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Wednesday 26 th February 2014 SWCHS Year 10.

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1 Wednesday 26 th February 2014 SWCHS Year 10

2 Objectives Key Dates for Year 10 Students Agreed Target Grades and the Report Process What SWCHS is doing What we can do together Top Tips SWCHS Year 10

3 Key Dates This half Term – Prefect application process 27 th February – TT collapse on student motivation 10th March – TT collapse on reports 28 th April – Enrichment Tutorials Begin 12 th May – Start of “Exam Season” June 30 th /July 1 st – WOW July 2 nd – PSHE Day July 3 rd /July 4 th – RAW July 18 th – Last Day August 21 st - GCSE Results Day SWCHS Year 10


5 Agreed Target Review process SWCHS Year 10 Students have been discussing the target grade that was agreed with their teacher last year They are deciding if this target grade is still challenging If it isn’t, they are agreeing a new target grade with their teacher

6 Accessing the next report SWCHS Year 10 Through our site Straightforward instructions will be issued when it’s ready for viewing at the end of March Successfully trialled with Year 7 in December and Year 8 in January more up to date information Provides attendance information

7 Easily accessible SWCHS Year 10

8 Easily accessible SWCHS Year 10

9 Easily accessible SWCHS Year 10 Just use the email address you’ve already given the school:

10 Provides easy, visual comparison of target grade and forecast grade SWCHS Year 10

11 Gives you ‘headlines’ and allows you to view the whole report SWCHS Year 10

12 Resilience SWCHS Year 10 Stay Positive Practise Persist Persevere Stay involved Don’t give up Fail well

13 Think of the brain as a muscle SWCHS Year 10 Your IQ isn’t fixed: the more you challenge your mind to learn, the more your brain cells grow You can do things today that you couldn’t do yesterday

14 Don’t be afraid to fail… SWCHS Year 10

15 Learner Conference SWCHS Year 10

16 Learner Conference SWCHS Year 10 Student’s role in creating a positive learning environment Inspiration and Role Models Managing distractions and getting the balance right Dealing with negative feedback

17 Time Management SWCHS Year 10

18 Using peers/others SWCHS Year 10 Use closed and open questions; How? Why? What? Give Examples So what?

19 Flash Cards SWCHS Year 10 Buttress Roots Wide at base Shallow Lianas Vine Grows up trees Drip Tips Flexible Stem Wax Coating Tropical Rainforest Adaptations

20 Flash Cards SWCHS Year 10 Drip Tips Green Leaves Pointed Tip Flexible Stem Wax Coating

21 Note Making – Cornell Method SWCHS Year 10

22 Note Making – Mind Maps / Posters SWCHS Year 10

23 Reactive SWCHS Year 10 Post Report Analysis; Find the underlying cause and address Parent Communication Form Tutor Report Subject Report YAC Report 6 th Form Mentoring Staff Mentoring Study Support Target/Goal Orientated Student School Home

24 Top Tip 1 – Time Management SWCHS Year 10

25 Top Tip 2 – There is always homework SWCHS Year 10 In every subject there are things students can be doing to improve and raise their achievement

26 Top Tip 2 – There is always homework SWCHS Year 10 English - Reading various publications and analysing writing style Maths – – numerous topics to work through related to CW Science – workbooks to work through All subjects – past exam questions and general revision/review of notes Art/Technology – Project work/sketchbooks P.E. / Dance / Music / Drama – rehearsal and perfecting performance R.P.E (and other subjects) – keep up to date with current affairs Languages – working through vocab and reviewing grammar notes

27 Top Tip 3 – Have an outcome SWCHS Year 10

28 Top Tip 4 – Have the correct environment SWCHS Year 10

29 Top Tip 5– Attendance SWCHS Year 10

30 Top Tip 6 – The Purpose SWCHS Year 10

31 Top Tip 6 – The Purpose SWCHS Year 10 SWCHS Sixth form: Green (4 AS): 5 A*–B; C in Ma and Eng Purple (Double Applied AS Level and 1 AS level): 5 A*–C; C in Ma and/or Eng Gold - National Certificate in Business: 5 D Minimum entry requirements – good universities will look for excellent GCSE grades Or: AS at Long Road: Cs in your chosen subjects Vocational courses at CRC: the more Cs you get, the higher the level you enter at

32 Useful Links SWCHS Year 10 For Revision Strategies/General Advice revision.aspx For General Revision (be careful – is it relevant) (be careful - is it relevant) (creating mind maps online) Core Revision Sites Maths – (students have username and password) English – (good for controlled assessment) Science - (answers for the mark book)

33 Past Papers and Mark Schemes SWCHS Year 10 AQA; mark-schemes Edexcel; WJEC; OCR;

34 Command Word Chart SWCHS Year 10

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