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Present Tense – Regular –ar Verbs

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1 Present Tense – Regular –ar Verbs
FRENZY Present Tense – Regular –ar Verbs

2 Frenzy Frenzy is a game of speed and concentration.
You have 30 question boxes on the Frenzy board. The object of the game is to remove as many boxes on the game board as possible in 10 minutes. Click on a game board box to go to that question. You will have 15 seconds to click on an answer. If you answer the question correctly, the box will disappear from the game board. If you do not answer correctly or run out of time, the box will not disappear and you will have to try again. Keep playing until all the boxes have disappeared or your time is up. Click the Start Game button to begin playing. Copyright © 2006 Glenna Shaw All Rights Reserved. Reset Game

3 Present Tense – Regular –ar Verbs
Frenzy Present Tense – Regular –ar Verbs

4 Argh!

5 I dance (bailar) Yo bailo Él baila

6 You (friendly-s) paint (pintar)
Ud. pinta Tú pintas

7 They (m) study (estudiar)
Nosotros estudiamos Ellos estudian

8 We (F) look at (mirar) Nosotras miramos Ellas miran

9 you (M - friendly – pl) study (estudiar)
Uds. estudian vosotros estudáis

10 You (polite – plural) (dance)
Uds. bailan Vosotros bailáis

11 María painta (pintar) pintan pinta

12 José y Ana dance (bailar)

13 I study (estudiar) estudia estudio

14 We (M, M+F) look at (mirar)
miramos miran

15 Berta, Clara, y Alicia paint (pintar)
pintan pintamos

16 You (polite – singular) dance (bailar)

17 She studies (estudiar)

18 Marta and I (F) paint (pintar)
pintan pintamos

19 I look at (mirar) miro mira

20 You (F – friendly plural) dance (bailar)
bailan bailáis

21 The students study (estudiar)
estudiamos estudian

22 You (friendly – singular) dance (bailar)
bailas baila

23 the boy looks at (mirar)
miras mira

24 you (polite-plural) study (estudiar)
estudian estudáis

25 the dogs look at (mirar)
miran mira

26 my mother dances (bailar)
bailo baila

27 you (F -friendly – plural) study (estudiar)
estudáis estudian

28 I paint (pintar) pinta pinto

29 Lupe studies (estudiar)


31 Juan and I paint (pintar)
pintan pintamos

32 Estela and Eufemia look at (mirar)
miramos miran

33 You (polite – plural) study (estudiar)

34 she paints (pintar) pintas pinta

35 The girl dances (bailar)

36 How Did You Do? < 5 boxes = Good 6 – 15 boxes = Fair
> 15 boxes = Poor

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