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Fentress County Schools Homeless Liaison Kristi Hall.

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1 Fentress County Schools Homeless Liaison Kristi Hall

2 McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act of 2001 This act states that all homeless children will have access to a free, appropriate public education, including access to public preschool programs. Section 725 (2) “homeless children and youth” Section725 (6) “unaccompanied youth”

3 Homeless Children and Youth Includes: Children and youth who are sharing housing of other persons due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or similar reason. Living in motels, hotels, trailer parks, camping grounds due to lack of adequate alternative accommodations. Living in emergency or transitional shelters. Awaiting foster care placement. Living in cars, parks, abandoned buildings, etc.

4 Unaccompanied Youths Include: Not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian. Scenarios: Youth that was asked to leave home by a parent. Youth that left home with the consent of a parent. Youth that have been forced to leave home by a parent(s), or may have run away. Youth that has chosen to leave home to live with a boyfriend (girlfriend). Youth whose parent(s) are in jail, in the hospital, etc.

5 Identification Be aware. Know your students and look for signs (decrease in school work performance). Get the facts. Get additional input.

6 Enrollment: Students should be enrolled immediately, if not currently enrolled at their school of choice/origin. The status of the student can change; however, for that calendar year the student will remain identified as homeless in the computer database. Access to programs and services. Transportation to the school of origin to the extent feasible.

7 Title I and Homeless Education How can we help? Coordinate with resources and agencies within the community that will help meet the needs of these children. Assist with services that are not directly related to education. For instance monies to purchase eyeglasses, clothing, pay for health, nutrition, and other social services to the extent practible.

8 Resources: The National Center for Homeless Education Tennessee Education website with links and resources Fentress County Schools

9 For Additional Information or Support: Kristi Hall 931-879-7116

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