outdoor sport regularly. DO get plenty of exercise / take regular exercise. DO play sports after school and at weekends. DO (make sure you) get enough sleep. DON'T forget to play at least one outdoor sport regularly. DON'T forget to get plenty of exercise. DON'T forget to play sports after school and at weekends. DON’T forget to get enough sleep / let playing video games interfere with your rest.

3 5. Eat properly (4 marks) DO eat well-balanced meals. DO avoid too much cholesterol. DO limit your fat intake to no more than 30% of your diet. DON’T forget to eat well-balanced meals. DON’T eat too many foods high in cholesterol. DON’T eat too many fatty fats / eat too many foods containing fat. 6. Warning signs (6 marks) Your wrists ache / Your elbows ache. Your thumbs are sore. You strain your elbow. Your fingers feel numb. Your back aches. You feel disturbed by flicking lights. Your eyes are sore. / You have eyestrain.

4 Marking Scheme to UE (E) 1994 Task 2 CONTENT (41 marks) 1. Introductory para- mention of Concerned Father’s letter - mention of publication in Hong Kong Daily News [or your newspaper] - mention of date the letter was published 2. Introductory para- mention of subject matter [video games installed in Youth Club] - purpose of writing the letter [to refute the allegations / reassure Concerned Father or newspaper readers] 3. Parents unaware of installation - all parents informed by the club - mention of newsletter

5 4. ‘long hours’- range of activities provided to prevent ‘long hours’ being spent - guidelines being issued, which include time limits 5. ‘Small dark airless spaces’ - well-lighted and ventilated 6. Cholesterol problem - admission of danger - reference to one of the following: (i) ‘Computer Games can be a Health Hazard’ (ii) ‘Video Addicts Playing Deadly Game’ (iii) ‘Games Cause Heart Problems’ (iv) ‘Health Danger for Sports Dropouts’

6 7. Lack of exercise- mention of club’s range of activities providing exercise / club encourages exercise / offers coaching - mention of guidelines [ play sport / keep physically fit and healthy ] 8. ‘play video games which provide no interaction at all’ - video games provide interaction - supported by mention of ‘The Interactive Computer Game’ by G R & E Loftus or use of quotation / paraphrase from Loftus 9. Physical injury (broken arms) - these machines withdrawn from use - reference to article in Hong Kong Herald, 19.1.94, ‘Arm Wrestling Games Removed.’

7 10. Physical injury (muscular strain) - acknowledgement that this can happen with overuse - mention of at least one source 11. Physical injury (muscular strain) - range of activities lessens risk of overuse - guidelines provided on overuse 12. Epilepsy- denial that games cause epilepsy / explanation that they don’t - mention of press article by Dr Leigh ‘Do Computer Games cause Epilepsy?’ in Outlook, 10.3.94 or Terry O’Leary ‘Warning: Play at Your Own Risk’ Hong Kong Herald, 7.2.94

8 13. Violent content of games - games in club selected to avoid needless violence (as explained to parents in newsletter) 14. Violent crime rising - acknowledgement that violent crime is rising - mention of source [HK Action Against Crime Committee, Report No.6, 1993] 15. Violent crime rising - link between crime and video games not established - mention of greater willingness to report crime

9 16. Triad involvement- members carefully screened - adult supervision 17. No benefit from video games - mention of benefits [problem solving/ infer rules and strategies/ improve hand-eye coordination/ attend to many processes at the same time] - mention of Scriven Article [ ‘Rethinking the Role of Computers in Schools’, from ‘Computer as Energy, Rethinking their Role in Schools’ ]

10 18. No benefit from video games -mention the Albert Chan thinks that video games have an educational value - mention of source [Education The Name of the Game, Daily News, 22.1.94] 19. ‘…the KLCC Youth Club will remove these games before it’s too late’ - games won’t be removed [may be implied] 20. Concluding remarks - express hope that ‘Concerned Father’ / readers / parents will feel reassured 21. Yours faithfully[must be completely correct]

11 KWUN LAM COMMUNITY YOUTH CLUB The Editor, Hong Kong Daily News, P.O. Box 13 Hong Kong. -- September,09 Dear Sir, I refer to the letter entitled “Keep Dangerous Games Out” (Hong Kong Daily News, 22 Mar, 1994) in which your correspondent Concerned Father complained about the installation of video games in our centre. In this letter, I would like to refute the allegations raised by him.

12 First, he said that he was totally unaware of the installation of video games in our centre. In fact, we did send newsletters to parents in Kwun Lam to inform them of the installation and they should not be unaware of the news. Indeed, playing video games do let children actively participate in the fantasy world created by the games. This interaction has been mentioned in the article “The Interactive Computer Game” but not

13 keep them for long hours in small dark airless spaces. There are a range of activities provided at our centre to prevent “long hours” being spent on video games alone and we have guidelines to advise children not to play more than three hours at a time. Moreover, the games machines are situated in well-lighted and well-ventilated premises instead of small dark airless spaces. So, it is in no way like the games centres in the streets.

14 Concerned Father also mentioned that playing video games will raise the cholesterol level of the player. This is true if the player lacks exercise and has a poor diet. This is well said in “Video Addicts Playing Deadly Game” (Daily News 3 Feb, 94). However, as we advise our members to get involved in the club’s range of activities such as table tennis, badminton and volleyball and keep physically fit and healthy in our guidelines, they should not have cholesterol problems.

15 Concerned Father is right in saying that wrestling machines broke two young men’s arms. But these machines have been withdrawn from use already (Hong Kong Herald, 19 Jan, 94). However, it is true that overplaying may cause muscular strain (Playful Territory Risking its Wrists”, Hong Kong Herald, 7 Feb, 94) but with the range of activities provided in our centre, we assume that the risk of overuse is lessened. In addition, we have the guidelines for the children on overuse.

16 However, Concerned Father was mistaken about epilepsy. According to Dr Leigh’s problem page, video games cannot cause epilepsy as Concerned Father said. Of course, video games will trigger off an epileptic fit if children already have epilepsy (“Outlook” 10 Mar, 94).

17 Although the crime rate in Hong Kong is rising (Hong Kong Action Against Crime Committee, Report No. 6, 1993), the figures only reflect people’s greater willingness to report crime. There is no evidence to show that there is a link between video games and crime. Moreover, the games in our club have been carefully chosen to avoid needless violence.

18 Another point I would like to remind Concerned Father is that the members of our club are carefully screened and there is adult supervision at all times. So parents should not worry that their children will come into contact with undesirable people. More importantly, video games have educational benefits such as engaging children in problem solving, inferring rules and strategies and

19 improving hand and eye coordination according to the Scriven Article “Rethinking the Role of Computers in Schools”. Albert Chan also thinks that video games have a place in civic education in “Education the Name of the Game”, Daily News, 22 Jan, 94. Because of the existence of these benefits, we definitely would not remove video games from our centre.

20 Finally, I want to express my hope that Concerned Father as well as parents will feel assured by my clarification about the installation of video games in our centre. Yours faithfully,

21 1.Nintendo Game Boy Super Mario Landexcellent good average poor (terrible control mastering play value aim of game sound graphics nil) Marking Scheme to UE (E) 1994 Task 3

22 Example: The best Nintendo Game Boy game is Super Mario Land. It is excellent for control mastering and play value, good for aim of game, average for sound, and has no terrible ratings, although it’s poor for graphics. [6 marks]

23 2. Arcade Game Alleywayexcellent good (average poor terrible aim of game control mastering play value nil) graphics sound

24 Example: The best Arcade game is Alleyway. Even though it’s poor for graphics and terrible for sound it’s excellent for aim of game and control mastering and good for play value. [6 marks]

25 3. The worst game overall Gargoyle’s Quest(excellent good (average poor terrible nil) sound nil) aim of game play value graphics control mastering

26 Example: The worst game overall is Gargoyle’s Quest. It’s terrible for graphics and control mastering, poor for aim of game and play value and its only favourable rating is good for sound. [6 marks]

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