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Year 10 Science GCSE Mr Lowrie Director of Science.

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1 Year 10 Science GCSE Mr Lowrie Director of Science

2 Which Course Does My Child Follow? Triple Science ‘Double’ Science BTEC Science

3 Look in the front of your child’s exercise book:

4 Triple Science 3 GCSEs awarded – Biology, Chemistry and Physics Course began in Year 9 First modules in June (5 th ;10 th ;13 th ) These will lead to a ‘Science 1’ GCSE All other tests will be taken at the end of Year 11

5 ‘Double’ Science 2 GCSEs awarded – Science and Additional Science There are 2 units studied in Year 10 Biology, Chemistry and Physics 1A are assessed on Wednesday 9 th January Biology, Chemistry and Physics 1B are assessed on Thursday 13 th June Centre-assessed unit – ISA’s makes up the other 25% Practical tests set by the exam board taken in lesson time (after the January exam) A GCSE will be awarded at the end of Year 10

6 BTEC Science 1 GCSE awarded The BTEC Principles of Applied Science Course consists of 4 Units: – – Unit 1: Principles of Science – – Unit 2:Chemistry and Our Earth – – Unit 3:Energy and Our Universe – – Unit 4:Biology and Our Environment Unit 1 is assessed in an exam in Year 11 worth 25% of marks. Units 2-4 are assessed through a portfolio of work worth the remaining 75%.


8 When are the ‘real’ exams? Triple Science – June 2013 ‘Double’ Science – January and June 2013 BTEC Science – Nov 2013

9 What if my child doesn’t meet their target? ‘Double’ Science – can resit their first module in June Triple Science – could resit at the end of Year 11 BTEC Science – 2 opportunities to resit in Year 11

10 What will the Science Department do to help? We will set homework and mark work according to school policy Order revision guides at a ‘knock-down’ price Run revision sessions in the run-up to your child’s exams Provide revision booklets on all topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physics Monitor the completion of these booklets Give all assistance possible for centre-assessed coursework Keep you informed if your child is underperforming

11 Tracking Achievement


13 How can you help your child? Ensure they complete all homework set Buy them the relevant revision guides Make them use it! Get your child to go to revision sessions Help your child access revision websites and materials through the school VLE (eg BBC Bitesize;; Speak to your child about their work/results Contact the Science Department if you have any concerns

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