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Qur’anProphetsFive Pillars Misc. 100 200 300 400 500.

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2 Qur’anProphetsFive Pillars Misc

3 How many Surahs are in the Qur’an?

4 114

5 What is the longest Surah in the Qur’an?

6 Surah Baqarah

7 What is the last Surah in the Qur’an?

8 Surah Nas

9 How many ayahs are in Surah Ikhlas?

10 4 ayahs

11 What was the first word to be revealed to Prophet Muhammad (S)?

12 Iqra (Read)

13 Who was the first prophet?

14 Prophet Adam (A)

15 Why did Allah send Adam (S) away from Jannah?

16 Because he ate from the tree he wasn’t supposed to eat from

17 Which prophet was swallowed by a whale?

18 Prophet Yunus (A)

19 Which Prophet was thrown in a well?

20 Prophet Yusuf (A)

21 Which Prophet had a stick that could turn into a snake?

22 Prophet Musa (A)

23 Name three of the five pillars of Islam.

24 Shahada, Salah (Prayer), Zakat, Saum (Fasting), Hajj

25 What is the name of the prayer that we pray early in the morning?

26 Fajr

27 What is one pillar that we have to do in Ramadan?

28 Fasting/Zakat

29 Do poor people have to pay Zakat?

30 No

31 Where do we go for Hajj?

32 To the Ka’bah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

33 Who was Yusuf (A)’s father?

34 Ya’qub (A)

35 Who was Prophet Muhammad (S)’s first wife?

36 Khadijah (R)

37 How many prayers do we have to pray in one day?

38 5 prayers

39 Who did Allah make first – the angels or Adam (A)?

40 The angels

41 What is the Arabic for Paradise?

42 Jannah


44 How many prophets are mentioned in the Qur’an?

45 25

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