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2 What is Global Issues?  Global Issues is a comprehensive Social Studies course which incorporates the subjects of History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Communication Skills.  There is also a very strong emphasis on currents events. Students will be encouraged to keep up to date with news and current affairs.

3 (1) HISTORY Understanding Goals Students will understand patterns of change & continuity; relationships between people and events through time; and various interpretations of these relationships.

4 (2) GEOGRAPHY: Understanding Goals Students will understand the interactions and relationships between human societies (cultures) and their physical environment.

5 (3) ECONOMICS: Understanding Goals Students will understand fundamental economic principles and concepts.

6 (4) CIVICS: Understanding Goals Students will understand why societies create and adopt systems of governance and how these systems address human needs, rights and citizen responsibilities

7 (5) COMMUNICATION: Understanding Goals Students will demonstrate appropriate application of information technology, communication and research skills.

8 OVERVIEW OF SEMESTER 1: UNIT: PEACE & CONFLICT In this semester unit titled Peace & Conflict, you will study wars, conflicts, civil unrest and acts of terrorism from both ancient and modern times. You will examine the reasons these conflicts occurred and how they can be prevented in the future.

9 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS 1.Why is conflict so prevalent through history? 2.What are the main / causes / impacts of war? 3.How has humanity attempted to resolve conflict?

10 Topics For Study: August 2012 WARS IN ANCIENT GREECE Trojan Wars Video Case Study TROY Assessment Item Movie Review: Fact OR Fiction: What was the Real Troy like? Date Due Friday 31 st August (4pm)

11 Topics for Study: September 1 to September 15 DRUG WARS IN LATIN AMERICA Colombia in the 1980s & 1990s Mexico Today Assessment Item Argumentative Essay: Arguments for & Against Decriminalizing Drugs. Date Due: Friday 14 th September 4pm

12 Topics for Study: September 15 to September 30th TERRORISM: SEPTEMBER 11 TH CASE STUDY Origins of the Conflict: Al Queda September 11 th 2001: What happened on that day Why the US failed to prevent the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Legacy & Long Term Impacts of September 11 th (eg: US involvement in Afghanistan & global changes to security at airports)

13 End of Quarter 1 Exam Monday 1 st OR Tuesday 2 nd October Structure 1 hour exam Cloze Exercises (fill in the blanks) Multiple Choice Question Short Answer / Definitions Questions Paragraph Questions Weight: 10

14 October 2012 (After October break) 15 to 20th October POST VENEZUELA ELECTION REVIEW What were the results of the election? What are the long term impacts for Venezuela? Has there been any evidence of conflict post- elections? How can this conflict be resolved?

15 Topics for Study October-November 2012 THE US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION Understanding the US Voting System What are the beliefs and ideologies of the major political parties? Conflict in Policy Making: Republicans vs Democrats. Obama vs Romney. US Presidential Election: November 6 th 2012. Full coverage and discussion of events before and after the election.

16 Topics for Study October-November 2012 Assessment Item: US Presidential Campaign You will have the opportunity to run for President of the United States. You will need to outline your policy platform in a number of key areas including education, health care, and defense. Significant research will be required – you cannot make up your own data and statistics. You will need to present a 8 to 10 minute speech which is supported by a range of visual aids (eg: graphs) You must also be prepared for unrehearsed and challenging questions from your opponents at the end of the presentation. Your opponents will be other presidential candidates. Due (Presentations Begin): Week Beginning: Monday 19 th November 2012 Weight: 10

17 Topics for Study November 2012 The United Nations: Peace & Conflict Resolution History & Purpose of the United Nations Organizational Structures Funding Issues The effectiveness of the UN in conflict resolution. Current Topics for Debate the UN.

18 SAMUN (South America Model United Nations) SAMUN (South America Model United Nations) is held every year in Caracas. The dates for 2012 are: Saturday 10 th November to Tuesday 13 th There is a possibility that all 9 th grade students will be involved in this activity. This will be confirmed. However, you can also become involved with MUN by selecting this as an after school activity. This is coordinated by Ms Plank.

19 HOMEWORK EXPECTATIONS Homework is a very important part of this subject Global Issues. Homework will be marked by the teacher and contribute to a significant part of your overall grade. If you fail to complete homework on a regular basis, your parents will be contacted and a plan will be implemented to ensure your homework is completed in a timely manner.

20 Standards & Benchmarks for Social Studies Dedication to the Learning Process Demonstrates responsibility by meeting deadlines, completing assignments and coming to class prepared. Engages in Goal Setting Reflects on the learning process and celebrates accomplishments.

21 Standards & Benchmarks for Social Studies Mastery of Key Facts & Concepts The knowledge of key facts & concepts

22 Standards & Benchmarks for Social Studies Thinking & Reasoning Demonstrates problem solving skills Uses the steps of the problem solving process: (1)Identifies a problem. (2)Generates possible solutions. (3)Makes a plan. (4)Carries out the Plan. (5)Examines & Evaluates Results.

23 Standards & Benchmarks for Social Studies Thinking & Reasoning (continued) Demonstrates Creative Thinking Skills (A) Generates Alternatives or Innovative Ideas and Questions. (B) Produces original outcomes.

24 Standards & Benchmarks for Social Studies Thinking & Reasoning (continued) Demonstrates Critical Thinking Skills (A)Uses cognitive processes (eg: comparing, classifying, analyzing, evaluating & synthesizing) (B)Reflects clearly and accurately on the thinking process. (C)Evaluates arguments, interpretations, beliefs, or theories. (D)Arrives at logical conclusions from evidence.

25 Standards & Benchmarks for Social Studies Information Literacy Understands Technology Operations & Concepts (A)Demonstrates proficient use of various software programs. (B)Interacts Online Safely & Responsibly. Use Information Ethically & Responsibly (A)Applies copyright laws (B)Respects intellectual property rights.

26 Standards & Benchmarks for Social Studies Information Literacy (continued) Uses the Research Process Locates, evaluates, analyzes and organizes information Communicates Effectively Shares knowledge and information with others using visual, written and verbal communication tools. Adheres to language conventions (eg: correct spelling and grammar.)



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