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Case Management for Performance 9/25/13 “Getting It Right” Jerry Kolker.

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1 Case Management for Performance 9/25/13 “Getting It Right” Jerry Kolker

2 We All Want the SAME Outcome: Productive, Self-Sufficient Graduates, ready to start a career and/or enroll in post-secondary education How does case management move us toward this goal? Who are your YourthBuild students? (exercise)

3 If lecturing students was the solution, we would all have PERFECT CHILDREN So, how do we start?

4 Getting Started Hire case managers who have empathy and skills Caring is essential but not the entire job description Case Manager/Counselor has to be outcome-oriented, develop individual plans, and be able to meet the students where they are


6 SELF Helping Youthbuild Students understand themselves (takes place mostly in individual meetings) Individual meetings do not have to be lengthy Meetings should be held regularly, at least once a month Meetings should always be tied to goals Don’t be surprised if many personal issues come up, they are relevant to outcomes, so pay attention Individual meetings are not just for problem students (you are not the disciplinarian) Notes should be made after each meeting, brief and succinct, but necessary

7 IMPACT ON OTHERS Students need to know how their behavior is perceived by others This will be most important when they are in the world of work The best way for this to be learned is through groups (hearing from a peer the impact of their behavior is much more powerful than coming from staff)

8 GROUP MEETINGS Group Meetings should be directly related to a content issue These are not therapeutic groups, but group leader needs to be prepared for interpersonal issues to erupt Determine at the outset the composition of the group, for example size, gender Support from the rest of the staff Establish ground rules, e.g. no interrupting, no cursing, confidentiality

9 NAVIGATING THE OUTSIDE WORLD Students know their neighborhood but very little of what is outside of it Counselors/Case Managers have to be knowledgeable about housing, public assistance, health care, child care, money management, and all that is needed to navigate daily living

10 SUCCESSFUL CASE MANAGEMENT Case Management is too important to be left just to Case Managers! Monthly case conferences that involve teachers, construction staff, and counselor/case managers are essential to discuss progress of students

11 ESSENTIALS FOR CASE CONFERENCING Not just for difficult students You must have data examples, e.g.attendance You must have all who engage present Keep discussion brief Have a plan of action

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