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2011 Information Meeting. 2011 Information Meeting January 26, 2011, B-310 Auditorium AGENDA 11:30 - 12:00 Catered Lunch in B-310 Lobby 12:00 - 12:15.

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1 2011 Information Meeting


3 2011 Information Meeting January 26, 2011, B-310 Auditorium AGENDA 11:30 - 12:00 Catered Lunch in B-310 Lobby 12:00 - 12:15 Special Guest Speaker in B-310 Lobby 12:15 - 1:30 Presentation PICK-UP T-SHIRTS !!!!

4 National Engineers Week What is National Engineers Week? Coalition of more than 75 professional societies, companies, & agencies Ensure diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce Increase understanding and interest in engineering and technology careers Promote PRE-college literacy in math and science Founded in 1951, one of America's oldest professional outreach efforts! How is it Celebrated? At local levels through army of volunteers (like YOU) Participate in multitude of ways, 13 different formal programs In Northeast Tennessee / Southwest Virginia, we celebrate DiscoverE DiscoverE consists of 45,000 engineers visiting over 500,000 students annually! Another notable program is "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” 2011 National Engineers Week

5 2011 National Sponsors: Corporate Affiliates 3M Foundation Battelle Bechtel Group Foundation The Boeing Company CH2M HILL ConocoPhillips DuPont IBM International Foundation Intel Foundation Lockheed Martin Northrop Grumman Foundation Raytheon Company Rockwell Collins Corporate Sponsors General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems Tyco Electronics Corporate Contributors Eastman Chemical Company Eastman Chemical Company National Engineers Week Foundation Leadership Council Bentley Systems, IncBentley Systems, Inc. ExxonMobil Corporation Fluor Corporation Motorola Foundation S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation Shell Oil Company ExxonMobil Corporation Fluor Corporation Motorola Foundation Shell Oil Company

6 2011 Local Corporate Sponsors: Newton Level (Gold) - $150 Edison Level (Silver) - $100 DaVinci Level (Platinum) - $250+

7 Why is Engineers’ Week Important? "China graduates up to 600,000 engineers a year, versus 68,000 in the U.S." - Thomas L. Magnanti, Dean, MIT School of Engineering "American companies are responding to the (engineer) shortage by opening design shops in Southeast Asia, where engineering grads are more plentiful." - David Von Drehle, TIME Magazine, November 2007 We have been doing our part in Northeast Tennessee / Southwest Virginia by being involved in Engineers Week! JUST LOOK AT THE NUMBERS! “We know what it takes to compete for the jobs and industries of our time. We need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world. … That's how our people will prosper. That's how we'll win the future.” -President Barack Obama, 2011 State of the Union Address

8 Northeast Tennessee/Southwest Virginia Engineers Week Making a HUGE Impact on Students! As of Jan 17

9 E-Week is part of Eastman’s GEM4STEM program We encourage all volunteers to apply to be a GEM4STEM volunteer The GEM4STEM programs provides access to many other volunteer opportunities (up to 40 hrs per year); as well as, training in classroom management. Sign-up via the intranet by typing “GEM4STEM” in address bar or contact Cheryl Harvey (X-1457) or Sandy Harris (X-2196) Remember to record your time on the GEM4STEM SharePoint site.

10 The Knack: Dilbert

11 E-Week Volunteer Reimbursement Program

12 What it is Pilot program in 2010 –Returning for 2011 with modifications Intended to: –Allow E-Week volunteers to fund or supplement their materials purchases for school visits (demo materials, handouts, etc.) –Make best use of donated funds and corporate sponsorship Reimbursement Cap –2010: Each team eligible for up to $30 –2011: Each team eligible for $15 per volunteer, up to $60 max per team No receipts required (honor system)

13 How it works One person from each team should submit the team’s total reimbursement request Navigate to the Volunteer Reimbursement portion of the E-Week SharePoint site –Direct URL listed on one-pager (sent later via e-mail) –Visit  Click “Volunteer Reimbursement” Submit the requested information A check from E-Week will be sent to you via plant mail If necessary, distribute funds among team members Reimbursement requests will be accepted until March 1 st

14 Immediately contact schools to determine potential visit dates, ask about any special needs or requirements Contact info available where you signed up for E-Week Hold preliminary team meeting with all volunteers. Team information on Share Point Site (Team Information Tab) Setup date of visit (preferably during E-Week – Feb 20-26) that accommodates all team members and the school Hold other team meetings to select and practice demonstrations for visit. Obtain presentation from web site, UPDATE for your team. Provide Regan Chandler # of students/classes you will visit. Plan, Plan, Plan. Have FUN! School Leader Responsibilities Volunteers, please help leaders as much as you can!

15 How do today’s students learn? A Vision of K-12 Students Today

16 Be prepared! Recommend multiple team meetings prior to visit Give an overview of engineering – presentation on web site (this work has already been done for you!). Discuss many reasons for being an engineer, not just money. Be aware of students in more than one class. Don’t show a video for the whole time period! ….zzzzzzz. Teachers like for you to discuss what YOU do at work. Teachers and students like “hands-on” activities! Others from past experience?? Please share! School Visits Helpful Hints Helpful Hints for School Visits

17 LOCAL Engineers Week Website – A PLETHORA of Information!! Demonstrations, presentations This presentation with all its links! (Demo Meeting) Local Website

18 Presentation Resource: What is Engineering? Introduction Slide Salary Information Save from website and update with your team names and photos! Updated for 2011! Engineering Descriptions

19 Links to E-Week Demonstrations: A great list of experiments grouped by age level. National Engineers Week archive of demonstrations. A list of experiments and demonstrations used by a Brownie Troop in Pennsylvania. Eastman's archived list of demonstrations. E-Week Demonstrations

20 Notable Demonstrations: How Does a Computer Work? + Students use instruction set and note cards to simulate a computer. + Helps remove complexity barrier students have with computers. Whopper Chopper + Classic, very popular demonstration. Even used in 6σ training! Internet Security + Neat demo. Cheap supplies. Good group activity. Practice! + Teaches concept of internet security by sending coded messages. Structure Construction + Teaches students how to build efficiently with cost in mind. + Allows students to use and understand spreadsheets. Notable Demos

21 Enhanced Structure Construction Demonstration Description: Drinking straws and connectors are used to build a structure Level: High school (enhanced spreadsheet version), Middle school Materials & "Pretend" Costs: Straws$0.25 each Clothes Pins$0.50 each up to 10 $1.00 each greater than 10 Bobby Pins$0.25 each Paper Clips$0.35 each Tape$1.00 per inch (its really good tape) Instructions: Divide the class into "companies" of 2-4 students, come up with name Give each team a set number of straws and connectors Tell each team their goal is to build the tallest free-standing structure Students may connect the materials in any manner they wish Set a time limit for completion of the project (about 20 min.) ALLOW STUDENTS TO USE SPREADSHEET TO TRACK COSTS AND REVENUES Example Demo – Structure Construction

22 Students actually enter in material quantity and height measurements. They will get an idea of their PROFIT real-time and can make modifications. Recommend volunteer to monitor computer, helping students make entries. Example Demo - Report

23 Spreadsheet has RESULTS page that automatically summarizes all team results, declaring WINNER! Example Demo - Results

24 Follow-up E-mail to all volunteers with link to this presentation and other helpful information Leftover T-shirts available to volunteers who could not attend today’s lunch. –Contact Kenrick Venett Contact any committee member with questions

25 Paul Ketchum (member since 2004) Regan Chandler (member since 2006) Greg Wellman (member since 2002) Cheryl Harvey (member since 2006) Kenrick Venett (member since 2001) 2011 E-Week Planning Committee Maranda Demuth (member since 2011) Michael Hylton (member since 2010) Kristin Sturgill (member since 2010)


27 Engineers Week Public Service Announcement

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